5 Best Alternatives to Popcorn Time to Watch Movies & TV Shows!


With more than 820k organic views each month, Popcorn Time has been one of the most widely used apps for streaming movies and TV shows in 2021! Some distinguishing characteristics, including its smooth user interface, almost infinite collection of games, and the fact that it has been localized into more than 40 languages, are to blame for its success.

However, There Are Some Security Issues with Watching Unrestricted Movies and Tv Shows on Popcorn Time, Including:

You can watch free movie streams with its integrated media player using torrents. Torrenting copyrighted material is prohibited in many nations and can get you into legal trouble.

The Popcorn Time app must be downloaded and installed from a website. You run the risk of installing malware on your device if you access the incorrect source and download the incorrect file.

The Popcorn Time app’s creators abandoned ship years ago, and as of January 2022, all of the app’s mirror websites and apps appear to be offline with the probable exception of one site supported by unidentified developers.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your activity and shield it from any prying eyes is the most crucial step you can take to protect yourself when using Popcorn Time or some of its substitutes. Due to its lightning-fast speeds and unblocking abilities, ExpressVPN is now our top-rated VPN and a great option for streaming.

The Best Official Popcorn Time Alternatives

Our list of the top Popcorn Time substitutes is separated into official and unauthorized streaming services. Choose one of these authorized Popcorn Time substitutes if you’re worried about your online and legal security. The apps on the following list are all legal, and there are also no major cybersecurity issues. Of course, the majority of these will demand that users pay a subscription fee.

1. Netflix

Best Alternatives to Popcorn Time to Watch Movies & TV Shows

Since Netflix is the most widely used streaming service worldwide, there are no surprises here. It features a nice interface that you can use to navigate through a library that seems to have no end and is constantly growing. The usage of tiles in the interface actually makes it pretty reminiscent of Popcorn Time.

All popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS, support the software. You can do this to smoothly transfer your material between devices. On your devices, you can download and save material to view on the go. Hundreds of Netflix hidden codes are also available to access esoteric material.

There are various Netflix subscription packages available, with the least expensive basic plan costing $8.99/month. However, there is a way to lower the cost of your Netflix membership! That is accomplished by utilizing a VPN to route your internet traffic through a server located in a nation with less expensive Netflix subscriptions, such as Turkey. Typical programs are:

2. Disney+

Best Alternatives to Popcorn Time to Watch Movies & TV Shows

Disney+’s library of timeless films from Pixar, Disney, and Marvel has revolutionized the streaming industry. It is a fantastic alternative to Popcorn Time because it also has a large library of shows. The Disney+ Hotstar App allows users in nations like India to enjoy sports like cricket, football, and badminton.

Disney+ is compatible with most platforms and streaming devices, including Roku, much like Netflix is. Additionally, with a first-tier starting at $7.99/month, it has a monthly subscription price that is $1 less than Netflix’s.

Disney+ is now accessible in the majority of nations, but there may still be regional variations in the programs and content. A VPN, however, will allow you to access Disney+’s broader content selection. Disney+’s most well-liked titles include:

3. Hulu

Best Alternatives to Popcorn Time to Watch Movies & TV Shows

Another popular premium streaming service that can compete with Popcorn Time is Hulu. TV series, motion pictures, Hulu Originals, and other premium material are all included in its portfolio. Notably, it also offers accessibility to live sports and TV.

A wide variety of gadgets, including Apple TV, Fire Stick, and gaming consoles like the Xbox, are supported by the service. Hulu charges $5.99 for its standard package, which incorporates advertisements. You’ll have to fork over $64.99 a month to watch live TV and sports.

Unfortunately, Hulu is only available in the US and Japan right now. You will want a VPN in order to access Hulu from anywhere else in the world. Following are a few well-liked Hulu originals:

4. Peacock

Best Alternatives to Popcorn Time to Watch Movies & TV Shows

NBC Universal’s over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform is called Peacock. Similar to Hulu, it features a huge selection of American programmings like The Office, Modern Family, and Suits. The Rich Eisen Show, among other excellent podcasts, is included in the service.

The fact that Peacock is free to use is its best feature. You will, however, see advertisements if you use them for free. A Peacock Premium subscription costs $4.99 if you want access to live sports like the Premier League and WWE in addition to the streaming material. There are no ads with a $9.99 Premium Plus subscription, and you can view some movies offline. On Peacock, the most watched streaming movies are:

5. Amazon Prime Video

Best Alternatives to Popcorn Time to Watch Movies & TV Shows

The only service that can compete with Netflix in terms of user base and content selection is likely Prime Video. If you want to catch up on the newest TV and movie shows, it’s a perfect Popcorn Time substitute.

In addition to movies and TV series, a complete Prime subscription, which runs about $12.99 per month, also grants you access to music. You can pay $8.99 per month to only get Prime Video as a subscription. Like its rivals, Prime is compatible with almost all modern operating systems.

Since MGM Studios was just acquired by Amazon, their film library will grow even more and include some classics like the James Bond series. The most well-liked movies on Amazon Prime are:

  • The Handmaiden
  • The Expanse
  • Carnival Row
  • The Grand Tour
  • American Gods

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