James Brown Was “Devastated” by The Trending Videos on Twitter!

James Brown Was "Devastated" by The Trending Videos on Twitter!

A leaked video on social media that has become one of the top trending topics on Twitter has prompted a response from Instagram star James Brown.

The Nigerian social media star, who prefers the pronouns she and her, commented on the trending video on her YouTube page and expressed her “devastation” at its disclosure.

What she had to say about it is as follows.


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Who is James Brown?

From Lagos, Nigeria, James Brown is a well-known online figure, brand influencer, dancer, transgender person, and YouTuber.

The 23-year-old social media sensation owns James Brown Empire, a brand management company. James has 1.8 million Instagram followers and over 12,000 YouTube subscribers.

James entered the music business for the first time in 2021 with the release of her lead single, Hey Darlings. James refers to herself as the “Queen of Africa” on her Instagram profile, which is now set to private.

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James Brown ‘Devastated’ After Leaked Video

James gained a lot of attention on social media after a leaked NSFW film with her and an unnamed companion surfaced. The model and influencer acknowledged the clip was made public without her consent in a 12-minute YouTube video.

James stated on her YouTube channel, WF, “My s*x tape spilled [to the public. What do I think? I’m heartbroken. Whoever leaked [the footage] is unknown to me. I am aware that there are those who despise me and those who are envious of the person I have become.

James continued by stating that the video was shot with her girlfriend about six or seven months ago after they had just returned from a trip to London.

James said in the video, “I am not the first guy whose s*x tape got leaked and I won’t be the last. “Become a public person if you believe it to be an easy job.”

Supportive Messages from Fans

In the YouTube video’s comments area, several of James’ supporters left messages of love and encouragement.

One viewer said, “Don’t let anyone drag you down.” “Be who you are.”

“Love you, James Brown, let them be judgmental, just be yourself,” another person said. You are amazing because you constantly make people smile.

We adore you James no matter what, someone other wrote. from Uganda with love.

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