TikTok Follower Tracker: How To Track Your Followers & Ways To Increase Your Followers For Free? [Complete Guide]

If you’re serious about using TikTok, you’ll work to increase your following on a consistent basis. This is especially true if your goal is to promote your brand on TikTok or become an influential user of the platform. Some of your followers will be more valuable to you than others, as is the case with all social and video apps. If someone follows you because they saw one of your videos, they might never come back for more. Worse, not all of your devotees might even be human. Maybe they’re just bots trying to figure out how to beat TikTok’s system.

While the amount of followers you have on TikTok isn’t necessarily indicative of how popular your account is, it is nonetheless one of the most readily apparent metrics used when comparing accounts. However, you should aim to attract high-quality subscribers that are really interested in your films and will never miss an update. Having a lot of indifferent followers is pointless.

How To Track Your TikTok Followers [FREE Follower Tracker]

TikTok Follower Growth Tracker – Free to Use

With our new tool, you can monitor the expansion of your TikTok fan base, and we’ll assist you to deduce the methods by which you may most effectively expand your audience. Your ideal rate of growth in followers should be a slow but steady ascension as more and more people learn of your content’s worth.

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  • Pay Attention To Followers Who Are Actively Participating

The key to success on social media is an active following. In other words, you don’t want people who appreciate your first video to become passive viewers of all your subsequent videos. You want subscribers who, after watching one of your videos, keep coming back for more. You want them to watch your videos, like them, comment positively, and share them with their friends.

As a result, you’ll need to get inventive if you want to attract real, engaged TikTok fans and not just bots. You should strive to create a distinct TikTok community that can be recognized as a genuine subculture.

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How To Boost Your TikTok Popularity

  • 1. Make An Effort To Have Your Videos Featured On The “For You” Feeds

TikTok Follower Tracker

TikTok centers around the “For You” page. It’s extremely similar to Instagram’s Explore page, except that TikTok makes the “For You” page the starting point for every user.

That’s a major distinction, by the way. When you go into Instagram (or Facebook, for that matter), you’ll see a stream of recent posts, most of which will be made by individuals you follow. TikTok presents its viewers with a feed of content created by random individuals the app thinks they’ll enjoy. The videos TikTok chooses “For You” are usually where users start, though it’s simple enough to go to those posted by those they’re Following. This is a great chance for your films to be seen by individuals who have never seen them before and who may decide to start following you.

When your films start showing up on people’s “For You” pages, it’s because TikTok thinks they’re better than the rest of the videos people have uploaded. This increases your visibility and the number of people who watch your movies.

TikTok’s algorithm is described in detail in our guide, How to Feature on the “For You” Page. Instead of always showing users the same videos from the same celebrities and influencers, the algorithm is constantly on the lookout for fresh content to share with its audience. This facilitates the development of a following and the attainment of notoriety. TikTok will promote high-quality material from any account, no matter how young it is, and expose it to a large audience.

  • 2. Identify Your Ideal Audience

TikTok Follower Tracker
If you’re a company using social media for advertising purposes, this advice is applicable to the vast majority of platforms.

It’s not true that every one of your followers will help you out equally. Even when you get rid of the blatantly fraudulent and bot followers, this holds true. Prior to starting to use TikTok, you should consider your goals. Who do you hope will watch your films and find them entertaining?

You can easily identify your ideal customers if your company sells tangible goods since these are the folks who would most benefit from purchasing your wares. Simple folks like you and me have a less black-and-white solution. One’s first thought in such a situation is likely to be, “Who do I most want to persuade?”

Although most TikTok users are members of Generation Z or Millennials, the app is seeing a rise in its older user base. If you think a significant portion of your product’s specialized audience already uses TikTok, you may want to put in the time and effort to grow your audience there.

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  • 3. Keep An Eye On TikTok Trends

TikTok Follower Tracker

Users of the video-sharing app TikTok are notoriously fickle. They are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing, and will quickly get rid of anything that has been in style for too long.

Many different takes on the same genre of video, made by different TikTok users, will be presented to you.

It’s important to keep in mind that the vast majority of TikTok users aren’t actively seeking out your videos. They want entertaining, trend-aware videos. You can take advantage of this to raise the exposure of your company’s name (or your own, if you’re just an individual) by joining in the conversation.

  • 4. Make Use of Popular Hashtags

TikTok Follower Tracker

Flat vector illustration of a hashtag for use in social media, including miniature humans. Cartoon characters use social media for marketing purposes, including blogging.

A conceptualization of digital technology and the dissemination of information. Flat vector illustration of a hashtag for use in social media, including miniature humans. Cartoon characters use social media for marketing purposes, including blogging. Picture of a digital technology and communication concept

Using popular hashtags is one proven strategy for expanding your TikTok audience. These things help people find you on the platform. People looking for those terms may find your video. If they find your posts interesting, they may decide to follow you in the hopes of seeing more.

Be mindful of the context whenever you use a hashtag, though. Some things are only meant to be used in certain ways, and if you abuse them you might not succeed. Additionally, remember who you’re writing for. There’s a good chance that not every hashtag that’s trending will be anything they care about.

If you want your TikTok videos to show up on other users’ “For You” pages, you can use the hashtags #fyp and #ForYou. Videos must be of the highest quality because you will be competing with everyone else who utilizes these trending hashtags.

  • 5. Collaborate with Others

TikTok Follower Tracker

Users of the video-sharing app TikTok appreciate a wide range of content. Working with other creators on TikTok is one option. This allows you to combine two users into one video, giving your creations twice the value on TikTok. This will allow you to communicate with the collaborator’s audience (and them to yours).

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  • 6. Post New, Quality & High-Caliber Videos Frequently

TikTok Follower Tracker

You must only upload high-quality movies to TikTok. In reality, the vast majority of viral TikTok videos are shot on a smartphone. Even so, you should prepare for your movies, shoot in HD (most smartphones can do this these days), and use standard filmmaking practices.

It’s acceptable to incorporate some of the latest TikTok trends into your film, but you should also make sure there are some fresh concepts presented. Video production planning is the initial stage. People frequently create their movies on the social media platform TikTok without giving any thought to the content beforehand. There’s no room for filler in a TikTok video. Put every second to good use.

Make sure your video recordings have adequate illumination. Add more lights if shooting at night is unavoidable. Indoors, use any available light to your advantage without washing out or glaring at the screen.

Invest in a tripod if you want to avoid shaking when taking photos. You need not invest in the heavy, bulky, professional variety for this purpose. Small tripods designed to work with a smartphone can be purchased quickly and cheaply.

TikTok relies heavily on its musical content, thus the app has secured licenses to use the vast majority of music videos without permission. If you choose to use music, be sure it is appropriate for the video.

TikTok has a wide variety of edit tools, including transitions and effects. Take caution when using. They can be a great addition to a video, but too many will distract from what’s happening on screen.

Keep in mind that maintaining a consistent publishing schedule is essential if you want to retain your audience’s interest. The more videos you upload, the more likely it is that one of them will be featured in the “For You” feed, be liked, and attract new subscribers.