Zendaya Says She’s Not Pregnant After a Tik Tok Prank Made Her a Trending Topic on Twitter.

Apparently, Zendaya is sick of hearing that she’s pregnant. After a phony ultrasound that was modified to look like the one uploaded by the Euphoria actress went viral on Twitter on Wednesday, leading admirers to congratulate the star and the rest of the internet, the actress turned to Instagram to dispel rumors that she is pregnant.

Zendaya, now 25, addressed the allegations in a post on her Instagram Story after seeing her name trend. Adding, “Just making something up for no reason…weekly,” she concluded, “See now, this is why I stay off Twitter.”

The joke was revealed to be part of a wider hoax plot that was trending on the TikTok platform. The phenomenon has been nicknamed “being “Krissed,” and it consists of tricking viewers into believing a false narrative before showing an image of Kris Jenner dancing to “Lady Marmalade” with text reading something like “Psych!

You’ve just been #Krissed!” Predictably, the internet was awash with jokes about the fake news long before Zendaya addressed the matter.

Former Disney actress recently confirmed dating rumors by posting a birthday homage to Tom Holland, her boyfriend, and co-star in Spider-Man. But she took care to put an end to any speculation that a baby was on the way right now.

Where did the rumors come from?

Recent rumors about Zendaya’s pregnancy spread thanks to a doctored Instagram post showing an ultrasound scan with the remark, “I love you.” The photo first appeared in a TikTok video that went viral. We’re halfway there @tomholland2013!

TikTok users are being “#Krissed,” the Generation Z equivalent of getting “Rickrolled” or “pranked,” as part of a recent trend. “Krissed” refers to the practice of using clickbait subtitles about a topic people are interested in before redirecting them to a video of Kris Jenner dancing in a sequined dress, thereby taking the name of the Kardashian matriarch.

This is not the first time, though, that the Euphoria actress has been the target of such speculation. Several doctored photographs showing a pregnant Zendaya on red carpets have started circulating online.

Fans on Twitter are going crazy, sharing their emotions about the news, despite the actress’s attempt to ignore the persistent rumors.

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Tom Holland hopes to settle down soon.

After an interview with People magazine in which Holland expressed his want to become a father and start a family, rumors began circulating that he was already expecting a child. Holland declared that he was ready for a break because he had been so focused on work for the past few years.

The actor said that he “can’t wait to have his kids” and adores children. His father was a role model and someone who cared deeply about kids, he said. As Holland put it,

The actor also stated that he is excited to see what the next generation has planned for the Spider-Man comic book character now that he is done playing the role. He would want to see a “Spider-Gwen” or “Spider-Woman” added to the Spider-Man canon to increase diversity.

Fans of Holland and Zendaya hope that the vehicle kissing photos will lead to more serious feelings between the two. New episodes of Euphoria’s current season air on HBO every Sunday.