Silvestri Pushes Ronaldo to Join Serie a Club Juventus!

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Silvestri Pushes Ronaldo to Join Serie a Club Juventus!

Throughout the summer, there has been much speculation about Cristiano Ronaldo’s future. Former Leeds United goalkeeper Marco Silvestri has now pushed the Manchester United star to join in-form Serie A team Udinese.

In his second season with the team, Silvestri, 31, and Udinese have had a wonderful start to the 2022–23 season. The Italian goalkeeper has only allowed eight goals in eight games after seven games in Serie A while maintaining three clean sheets.

The club is currently third in Serie A. They achieved a surprising 3-1 victory over Inter Milan on Sunday to clinch the 2020–21 Serie A title. They might be putting more of an emphasis on Europe. Clearly, the Udinese players are feeling confident this season.

Ask Leeds supporters; Silvestri has never been short on words or out of the news. He played 98 times for Leeds over the course of three seasons after joining the club in 2014 under Massimo Cellino.

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Silvestri, known for his ability to stop penalties, was frequently seen yelling at defenders. Naturally, he was one of the six athletes who withdrew from a match against Charlton in April 2015. He now has a message for Ronaldo, the top player for United.

Ronaldo was mentioned in a DAZN Instagram post, and Silvestri was referenced by Udinese on Twitter. He pushed the former player for Real Madrid, United, Portugal, Juventus, and Sporting Lisbon to sign a shock deal with Udinese.

One-time Leeds goalkeeper Silvestri has urged Ronaldo to join Udinese

Ronaldo is expected to leave next summer, even though joining a team like Udinese would be unexpected. Although his Old Trafford contract is up at the end of the current campaign, retirement does not appear to be an option.

Ronaldo joining a team on United’s level outside of the Premier League seems far more feasible. Ronaldo may expect interest on a similar level to what Napoli showed in the summer. He might like the slower Serie A.

Or, of course, Ronaldo may decide to end his career with a passionate trip back to Sporting Lisbon, the team where it all began. He is currently extremely unlikely to depart Old Trafford and United before the expiration of his contract.

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