Razer Keyboard: The 3 Finest Razer Keyboards Of The Year 2022! [Review]

Although Razer’s original focus was on producing gaming keyboards, the company has recently expanded into producing keyboards better suited to the business environment. Also, they manufacture their own switches, so you may pick the perfect type for your mechanical keyboard from the several they provide. Based on our extensive testing of more than 15 different Razer keyboards, we present our top picks for the best gaming and general-purpose models.

One, The Razer Pro Type Ultra

Razer Keyboard

Razer, a leading gaming keyboard maker, has recently begun applying its expertise to keyboards designed for use in the office. The Razer Pro Type Ultra was our top pick for the finest Razer keyboard to use at the workplace. This full-sized, all-white keyboard is ideal for any professional environment. If you want to operate in dim conditions, the full white light backlighting will come in handy. It can establish a wireless connection with a USB receiver or a Bluetooth device. Using its Bluetooth or USB receiver, you can connect up to three devices wirelessly. Unlike its forerunner, it also has a cushioned wrist rest.

Razer Keyboard

It’s only sold with Razer Yellow switches, which is a bummer. These switches are easy on the fingers and provide a smooth typing experience, however, they are linear and don’t provide any tactile feedback. If you enjoy this keyboard otherwise but like a tactile bump upon pressing a key, you may want to choose the prior version of this keyboard, which included tactile Razer Orange switches. If you prefer the feel of typing with linear switches, though, this version is an excellent option and a fantastic multi-purpose keyboard for the workplace.

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Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

Razer Keyboard

From our testing, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro has emerged as the best gaming keyboard from Razer. This full-size model boasts one of the lowest latencies we’ve measured when connected wirelessly, and it performs just as well when connected through an Ethernet cable.

Having the ability to connect through Bluetooth and pair with up to three devices at once is wonderful if you want to chat on Discord or stream your gameplay, but is less crucial for gaming. There are two types of switches available, the clicky Green ones that are exclusive to Razer, and the linear Yellow ones.

Because of the short pre-travel distance and the light actuation force of the Razer Green switches, key pushes feel instantaneous and pleasant. In addition to the standard keys, it also has a Windows lock key, a customizable control knob, and a set of media keys so you can easily access your favorite media without unintentionally minimizing the game. For use in low light conditions, the keys have customizable RGB backlighting.

Razer Keyboard

If you use macOS or Linux, you won’t be able to modify your board because the modification software isn’t compatible with those operating systems. The onboard memory of this keyboard allows you to store and transport your custom settings between Windows machines running the accompanying software.

Keycaps are made of ABS, which might become slippery with time due to the oils on your fingers, although they are easily replaceable if you don’t like that feature. Despite this, it’s a great option if you’re shopping for a wireless gaming accessory that doesn’t sacrifice performance.

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Affordability Is What Makes This Razer Keyboard So Special

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2

Razer Keyboard

We found the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 to be the best low-cost Razer keyboard available. This TenKeyLess model offers a soft, detachable wrist rest and an adjustable incline to make long gaming sessions more bearable.

The TKL layout makes room for the mouse to roam about, and the keys are clearly visible in any lighting condition thanks to the RGB backlighting. The keyboard comes with your option of linear Razer Yellow switches, tactile Orange switches, or clicky Green switches, so you may customize the typing experience to your liking. With its low latency and responsive linear Razer Yellow switches, this board makes gaming seem natural and quick.

Razer Keyboard

This keyboard has a solid feel overall, however, the ABS plastic keycaps are a letdown. These keycaps are less durable than PBT ones and tend to get shiny from the oils on your fingers, making them less comfortable to type on. Furthermore, this keyboard has no onboard memory, so you can’t transfer your settings to another computer without installing the accompanying software. All things considered, this is one of the more reasonably priced options in the high-quality Razer keyboard series, and it offers outstanding performance.

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In Contrast To Competing Products


  • There is a tonne of configuration choices. Most Razer keyboards allow you to remap every key and use macros. Additionally, the per-key RGB illumination can be customized.
  • A solid construction overall. Most Razer keyboards are constructed of tough plastic and feature a metal top plate. Wrist rests are typically included in the design of most models.
  • Switches are available in a wide range of configurations. Since Razer manufactures keyboards with a variety of proprietary switches, you should be able to locate one that suits your needs. They have regular mechanical switches, optical switches, and hybrid switches that are like mechanical switches but are made of rubber.


  • Some systems are not supported by the software. Unfortunately, macOS isn’t supported by Synapse 3. Unfortunately, you can’t program the keyboard on Windows and then transfer the settings to a Mac because some of their cheaper keyboards don’t have onboard memory.
  • As expected, they are quite pricey. You can find better gaming keyboards for a lower price than Razer. SteelSeries, for example, offers additional bells and whistles on their products for around the same price.