After The Masters Controversy, The Son Of Gary Player Discusses Augusta National’s Ban !

It’s widely accepted that Gary James Player DMS, OIG (born November 1, 1935) is one of the greatest golfers of all time. On the regular tour and on the Champions Tour, Player won a total of nine major championships. A career Grand Slam was achieved by no other non-American than Player in 1965 when he won the U.S. Open at age 29. When he accomplished this, he was the youngest player to do so, but later, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus broke this record. Ben Hogan, Gene Sarazen, and Jack Nicklaus are the only other golfers to have achieved the Career Grand Slam since Player.

The Son Of Gary Player Controversy

He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974 after winning more than 150 professional tournaments on six continents during seven decades of professional golfing success. As a golf course architect, he is known as the Black Knight, Mr. Fitness, and International Ambassador of Golf. He has designed more than 400 golf courses on five continents around the world through the Player Design firm.

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His 36 books on golf instruction, design, philosophy, motivation and fitness have also been published.

The Player Foundation, a non-profit organization run by the Player Group, has a primary goal of promoting education for the underprivileged around the world. The Blair Atholl Schools in Johannesburg, South Africa, which educate more than 500 students from kindergarten through eighth grade, were established in 1983 by The Player Foundation. Thirty years of charity golf tournaments in major cities around the world helped raise more than $60 million for good causes in 2013. Wayne Player was able to watch the Masters from the comfort of his own home for the first time in a long time this year. He may have started a new tradition, but it wasn’t one he chose. There is no such thing as bad publicity, according to Player. “I discovered that this isn’t quite the case,” I said. This is due to the fact that Player, the three-time Masters champion son of Gary Player, is prohibited from playing at Augusta National because of his father’s reputation.

Player, 58, attempted to follow in his father’s footsteps and competed in 17 PGA Tour events, but he never made a single cut. Since retiring from golf, he has focused on a variety of health and fitness endeavors, but he is still best known in the sport for two incidents that occurred at the recent Masters tournament and which Player would prefer to forget. When he was arrested and charged with deposit account fraud/bad checks for renting a house for clients during the 2018 Masters, it was Player’s first brush with the law since then. A civil lawsuit involving a promotional package for the Masters and a man named Todd Feltz was filed against the player. When Feltz inquired about the whereabouts of the promised Masters badges, Player allegedly acted in bad faith, caused unnecessary expense, and physically assaulted Feltz.

The Son Of Gary Player Controversy

Second, during the Honorary Starters ceremony at the 2021 Masters, there was an unfortunate incident that took place. When Lee Elder was honored for his bravery and efforts as a trail blazer and joined Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player to open the tournament in 2021 as one of the most beloved traditions, it brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Wayne, who was serving as his father’s caddie, stood behind Elder during Elder’s introduction to the audience holding a box of OnCore golf balls in a bold attempt at guerrilla marketing. Fans took to social media to express their frustration at the perceived actions of Wayne.

The following day, I received at least 50 texts, 40 of which proclaimed me a marketing genius, while the remaining ten were like, “What the hell were you thinking?” Late last month, Player made the comment in a phone call.


The Son Of Gary Player Controversy


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In spite of the fact that this wasn’t premeditated, “It was a cheesy thing.”


It was noticed by more than just the fan base. For the rest of the week, Wayne claims Augusta National has revoked his badge, which makes him ineligible for entry. However, a year after the controversy erupted, Player is finally speaking out to give his side of the story. Player says, “I don’t mind letting people know. For the sake of full transparency, I think it’s a cool story because the National never came out formally and stated that they were banning Wayne Player from the Masters.”

The Son Of Gary Player Controversy

That was never said in front of the press. That’s the way they do things around here. Nothing much is said by them. His son was ‘wrong’ for the Masters ball controversy, but Gary Player didn’t say if the ball ban had been enforced.