Does Shawn Killinger Have a Child? Everything About Her Husband and Adopted Daughter Jagger Jude

Pregnancy rumors about Shawn Killinger may be found just about anywhere online. Will that be true? She’s the host on QVC and she used to be a journalist in Detroit.

Shawn Killinger entered the world on November 2, 1979, in the city of Detroit, Michigan. She attended Penn State University after finishing high school at International American School Foundation.

She was born Shawn Elizabeth Killinger to parents David R. Killinger Sr. and Lo Killinger. From the age of eleven on, she spent most of her time in Mexico with her sibling, David Killinger Jr. She became an adoptive mother after experiencing a terrible loss in the fifth month of her pregnancy.

How far along is Shawn Killinger’s pregnancy?

is shawn killinger pregnant

QVC’s live host Shawn Killinger is not expecting a child. Shawn’s miscarriage in 2014, at the five-month mark, was widely reported on the internet. Since then, she has kept quiet about her pregnancy. In any case, Shawn is the recognized mother of three children.

In 2017, she adopted a newborn baby girl whom she called Jagger. Also, Joe’s two boys consider Shawn to be their stepmother. She is the finest mother in the world and is always gushing over them.

Nonetheless, Shawn’s meteoric rise to fame as a journalist began with her appearance on the NBC game show The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.

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And the father of Shawn Killinger’s child is none other than Joseph Joe Carreta!

At the end of April 2013, Shawn Killinger married Joseph Joe Carreta. To what extent were you aware of this? The dating app eHarmony was the medium of their initial encounter. They started talking right away and eventually got engaged and married.

They have since moved to West Chester, Pennsylvania, where they are living happily ever after. To continue, Shawn’s parents are private people who stay out of the spotlight.

Her mother, Loandra Killinger, is from the United States, and her father, David Killinger Sr., served in the Ford Labor Unions, forcing the family to go to Mexico where they spent four years.

Joseph Carretta, Husband of Shawn Killinger

Shawn Killinger married Joe Caretta, whom she had met on the online dating service eHarmony. He is a prosperous businessman and an active participant in the field of cosmetology education.

The Pennsylvania Association of Private Administrators had him serve as a director as well. In 2013, they exchanged their wedding vows. The fact that Joe asked her to marry him on her birthday is intriguing.

Who is Jagger Jude, Shawn Killinger’s adopted daughter?

On June 9, 2017, Shawn Killinger became the proud parent of a baby girl, whom he named Jagger Jude. As a newborn, the daughter was brought to their house.

The kid was discovered in the Golden State. The little girl has unquestionably brightened up her parents’ lives.

Beginnings in One’s Profession

Beginnings in One's Profession

Upon her return to the United States, Shawn entered the field of journalism when she was hired as a reporter and set assistant by the CBS Network.

She spent the next two years there, contributing to shows like “CBS 60 Minutes,” “CBS Evening News with Dan Rather,” and “The Late Show with David Letterman.” She also served as an assistant producer on “Foreign Desk.”

After that, she became the general assignment reporter for the Fox-affiliated WUHF-TV in Rochester, New York. Shawn also has experience working as a news anchor for CBS affiliates, having done so for both WKMG-TV in Orlando, Florida, and Channel 6 in Albany, New York.