How To Update Instagram: Want To Update Instagram To Its Latest Version? Here’s How!

These days, unless you actively disable it, the apps on your smartphone will likely update themselves. This is helpful if you’re trying to save data and don’t want your apps updating automatically while you’re using them. A manual upgrade of the program is required whenever a new version becomes available. The option to ban and unblock users, the addition of music to Stories and the introduction of Reels are just a few of the features that have been included in recent Instagram updates. The Instagram app can be updated in either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, and the process is outlined below.

Here Is The Quick Solution

  • Google Play is where you can find the latest version of Instagram for your Android smartphone “in the upper-right corner’s Search for applications & games section. You can update Instagram by clicking the green Update button.
  • Update Instagram by going to the App Store and searching for it by the name “for the Search box. To install the latest version of Instagram, tap the Update button.

A Guide To Instagram For Android Updates

  • For the most recent version of Instagram, visit the Google Play Store and enter “Instagram” into the search bar at the top.
  • Only the Instagram app found in the Google Play Store will launch if you have the most recent version installed or have automatic updates enabled. The Open button will be replaced with an Update button, which will be green if an update is available. To apply the most recent Instagram patch, click Update.

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Update Instagram On Your iPhone: Here’s How

  • Launch the App Store on your iOS device, then select Search from the bottom menu to check for an updated version of Instagram. Enter “Instagram” into the search bar.

How To Update Instagram

  • To get the latest version of the Instagram app, tap the Update button in the right-hand corner of its entry.

How To Update Instagram

  • As soon as the update is complete, launch the app.

How To Update Instagram

  • The newest version of Instagram will be installed on your device.

Instagram’s “Version History” tab in the App Store will show you all of the changes and updates that have been made to the app since it was first released. There, you may find out exactly what was updated and when in the app’s history.

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Inactivating Auto-Updates (Google Play Store)

Most modern software has an automatic update feature. With this method, developers may ensure that the most recent version of their software is installed on as many devices as possible. Automatic Updates can be turned off if a user decides they don’t want them.

  • To access your profile photo in the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone, open the app and tap the profile picture in the upper right corner. Click the Settings button, followed by the Network options option from the subsequent menu.

How To Update Instagram

  • Select Auto-update apps from the Network settings menu.

How To Update Instagram

  • Don’t update apps automatically, and then press DONE.