Kaley Cuoco Shows Off Her Baby Bump On Instagram With Husband 

Previously, Cuoco talked openly about her morning sickness in the first trimester of her pregnancy. The Big Bang Theory actor shared a picture of herself and her body double Monette Moio to her Instagram Stories after revealing she was expecting a girl back in October, stating that Moio “had to take care of me” when they were filming Cuoco’s most recent movie.

Kaley Cuoco uploaded a story saying:

“Remember that time we shot an action film while I was pregnant and horribly sick and you had to take care of me and be me and do all the things as non pregnant me?!”

The actor has more lately begun posting pictures of all the baby onesies she has gotten as gifts. “I’m adorable. Mom’s beautiful. Daddy did good.” reads the most recent, which she put on her Stories. 

Tom And Kaley Shared The News Of Their Pregnancy On Instagram

Additionally, she posted pictures of them holding identical mugs that said “papa bear” and “mama bear,” as well as a polaroid of a pregnancy test and another of her growing baby bulge. Love it!

The two were first romantically linked in May 2022, and the celebrity was eager to post about their developing relationship on social media, which immediately led to adoring admirers. is kaley cuoco pregnant

On May 4, Kaley Cuoco made her relationship with the former Ozark star “Instagram official” by posting a series of photos updating her fans on her life, including the new romance, and featuring adorable pictures of the two together. 

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Pregnant Kaley Cuoco Enjoys The Baby Shower With Friends And Family

Just six months after revealing her relationship with Tom Pelphrey to the public, Cuoco, 37, announced she and Pelphrey are expecting.

Kaley Cuoco, “Tommy will make a wonderful father. He is also quite enthusiastic.”

The couple’s family and friends joined them for a lavish, enjoyable baby shower on Saturday, and the anticipation was palpable throughout the weekend. A full band, a multi-course supper, and dancing were all included in the celebration that Cuoco’s sister Briana organized. is kaley cuoco pregnant

A stunning multi-tiered cake with unique accents honoring the couple’s history was also made available to guests. A roll of film and the famous Hollywood sign were featured on one side as a tribute to California native Cuoco’s acting career. To honor Pelphrey’s East Coast heritage, the other side of the cake included a football and the New York Giants emblem.

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The extravagant shower was completed with a light display with 400 drones that represented a range of locations and messages. As she posted a picture of the drones writing out “Baby Girl Pelphrey 2023” in the night sky, actress Kaley Cuoco referred to it as the “coolest and most beautiful thing on Earth.”