Kate Middleton to Say Early Next Year that She Is Pregnant with Her Fourth Child?

is princess kate pregnant

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are the stunning offspring of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Whether it’s Louis’s favorite celebrity(opens in new tab) or Charlotte’s favorite luxury food, the Prince and Princess of Wales aren’t shy about talking about their family life (opens in new tab).

They have made it a priority to give their three young children an upbringing as close to normal as possible, despite the fact that they live in the spotlight: William and Kate use a “Chat Sofa” to discipline the young royal children(opens in new tab), and Kate stays up late baking birthday cakes for them.

Although William and Kate were cautioned against having any more children right before they announced they were expecting their third, they went ahead and did it anyway.

It has been claimed that when visiting Warsaw, Poland, during her 2017 summer tour across Poland and Germany, Kate was presented with a baby toy. Because George and Charlotte were already four and two, she reportedly said to William, “We’ll simply have to have more babies!”

Soon after, the couple was persuaded to rethink having more children by the organization ‘Having Kids,’ which advocates for a sustainable and child-centered family planning approach.

Executive Director President Anne Green Carter Dillard said in an open letter that “the example the British Royal Family sets is tremendously important,” adding, “Your idea of having a bigger family highlights compelling questions of sustainability and equality.”

“It’s not possible to support large families.” However, she cautioned that not every future kid will be as fortunate as George and Charlotte. The couple announced their third pregnancy in September 2017, and two months later, in April 2018, their son Louis was born.

Fans of the royal family have been holding out hope that a fourth child will join the Cambridge clan, but last year during a visit to Northern Ireland, someone shouted at Kate, “Number four?”

Sweetest Moments With Their Children: Prince William and Duchess Kate

Sweetest Moments With Their Children: Prince William and Duchess Kate

The couple had made light of the possibility of growing their family at a medical visit one month previously. Don’t offer my wife any more suggestions, please! William told the staff while his wife held a baby belonging to a bystander.

Don’t take her with you, the prince joked when the future queen consort gave the youngster back to her parents. The Duke of Cambridge was previously quoted by Kate as not being very keen on having a fourth child.

During a royal visit to Yorkshire, England, in January 2020, Kate said to a fan, “I don’t believe William wants anymore.” The future king may, however, have finally changed his mind, according to the couple’s acquaintances.

They wouldn’t be surprised if we heard an announcement in the first few months of next year, the insider told Us.

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Discover the New Generation of the Royal Family

When Kate visited the Royal Surrey Country Hospital’s Special Care Baby Unit earlier this month, she held a newborn baby in her arms. For underweight and preterm infants, the section offers neonatal care.

The princess allegedly responded, “Am I permitted to?” after a hospitalized mother asked her whether she’d want to hold her six-month-premature baby. The mother then handed the infant to Kate with the assistance of a staff member. In a picture obtained by Hello! magazine, Kate was seen lovingly observing the infant.

However, the princess and William will be traveling to the US for their first trip there in 8 years before any rumored baby announcement. The two will go to Boston in December for the Earth shot Prize Innovation Summit.

Kate and William are not taking this trip lightly, according to a source who spoke to Us earlier this month. “Kate and William have been brainstorming with their staff about the best ways to have a good influence in the U.S.,” the source said.

With speeches and engagements, “they’re taking a hands-on approach.” Watch the video up top and pick up the most recent issue of Us Weekly, which is currently on newsstands, for additional information on William and Kate’s baby plans.

In October, Us Weekly stated that another insider said that Prince William was urged by Kate to expand his family.

Another child has been something Kate has talked about for some time, the person said. While William was content with a family of three, she was able to convince him to expand his family by one.

Currently, the two are in Boston for the Earth shot Prize Award ceremony. According to a source who spoke with People, the royal couple “is both incredibly thrilled for the visit.”

According to the insider, the couple “feels and appreciates the love and enthusiasm of the American people for their return to the U.S.” and “are genuinely looking forward to seeing as many persons as possible.”

Perhaps a few months from now you’ll be able to announce your pregnancy after taking a little break from the kids on a romantic (although work-related) vacation to the United States. It could be anything!


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