Is Sue Palka Expecting a Third Baby? The Truth Behind The Rumors

Sue Palka is a well-known meteorologist who used to work for Fox 5 DC in Washington, DC. She has won multiple Emmy awards for her work. She started working at the station in 1985 and stayed there until she retired in January 2022.

Is Sue Palka Pregnant?

is sue palka pregnant

According to this story, her pregnancy has made her a big deal in the news. They want to know how a puzzle can be solved. Can you tell if she’s going to have a baby? Sue Palka, who is good at predicting the weather, doesn’t expect.

She already has two kids, and she was very pregnant with her third when she went on the show Like It or Not. But the famous meteorologist was just being herself; the pregnancy was completely made up.

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Get to Know Sue Palka, Joe, And Their Kids

Sue Palka has been married to Joe for a long time, and they seem to be very happy. At least 40 years ago, wedding bells rang for this couple. Since then, they have been keeping a peaceful home.

Elizabeth and Nora were born to the TV star and her husband. The first child of Joe and Sue Palka is a daughter they named Elizabeth. Her birth year is 1985. Sue got pregnant with her first child while she worked at FOX5. She gave birth not long after that.

After waiting for four years, the talented meteorologist had her second daughter, Nora, in 1989. Joe and Sue Palka’s daughters are all grown up and have their own lives.

They’ve made enough money to start their own family. Anastasia is Sue and Joe’s first grandchild. She was born this year.

Family History And Ethnicity Of Sue Palka

is sue palka pregnant

In the 1950s, the famous meteorologist was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. Her parents took her to D.C. often to see her aunt, uncle, and cousins. They liked learning about the history of the area because they were from a snow belt where it snowed an average of over 100 inches per season.

When her uncle, aunt, and cousins told her that schools often closed for as little as 2 inches of snow, she thought it was hilarious. She wrote on the FOX 5 blog that Sue never in her wildest dreams thought she would be able to predict the same 2 inches of snow that would close schools at 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11 pm.

As the chief meteorologist at FOX 5, she covered hurricanes both on the ground and from the air in the famous Hurricane Hunter plane. In Curacao, she followed tornadoes and saw a total eclipse of the sun.

She also said, “Several life events have been recorded, such as riding in a hot air balloon, paddling a boat in the Tidal Basin, the president lighting the National Christmas Tree, and, for a few years when my girls were younger, having Halloween at my house.”

But Sue Palka says that meeting her viewers in person to talk about travel weather is the best part.