How to Enable Announce Calls on Your iPhone?

iOS 10 brought the Announce Call function to the iPhone. Every time you receive a call, your iPhone will announce the caller’s name if you enable it. It will show as an unknown number if the number is not in your contact list. It makes sense when your phone is out of reach or not easily accessible. Follow this brief tutorial to set up Announce Calls on your iPhone if you haven’t used it before and would want to give it a try.

How to Make Announce Calls on Your iPhone

Apple is always searching for more convenient and hands-free ways to operate its products. And Siri was created with this in mind. Making call announcements on your iPhone is one of the helpful functions that comes with Siri. This feature, along with over a hundred other new features for iOS 10.

You won’t need to check your phone when using this feature to see who is contacting you. Siri on the iPhone reads the caller’s name aloud to announce the connection. When John Doe calls, for instance, the phone will ring first, the ringtone volume will drop, and Siri will say, “John Doe.” Siri will announce the number if she is unable to identify the caller. It’s quite simple to make announcement calls on your iPhone. The actions listed below will enable this feature:

Step 1: Select “Settings.”

Step 2: Choose “Phone.”

Step 3: Select “Announce Calls” after that.

Step 4: In the end, decide when you want Siri to pick up your calls.

  • Always
  • Headphones & Car
  • Headphones Only
  • Never

How Should This Feature Be Used?

You are now able to announce calls on your iPhone. Why, therefore, should you make use of this feature? When someone calls you, Siri will identify them if they are in your phone contacts. This is a solid justification for maintaining current contacts to avoid unpleasant shocks. In the event that it is not, Siri can inform you that the incoming call is from an unknown number or reveal the number.

You can choose which situations you would like your iPhone to alert you to incoming calls. Choose “Always” to configure it to broadcast calls automatically. Only while the phone is in Ring mode will Siri, if set to “Always,” announce the caller over the speakers. Therefore, calls won’t be announced if the phone is turned to silent.

To use this function, generally, select “Headphones Only” to receive caller identification while you wear headphones or use the phone hands-free. This eliminates the need for you to find or fish out your phone to find out who is calling. If you wish to answer phones while using headphones and while driving safely, choose “Headphones & Car.” Finally, by choosing “Never,” you can always turn off the feature.

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Customize Incoming Calls

You can also use caller ID and ringtone assignment to find out who is calling you. Navigate to “Settings,” scroll to “Phone,” choose “Show My Caller ID,” and toggle it on or off to configure caller ID functionality.

To assign a custom ringtone, open “Contacts” and choose the individual you like to designate. Next, click “Edit,” navigate to “Ringtone,” and choose a tone from a selection of options. After that, select “Save.”