Jelena Ostapenko Is a Tennis Player and Is She Expecting a Child with Arthur Karsoux?

Jeena Ostapenko, or Aona Ostapenko, is a Latvian tennis player. In the eyes of the Latvia Fed Cup coaches, she is one of the most valuable players on the team. She’s represented her country on the world stage as well as at home.

She reached a personal best of No. 5 in the world in the WTA singles rankings this year. That happened on March 19th, 2018. In doubles, she is currently ranked No. 9 in the world. On August 22, 2022, she accomplished it.

As the first player from Latvia to win a Grand Slam singles competition, she made history in 2017 when she took home the trophy at the French Open. Furthermore, she made history by being the first unseeded player to win the French Open since 1933.

She has won the junior singles competition at Wimbledon in 2014 in addition to seven singles and eight doubles wins on the ITF Women’s Circuit.

This year, in 2023, she is competing in the Australian Open. When she showed up to participate in the event looking “a bit larger and fatter,” rumors began circulating that she had gained weight. Many people suspect she is ill, with some even speculating that she has diabetes.

Others think she may already be a mother, while still others think she’s pregnant. But may all those theories actually be correct? Learn the details behind Jelena Ostapenko’s weight rise!

As of 2022, Jelena Ostapenko’s potential future husband or boyfriend at Wimbledon

As of 2022, Jelena Ostapenko's potential future husband or boyfriend at Wimbledon

The Latvian soccer star Arthurs Karasausks and the Serbian tennis player Jelena Ostapenko look to be an item. Karasausks is a footballer for FK Liepja in the Latvian Premier League.

Yet Jelena has not posted any information about the footballer or photos of the two of them together on her site. One or more stories suggest that she was familiar with their relationship with the vast majority of the population.

On top of that, Arthurs was formerly married to Nikola Karaauska; however, the couple has since separated but not yet divorced. The fact that Ostapenko and Karasausk have been seen together on so many occasions this year has also helped spread the word about their budding romance.

While in Liepaja for the Porta, stars Stay Efficiency, volunteered their time at the Ulubele Animal Shelter. The athlete also reached Jrmala, where she played tennis in the WTA Baltic Open.

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Is Jelena Ostapenko’s Pregnancy with Arthur Karasausks a Myth? Verified

In all of their public interactions, Ostapenko and Arthurs have never mentioned that she is pregnant or that they have a child together. The athlete has been rather private about her personal life but has been quite forthright about her professional life.

Many of Jelena’s supporters have assumed that her recent weight increase is the result of pregnancy rumors. It’s possible that their assumption that she’s carrying a new life is correct. As long as there are no serious health issues, pregnant athletes can continue to compete in tennis.

In 2017, Serena Williams, an American tennis player, made headlines when she won the Australian Open final despite being eight weeks pregnant. In light of this, it’s probable that the Latvian tennis star, who is 25, is pregnant.

However, until she makes the announcement, we won’t know for sure. Moreover, in 2021, Vimbuzz shocked everyone by announcing her pregnancy.

Tennis Player Jelena Ostapenko Relationships and Dating

Currently, prominent celebrities are regularly the topic of countless relationship rumors. We work diligently to verify that our date data is accurate. Jelena Ostapenko’s current relationship is mentioned below.

Champion of the 2017 French Open Jelena Ostapenko revealed her connection with passionate soccer player Arturs Karasauska by posting a snapshot of them on Instagram. The pair seemed to enjoy a pleasant existence.

There are not many images of the pair on social media, since their personal lives appear to remain discreet. Jelena’s shy personality may make it difficult to hunt down all information regarding her former relationships, partners, and breakups at this time.

Despite the fact that it is more challenging for us to keep track of all of her relationships and ex-partners, this was not always the case. We will revise this section as soon as we have the pertinent evidence.

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Illness And Weight Gain In Jelena Ostapenko

Illness And Weight Gain In Jelena Ostapenko

In 2021, when Ostapenko murdered Ajla Tomljanovic, she was ill and jet-lagged. In the second match, she acknowledged having stomach troubles, and the two players engaged in a heated argument.

As the athlete has not specified whether the pain was severe or the outcome of sickness, we are unable to determine what caused the health crisis. Additionally, she looks to have gained weight as a result of her battle with Ajla.

Given that she provided for a beautiful soul in 2021, the rules of the game may have changed, and the beneficiary of her provision may now be overweight. Jelena has not acknowledged why she has gained weight, thus the true cause remains a mystery.