Is “Home And Away” Star Ziggy Really Expecting Her First Child?

Some Home and Away followers are wondering about Ziggy Astoni’s possible pregnancy. Ziggy is one half of the fan-favorite couple Dean Thompson and Ziggy. It seems that the fan’s concerns have some merit. There will surely be concerns due to the artists’ actual romantic relationships.

Actress Sophie Dillman, who plays Ziggy Astoni, has some information for us. She recently acknowledged that portraying a pregnant lady beside her real-life partner and co-star, Patrick O’Connor, has been “very odd.” Does this indicate that she is also pregnant?

Is Ziggy Really Pregnant?

Sophie Dillman Doesn’t Seem To Be Pregnant. Though, on the internet, there is a rumor. We don’t trust it until Sophie releases the details.

Sophie, on the other hand, is in a better situation since she has not only discovered the love of her life, but she also knows she can rely on Patrick when it comes to managing her endometriosis. Chronic endometriosis can affect the entire body.

As a teen, she was enthralled by the people she saw on television. She adopted the new language and fashion trends in an effort to emulate the behavior of other girls her age.

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She is aware of how fundamentally different she is from the popular character, particularly in terms of relationships. She has been in a committed relationship for a long time and has never been happier, unlike her co-star Patrick O’Connor.

is ziggy really pregnant

Sophie is a well-known international celebrity, therefore even if becoming pregnant is the best news for any woman, most celebrities would want to keep this fact private. However, despite the fact that she is not pregnant, many people still believe she is.

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What Was Ziggy’s Pregnancy Like For Her?

For Zig, adjusting to the effects of becoming pregnant took a very long time. Sophie Dillman lends her voice to this truth and claims that she is ignorant of the entire experience’s ability to change her life. There is a limit to how much she admires Zig’s “superwoman” qualities of independence and perfection. Zig must realize that she cannot do things on her own.

Ziggy inhaling dangerous gasses while working in the garage is shown on the show to be the turning point that makes the resistance to the issue become more vehement. Thankfully, Tane found her, sparing the child’s life.

is ziggy really pregnant

The most recent episode, however, shows Ziggy returning from a surfing trip with Dean earlier than expected and she is depicted as being upset about having to give up on her goals. Later in the episode, realizing that he might be preventing her from achieving her goals for an upcoming surfing competition, Dean encourages her heartily and with words of inspiration. He promises to stay till he locates her at Summer Bay.

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Sophie Dillman’s Thoughts About Pregnancy!

Without a doubt, Sophie supports having children. She did, however, talk about her struggles with a disorder called “chronic endometriosis.” Numerous issues might arise both before and during pregnancy as a result of the symptoms, which can last for years at a time. It also lessens the possibility of spontaneous conception.

is ziggy really pregnant

She says out loud that she would rather not have to worry about getting pregnant and having kids. She clarifies:

“My decision on thinking about children and my fertility is that I’m not going to worry about it until I’m ready, or properly thinking about having a child — which isn’t yet. [I don’t want to] spend all those years stressing about [it], and then maybe I can’t even have a baby.”

The famous person has also said that with each of her lovers, including her current husband, Patrick, she has been open and honest about her infertility issues.