Sofia Mattsson, Who Portrays Sasha On “General Hospital” Is She Pregnant In Real Life?

After joining the cast of General Hospital in 2018, actress Sofia Mattsson has established herself as a mainstay in the soap opera industry. Although performers who perform primarily for soap operas are occasionally not considered as seriously, Sofia has proven that her talent merits being recognized and valued.

She has around two dozen credits on her resume and contributed something unique to each project she has worked on. Because of her work at General Hospital,  She also has a degree of continuity in her career that most actresses can only hope for.

And with fame and followers comes sometimes fake and true news. This time it’s about Sofia Mattsson getting pregnant in real life. Here in this article, we will try to find out if the rumor is true and if is sasha on gh pregnant in real life.

Is Sasha On GH Pregnant In Real Life?

There is no proof, that Sofia Mattsson is actually having a baby. Sofia has posted images on social media that appear to indicate a baby bump. 

But those are probably from when she was filming General Hospital. She had to wear a fake baby bump for the General Hospital pregnancy plot.

Is Sofia Mattsson Who Portrays Sasha Is Pregnant In “General Hospital”?

is sasha pregnant on gh

Since making her debut in 2018, Sofia Mattsson has played a significant role in the cast of General Hospital. Sasha’s character on General Hospital would be expecting a child, it was revealed in May 2021. 

The program’s audience enthusiastically welcomed this news. The actress who plays Sasha, Sofia Mattsson, expressed delight at this storyline twists in an interview.

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She expressed appreciation for the writers’ faith in her handling such a crucial plotline. Since then, the plot has developed on the show, with Sasha dealing with the difficulties of being a mother.

After that, the actress has had the opportunity to demonstrate both the character’s evolution and her acting prowess, garnering even more audience interest.

Despite the on-screen pregnancy, speculations that Sofia Mattsson was also expecting in real life began to circulate. 

Some even suggested that the decision to give Sasha a pregnant plot may have been inspired by her real-life pregnancy. But as we revealed in this article, Sofia’s real-life pregnancy is nothing but a rumor.

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All To Know About Sofia Mattsson

is sasha pregnant on gh

Sofia has done such an excellent job at perfecting an American accent over the course of her years in the entertainment industry that many people might be surprised that she is not American. She actually spent her entire life in Sweden before moving to the United States at the age of 19.

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Not only Sofia but two of her sisters are employed in the entertainment business. Mia, her sister, worked behind the scenes in the 1990s and the early 2010s. Helena, her other sister, has had a successful acting career also.

The majority of her friends are familiar with Sofia Mattsson as an actor. Many people are unaware, that she is also a businesswoman. She has turned her passion for fashion into the vegan handbag line Ava Carrington. 

is sasha pregnant on gh

Sofia and her sister Helena Mattsson founded the business. The sisters, according to the company’s website:

“Launched Ava Carrington in 2019 after their search for well-designed, high-quality handbags that were also sustainable and cruelty-free revealed a void that they decided to fill themselves. With defiant spirits and a lifelong love for creativity and design, the Mattsson sisters set out to make bags they could both look stellar in, and be proud to carry.”

After spending close to ten years in the entertainment business, many people don’t know much about Sofia. She has remained largely quiet throughout her career. Though, She prefers to put focus entirely on her work.