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sandra brown books in order

Thrilling and terrifying suspense novels by Sandra Brown are published in 33 different languages. More than 70 of her best-selling novels are in the genres of drama, romance, crime, and action. Over 80 million copies of her novels have been sold globally and have won numerous prizes.

More than 50 times, Brown has appeared on the list of New York Times bestsellers. She has also made appearances in a few TV series, and some of her stories have been adapted into films and television programs. Brown began writing in 1981, and the same year, her first love story was made public.

The majority of her characters are diametrically opposed. However, they are compelled to work together in dangerous circumstances and grow attracted to one another in the closing scenes. Her exceptional storytelling skills and endearing characters in her books will definitely leave you breathless in numerous ways.

The top 10 Sandra Brown books, according to reader reviews, are listed below. It will be simpler to choose well-known Sandra Brown books after reading this post. Her stories are all distinct from one another, so you don’t have to worry about reading them in any particular order.

Best Books by Sandra Brown

1. Mean Streak

2. Envy

3. Lethal

4. Chill Factor

5. Rainwater

6. The Witness

7. The Alibi

8. Seeing Red

9. Slow Heat in Heaven

10. Mirror Image

Regarding Sandra Brown

sandra brown books in order

A successful American writer of romantic suspense fiction is Sandra Brown. Many of her more than 50 books—some of which appeared more than once—have been bestsellers according to the New York Times.

Additionally, she has published works under the pen names Rachel Ryan, Laura Jordan, and Erin St. Claire. According to Brown, who describes herself as “a storyteller, not a researcher,” she frequently makes up her stories as she goes. She is noted for writing sultry romance, suspenseful mysteries, and comedic dialogue in her books.

Since being on sale, Brown has done a great job of staying current by adding new novels to her catalog, several of which were published under the pen name Erin St. Claire. Later, she began writing romances set in exotic locales around the world, including Europe and Africa.

Many of her books are set in various cities during various historical eras, including San Antonio and Dallas.

In 1948, Brown was born in West Texas. While attending college, she met her future husband, and she left school early to start a family. In 1981, Brown’s first book was released after she began writing as a hobby.
Brown is involved with a number of organizations that help victims of child abuse.

Best Sandra Brown Book Reviews

1. Mean Streak (2014)

sandra brown books in order

Dr. Emory Charbonneau is an accomplished pediatrician as well as an avid marathon runner. Her skills, however, are useless when she gets lost in North Carolina’s mountains. She has just fought with her husband Jeff when this occurs.

When he reports that his wife has been missing, the FBI suspends its search since the route has become obscured by ice and fog in the remote mountain area. It believes Jeff, who wants a “quick divorce,” is the person behind everything.

When Emory awakens, she discovers that a mysterious man who has no name, phone, or friends has taken her hostage. Emory must rely on her rescuer because she is alone and hurt. As time goes on, she faces more challenges and is forced to make some of the most difficult decisions of her life in order to survive and flee her captor.

This New York Times bestseller thriller features gripping suspense and effective storytelling. It is also one of Brown’s best-selling works, which has elevated her to international acclaim as a writer. The gripping book Mean Streak is about lies, love, and the decisions we have to make when we are in peril.

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2. Envy (2001)

sandra brown books in order

One of the three who board a boat for a great night out—two buddies and a young woman—returns. Therefore, when renowned book editor Mavis Matherly-Reed reads this tale in an unsolicited partial manuscript with potential for a bestseller, she is immediately fascinated to meet its enigmatic author, Parker Evans, who is only known by his initials.

Reed is the wife of a best-selling author and the daughter of a publisher. To visit the author who lives in ruins on an eerie cotton plantation, she makes the trip from New York City to a remote island in Georgia. He works to keep his identity and history hidden. After working with Parker, though, Mavis finds herself drawn to him and concerned about her marriage.

A few things happen when she gets back to New York, leading her to believe that this story of betrayal is more true than not. She then makes an attempt to unearth a horrifying crime’s hidden truth. But regrettably, this could endanger her life because she might end up being used as a pawn by someone seeking retribution.

The suspense book Envy is a New York Times bestseller.

3. Lethal (2012)

sandra brown books in order

Honor Gillette, a young mother, and a murder suspect work together to solve a corruption case in a Louisiana marsh while evading a potentially lethal search. Honor’s four-year-old daughter tells her about a sick guy in her yard, so she goes there to help him.

Lee Coburn, who is accused of murdering seven people the night before, is this person. Lee is dangerous and possesses weapons. She nevertheless complies with his requests. Since that time, he has vowed to protect her and her daughter, leaving her with no other option.

Gillette’s late husband allegedly owned a valuable item that Coburn wants to acquire because he believes it could endanger both the mother and her daughter. Honor quickly learns, though, that she can’t even rely on her pals.

From the FBI offices in Washington, D.C., to coastal Louisiana, she sprints alongside Coburn in an effort to save their lives. Instead, they stumble onto a web of depravity that has the power to upend society’s social order.

This best-selling book is about survival, dishonesty, and corruption.

4. Chill Factor (2005)

sandra brown books in order

To get home before being stuck in a terrible blizzard, recently divorced Lilly Martin accidentally hits Ben Tierney with her car. To sell her mountain cabin, she was in Cleary, North Carolina.

Ben sustains injuries in an automobile collision. They must thus wait out the storm in Lily’s cabin together. Ben is recognized by Lilly as the man she first met last summer, and she finds him appealing and endearing.

She does recall that in the last two years, four women have vanished in this small mountain town. There were no traces left behind or bodies discovered. A blue ribbon is left at the location where each of these victims was last seen by Blue, a serial murderer who abducted these women.

Lilly has reservations about the similarity between Blue and Ben after spending a lot of time with Ben. She then begins to fear for her security.

To find out how this mystery and suspense book ends, you must read it.

5. Rainwater (2009)

sandra brown books in order

Brown wrote this work of romantic historical fiction. In this tale, which is set in Dust Bowl, Texas, in 1934 during the Great Depression, a self-sufficient single mother named Ella Baron converts her home into a boarding house.

Ella is well-liked by her visitors since she operates the boarding house with grace and kindness. Additionally, she takes care of her 10-year-old son Solly and does the laundry, cleaning, cooking, and household maintenance.

He is a sweet kid, but because he can’t talk, he is demanding, therefore other people in the community frequently give her advice.

When Ella has a room opening, the well-liked village doctor, Dr. Kincaid, arranges for her to meet Mr. David Rainwater, a courageous and alluring man looking for a place to stay. At first, she grudgingly consents to his presence. However, strange events soon begin to occur, which alter her reality.

6. The Witness (1995)

sandra brown books in order

In South Carolina, Kendall Deaton, an ambitious public defender, learns a terrifying secret about her new husband. This proof may endanger her and her child. When she finds out, she tries to flee but is involved in a vehicle accident.

She asks the ravine for assistance after successfully saving both herself and her infant. Kendall must however conceal her and her son’s true identities in order to protect them from the individuals who wish to kill them.

This book offers a thrilling narrative and a compelling plotline.

7. The Alibi (1999)

sandra brown books in order

According to the New York Times, this was the best-selling book at number one. In this tale, Hammond Cross, an ambitious prosecution officer, investigates the high-profile Charleston murder of influential real estate mogul Lute Pettijohn.

Cross has a chance to take over as the city’s district attorney in the future thanks to this outstanding murder case. But only if he can track down the murderer will this be feasible.

Hammond discovers during his research that there are numerous individuals that want Pettijohn dead, with a weird woman who is concealing something serving as the prime suspect. To solve this case, Hammond is faced with a moral conundrum that causes him to question whether he was an alibi.

This riveting Sandra Brown standalone book is a Southern romance thriller.

8. Seeing Red (2017)

sandra brown books in order

In this tale, a television journalist named Kerra Bailey experiences a major professional breakthrough in the shape of a lead. This lead was about Major Trapper, a quiet military hero, and the truth behind a Dallas hotel explosion that occurred many years ago. Reporters took pictures of him that day as he saved countless lives.

Trapper gave numerous lectures and interviews following this tragedy, but he soon disappeared from view. Bailey is interested in learning more about Trapper’s 25-year absence and the circumstances surrounding it. In order to interview Tapper and advance in her profession, she enlists the reluctance of the national hero’s son.

However, she stumbles into a hostile environment full of attraction, assassins, and betrayal. Although the interview is arranged, both Major Trapper and Kerra are being targeted by gunmen.

You must read this account to learn more about these men, the perpetrators of the bombing, and whether Trapper is aware of anything about them.

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9. Slow Heat in Heaven (1988)

sandra brown books in order

This tale is about Schyler Crandall, an empowered Louisiana tycoon’s adoptive daughter, who is a strong, heartbroken woman. In order to resolve family issues, she travels to her house in Heaven, Louisiana. Unfortunately, Crandall has hidden family secrets, illicit passions, and an unstable business.

She needs to face her history if she wants to restore peace to her birthplace. She resides with her sister Tricia, who has a charming husband.

This humorous suspense and action book has a compelling plot with wonderful love moments.

10. Mirror Image (1990)

sandra brown books in order

When television reporter Avery Daniels has reconstructive surgery following an aircraft tragedy, her life is irrevocably altered. Tate Rutledge’s wife Carol Rutledge’s new face resembles Carol Rutledge’s. He is running for the Senate and comes from a significant Texas dynasty.

To save Tate and discover who attempted to kill him, Avery must step into Carol’s shoes and live her life right now.

The characters in this gripping criminal thriller are vividly drawn and are driven by terrible passions and aspirations. Readers will be captivated by the suspense and romance in this narrative without being let down.

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