Is Vanessa Ray, Eddie Janko of “Blue Bloods”, Pregnant in 2023?

Vanessa Ray’s weight has altered, and this has led some fans to believe that she is pregnant. She is a well-known actress best recognized for her roles as Teri Ciccone in The World Turns, Charlotte Drake on Pretty Little Liars, Officer Eddie Janko Reagan in the family-police drama Blue Bloods, Jenny Suits in the series, and many others.

One such actress who has garnered recognition and established herself as a promising performer in the entertainment industry is Ray. She has 29 years of acting experience. To learn more about the actress, including whether or not she is pregnant, continue reading the article below.

“Blue Bloods” Vanessa Ray: Who Is She?

Vanessa Ray Liptak was conceived by her parents, Valerie and James Liptak, and was raised by them. The actress was born on June 24, 1981, in Alameda County, California.

She is an American actress and singer who gained notoriety for her roles as officer Eddie Janko in the CBS police drama series “Blue Bloods” and as CeCe Drake in the teen drama “Pretty Little Liars.”

is vanessa ray pregnant 2023

We shall learn about her additional small- and big-budget TV projects in the future. Because she started her career in the theater, primarily musicals, before transitioning to television, Vanessa Ray is also a singer.

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Is Vanessa Ray Pregnant 2023?

Vanessa Ray is not pregnant as of 2023. It is currently unknown what sparked the online rumors about her claimed pregnancy.

Celebrities frequently find themselves the subject of false rumors online. The American actress’s alleged pregnancy is also one of the topics that get the most discussion online.

Nevertheless, the primary causes of the rumor’s spread remain a mystery. Some attribute the onset to her weight gain, while others are certain that she is pregnant.

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Likewise, news of her and her current husband, Landon Beard, expecting a child has sparked excitement online. They recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary in June.

She didn’t receive any sign from Ray, on the other hand, that she would become pregnant soon. It follows that the actress does indeed have images of kids on her social media pages. Her posts demonstrate how much she adores kids.

Vanessa Ray’s Husband: Who Is She Married To?

In addition to being a married actor, Landon Beard is most known for his roles in the television series Pretty Little Liars and the films Gravity and Sacrifice. He also plays the piano.

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There have been reports that they started dating. When Ray and Landon initially began dating, it had been six years. On March 18, 2015, they made their public engagement announcement.

is vanessa ray pregnant 2023

This information was shared by Vanessa on her Instagram profile. He posted a picture of himself wearing the ring online and wrote a long caption. On her big day, the actress allegedly dressed as Carol Hannah and Shareen.

The Pretty Little Liars stars Sasha Peters and others attended the wedding. Landon occasionally mentions the actress on his social media pages.