Is Keshia Knight Pulliam Pregnant? She Is Expecting Her Child In 2023

Brad James and Keshia Knight Pulliam are eagerly anticipating the approaching holiday season. The pair will also welcome a fourth member of their family in the new year in addition to celebrating the imminent release of their Lifetime movie, New Orleans Noel!

Pulliam shared a little video on Instagram on Thursday with the caption, “Oh Baby Baby!! Baby James coming 2023!!” to reveal that she was expecting a child. It is the first kid for the couple, who got married in September of last year, and Pulliam’s second child; she already has a daughter named Ella, who is five years old, with her ex-husband, NFL great Ed Hartwell.

Ella is reportedly already in full big sister mode and even more thrilled now that the family has announced the news to the public, according to Pulliam and James.

“She is going to be an awesome big sister, she is excited,” Pulliam added. “She has known from the beginning, so she actually did a really good job because she kept the secret! I was like, ‘Listen, Ella, you cannot tell anybody,’ so now she’ll be like, ‘Do they know about the baby, can I tell them?’ So, now she has free rein to tell everybody.”

When Did Keshia Knight Pulliam And Brad James Meet?

Pulliam shares a 5-year-old daughter named Ella Grace with her ex-husband, retired NFL star Ed Hartwell.

Keshia Knight Pulliam and James reportedly began dating in 2019 after collaborating on the “Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta” TV movie production.

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When the two first met, Pulliam said to 9MagTV, “Honestly, we just clicked. We spent a lot of time idle. While that project was being filmed, a lot was happening. There were many occasions when we would all simply sit in the van or the cast chairs and chat.”

is keshia pulliam knight pregnant

When Pulliam posted a picture of the pair and Ella Grace from their “wonderful engagement dinner,” Brad James and Pulliam confirmed their engagement in December 2020.

“I said Yes!!” She exclaimed, “I LOVE YOU @mrbradjames!!!!” in her caption at the moment.

Keshia Explained She And Brad Decided To Wait To Announce The News

Because of her past miscarriage, Keshia and Brad delayed making their news publicly known, but she subsequently said it “felt so good” to share.

She told Tamron : 

“Not that I’ve been trying to hide it, but when you’ve had a miscarriage, when you’ve gone through this journey, you want to just enjoy this moment and want to make sure that everything is OK.”

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The actress recently discussed how the COVID-19 epidemic influenced her intentions to have another child. She wed Brad in September 2021.

She said:

“I was 41 at the time and knew that I wanted another kid, but I knew that it wasn’t right now.

“I began the process of freezing my eggs, and then literally the day that I was supposed to start my meds is when, as a result of the pandemic, they shut down all elective medical procedures. So, I was unable to continue.”

“I think a lot of people didn’t realize that, with the world shutting down in the pandemic, it didn’t just affect your ability to go to the mall, or to do sporting events the way you want to, but it definitely affected a lot of people from a medical standpoint.”

“People were unable to get mammograms and cancer surgery was very much needed.”

“It’s crazy that preserving your right and your ability to have a baby is considered elective. It shouldn’t. It should be an option that’s given to all women.”