6 Most Popular Online Gaming Platforms in 2023

Gaming technology moves at a breakneck pace, offering players a rapidly changing landscape of platforms and titles to suit their needs. So far, 2023 has been no exception – with Sony beginning to phase out the production of backwards compatible PS4 games, and PC hardware upgrading as fast as usual, the landscape of platform choice is ever-shifting. In this article, we’ll overview the most popular platforms for online gaming, as well as what makes them unique and the stand-out qualities that keep people loving them.

1. PC gaming

The trusty PC is the most versatile and powerful gaming platform in 2023.It hasretained its popularity across generations due toits adaptability and huge game library. The hardware keeps getting better, but more casual gamers still have the option to keep their specs low-cost andenjoy simple, less graphically intensive games.

Despite this, one of the main draws of PC gaming is its stunning graphics and performance. With strong GPUs, fast CPUs and new 4K screen technology, PCs can give players the most immersive, seamless gaming experience of any platform. PC gamers can also jump into the world of game customisation and modding, bringing a brand-new degree of flexibility to how they play their games.

PCs probably have the largest and most diverse library of games, from big AAA titles to indie gems. Popular digital platforms such asSteam, Epic Games Store and GOG.com make it easy for gamers to access and enjoy any game, except for rare console exclusives.


Sony’s PlayStation has been an important part of gaming since the release of the PS1 in 1994. Currently, Sony are finishing up the shift to their latest console, the PS5.

It has impressive abilities – the inbuilt SSD makes loading times superfast and supports cutting edge graphics technology such asray tracing. PS5 exclusives such asHorizonForbidden West and God of War Ragnarök keep gamers loyal to PlayStation consoles as Sony continuereleasing era-defining games.

3.Xbox Series X and S

Microsoft’s next gen of Xbox consoles have made the platform even more appealing to online gamers. Released at around the same time as the PS5 in 2020, the Xbox Series X and Series S focus on performance and offer large game libraries.

The Series X stands out for its powerful hardware that delivers 4K gaming with high frame rates. Microsoft’s subscription service Xbox Game Pass offers access to a huge library of games, including new first-party titles, making it really appealing for gamers.

The more compact and budget-friendly Series S provides a streamlined gaming experience without sacrificing performance. Its affordability and backward compatibility make it an attractive choice for both casual and hardcore gamers.

Cross-platform play and cloud gaming through Xbox Cloud Gaming – formerly known as Project xCloud – further improve the Xbox ecosystem by letting gamers enjoy their favourite games across multiple devices.

It’s ideal for online gaming.

4. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s creative approach to gaming with the Nintendo Switch was an instant hit and it hasn’t lost its sway in 2023.The Switch provides a special hybrid experience that lets gamers switch smoothly between handheld and TV gaming modes.

The huge selection of Nintendo-exclusive titles,such asThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, remain a big draw for the platform. The recent Nintendo Switch Pro release also deliveredenhanced graphics and performance for gamers wanting an upgrade.

The portability of the Switch has expanded its appeal beyond traditional gamers, attracting a broader range of players. Its selection of indie games and family-friendly titles makes it great for social gaming.

5.Mobile phones and tablets

Smartphones and tablets are even more popular in 2023 as more gamers turn to playing games on the move. The App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android let you download and play tons of mobile games. The most popular type of online gaming on mobiles is iGaming, particularly online casinos – the convenience and accessibility of a phone is perfect for short, snappy casino games such asthose offered by comeon.com.

6.Steam Deck

The Steam Deck by Valve Corporation has changed how people play games on the go. It runs SteamOS and lets you play PC games in a handheld device.

The Steam Deck has customizable buttons, a strong AMD APU chip and a high-res touchscreen so you can enjoyPC games on a portable gadget. Gamers will be able to bring their entire Steam library with them and enjoy their favourite games while traveling.

The Steam Deck doesn’t really compete with the other consoles on this list but it has definitely been a great success for Valve and cemented their status as a top provider of online gaming platforms.