Is Robin Arzon Pregnant Again and Is She Expecting Her Second Child?

Robin Arzón cried on her first postpartum jog along New York City’s West Side Highway four months after giving birth to her daughter Athena in March. The Vice President of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor at Peloton noticed that her pace slowed and her core strength diminished when she returned to fitness.

She tells Self that the whole thing was discouraging. I really felt like a fake. Arzón, who raced ultramarathons before she became pregnant, remembers wondering how she might make her hobby her career.

“When I returned from maternity leave and they were rescheduling my classes, they said, ‘What is it you want to teach?'” Moreover, I realized that I had no idea of my own capabilities. That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

To overcome her phobia, she needed to undergo a radical change of mindset, which was especially important given that she had based her whole identity and livelihood on the physical world.

To succeed, she adds, “I had to have a development attitude and a beginner’s curiosity.” Furthermore, I feel more empathy than ever before for people who are literally beginning from square one. For the simple reason that “beginning afresh feels like starting over.”

Her path back to fitness (she now teaches cycling, running, and strength courses on Peloton’s at-home platform) was introspective and made her question her motivations for exercising. And from all that introspection emerged her latest children’s book, Strong Mama, which came out on January 11th.

Arzón’s current purpose is to instill a love of wellness and self-care in new mothers and the future generation of “hustlers” (one of her favorite names of endearment in her seminars).

Other well-known Arzón sayings are included in Addy Rivera Sonda’s illustrated book as well: “it doesn’t get easier—you only grow stronger” and “put your crown back on your head and remember who you are.”

Arzón thought it was vital to inform other new parents and their children of the importance of these messages. We live in a new age of superheroes, she argues, one in which “We kill our own dragons,” a theme throughout the book.

Arzón sat down with Self before the debut of her first children’s book in January to discuss how her experience with pregnancy and motherhood shaped her perspective on health and wellness. Here are a few of the key realizations that served her well throughout this time.

It has been speculated that Robin Arzon is expecting her second child.

It has been speculated that Robin Arzon is expecting her second child.

Yes! The good news is… Arizona is expecting its second kid, and it will be Robin. This is not fake news; it actually happened. That is to say, we may now characterize the Peloton teacher as being pregnant. Congratulations!

When Robin Arzon found out she was pregnant for the second time, she made the news public on January 9, 2023. Even her 22-month-old daughter, Athena, is experiencing the “powerful” energy that has been emanating from her. She, too, shares the fervor of the crowd.

Take a wild go at guessing the most enjoyable aspect. And neither did Robin Arzon’s husband, Drew Butler. She also recorded a video of him being astonished, in which his hair is in a wild state. His first reluctance to believe was the start of an incredible experience for him.

The role of big sister will indeed go to Athena. According to Robin, “She touches my tummy and says hi to the baby.” What a lovely gesture! Athena plays a significant role because, like a good mother, she wants her first child to take part.

Fitness expert Robin Arzon stated that expecting mothers had no restrictions whatsoever. When anticipating, there is only one thing that really matters, and that is something that can be controlled.

As far as anyone knows, Robin Arzon is still “lifting, jogging, riding, and doing all the things” she did before she got pregnant. She’s done this before, so it’s not a novelty for her. So it’s safe to assume she knows all there is to know.

Conversely, Drew seems really fond of and encouraging of her. During her pregnancy, what was Robin Arzon’s motto? Maintaining her calm requires exercise, sound sleep, and security. For her, these three objects represent the whole world.

So, she’s looking forward to seeing “new bridges and partnerships being built.” We hope that Robin Arzon has a wonderful future ahead of her. Since she is both a fitness fanatic and a teacher, we have no doubt that she treats her body well.

As a fan, it warms my heart to watch Robin thriving and expanding her family to four members. Her spouse is quite supportive, too. It’s a really important period for her right now. Be sure to follow Robin Arzon on Instagram for the latest information.

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Workouts that lift your mood should be scheduled whenever possible.

Workouts that lift your mood should be scheduled whenever possible.

Arzón gradually upped the time and intensity of her exercises with the purpose of reaching a physical and mental condition that made her feel her best in her new position, rather than with the intention of achieving an arbitrary performance goal or ideal body type.

She claims, “I still have no idea what my weight is.” That was on purpose, he explained, since “I don’t want to focus on data that, for me, aren’t going to be additive and beneficial.”

Her definition of “hustle” has evolved as she has returned to more strenuous exercise and has refocused on her goals. I changed the meaning of the word “hustle,” she claims. Currently, “my business” consists of asking myself, “What do I need right now?” and bending to avoid breaking.

Take her December #3for31 initiative, where she encouraged others to join her in exercising for 30 minutes a day or three miles a day. Instead of setting an impossible daily goal for herself, like “I have to run three miles today,” Arzón sought out and celebrated smaller victories along the way.

It’s the simple things,” she remarked on Instagram. (However, if you are just starting out, 3 miles or 30 minutes a day may still be a lot, so don’t be afraid to tweak challenges to meet you where you are!)