How To Screen Record On iPhone? A Complete Guide On Recording Screen & Taking Screenshots On iPhone!

How To Screen Record On iPhone

It’s helpful to be able to quickly and simply record your iPhone’s screen whether you’re demonstrating a bug to tech support professional or a task on your iPhone for your coworkers. With the release of iOS 14 in 2020, thankfully, Apple made it quite easy to do so. Learn in this article how to easily … Read more

How To Turn Off Low Data Mode? Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone’s Low Data Mode!

How To Turn Off Low Data Mode

With iOS 13, Apple introduced a feature called “Low Data Mode,” which proved useful in more ways than one. For starters, consumers were able to conserve their precious data when using a metered connection because they were able to use fewer data across cellular and WiFi. When activated, the network shifts to a slower spectrum, … Read more

How To Share WiFi Password iPhone? Complete Process To Share WiFi Password In iPhone’s Cellular Data & WiFi!

How To Share WiFi Password iPhone

Visitors to your home may ask you for the Wi-Fi password so that they can surf the web safely and conserve data on their mobile devices. Apple has now made sharing your Wi-Fi password easier using a Bluetooth connection. But password sharing should be done carefully and sparingly. There may be times when you don’t … Read more

Emulators For iPhone: 5 Best iPhone Emulators in 2022! [Must Check]

Emulators For iPhone

Using an iPhone emulator, you can run iOS apps on a computer running a different operating system. App developers commonly utilise emulators to test iPhone software on Windows or Mac PCs they use for programming. These iPhone emulators faithfully imitate the fundamental functionality of an iPhone, however, they cannot run apps straight from the Apple … Read more