Optimizing Your Roku TV: A Comprehensive Guide to Antenna Setup

Digital “over-the-air” broadcast television is accessible with the ATSC tuner that comes with a Roku TV. An HDTV antenna attached to your Roku TV’s Antenna TV port will allow you to watch these channels.

Adding an Antenna to Roku TV

We must first connect our Roku TV to an antenna before we can begin. Getting TV over the air with an antenna can be as simple as plugging it in or it can be one of the most annoying things you’ve ever had to do, depending on where you live. The GE Ultra Edge inside Antenna is a great option to test an inside antenna and find out what channels are available where you live.

This indoor TV antenna is less than $25, and you may return it for a complete refund for ANY reason if you don’t receive the stations you anticipate. GE offers an amplifier-equipped version as well. Since indoor antenna amplifiers are typically unnecessary, I wouldn’t advise purchasing that one. If you need assistance selecting an antenna type (indoor, outdoor, multidirectional, etc.), we also offer a guide to assist you in choosing a TV antenna.

Setting Up Your Roku TV’s Antenna

antenna for roku tv

To ensure that you are receiving good TV antenna reception, place your antenna in the proper spot, regardless of the one you selected. It should ideally be facing the neighboring TV towers and facing the window. A coaxial cable will be used to connect it to your Roku TV. For optimal reception, we advise using an RG6 coaxial wire. Nonetheless, an integrated coaxial cable is a common feature of indoor antennas. By connecting the coaxial cable to the TV’s “Cable/ANT” port, you can connect the antenna to the screen. It can be manually screwed in.

You’ll see that your Roku TV comes pre-installed with an app called “Live TV” under the home menu. The program displays an image of an antenna as seen below. Other Roku devices do not have the “Live TV” app. Only Roku TVs have it. For your remote to search for channels, press the “OK” button.

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Automatic Content Recognition

A privacy screen will appear when you launch the Live TV app for the first time, asking if you want to use “Automatic Content Recognition.” Roku TVs have this neat function. It uses information from the TV shows and movies you watch on Live TV to feed streaming apps on your Roku TV, making recommendations for you to watch. Moreover, it makes use of some other cool features, such as informing you when additional episodes of a show you’re viewing on Live TV become available on a streaming service you pay for.

They are not, however, acting benevolently in this situation. Third-party advertising is another application for such data. In the end, it is up to you to determine if the advantages of suggestion outweigh permitting this data collection. From the Home screen of your Roku TV, go to Settings > Privacy > Smart TV Experience to allow or disable this feature.

Scanning your Roku TV For Channels

You are now prepared to look for stations on your TV antenna. The image below shows you the screen. My scan took less than five minutes, even though it states it could take up to thirty. Choose “OK” under “Start Finding Channels.”

antenna for roku tv

Next, your Roku TV will inquire as to whether channel 3 or channel 4 has to be reserved for a device that connects to your Roku TV video connection, such as a VCR. The TV/Cable port image previously on the page indicates “Adapter” on this yellow port. You might be able to connect a VCR in several methods or with a red audio connector on your Roku TV. Since live TV doesn’t require it, most people can skip this section.

All of the local stations will now be found on your Roku TV. It shouldn’t take too much time. with a progress bar displayed on the screen below.

It will begin on its own when the bar is finished. This procedure looks for cable TV programming. If your Roku TV is connected to a cable TV source, this will happen. Similar to how an antenna would do so, it will scan the input. Most people can omit this step. After everything is finished, your Roku TV will display the number of Live TV channels you can watch. In my neighborhood, there are 44 channels available, such as ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, PBS, The CW, and more!

Roku TV Pause Live TV

antenna for roku tv

Live TV may be played back, paused, and rewinded on Roku TVs. You must insert a USB 2.0 drive, 16 GB or more, into your Roku TV’s USB port in order for this feature to function. I like the PNY 32 GB flash disks better.

To format the drive and prepare it for Live TV Pause, follow the on-screen prompts. The maximum pause, rewind, and replay duration is ninety minutes, regardless of the drive.

Using the Play/Pause button on your Roku TV remote, you can play and pause once this capability is configured. Rewinding the current channel for up to ninety minutes or back to the initial tuning point is possible at any moment by pressing the Rewind button. The spot where you paused the show will disappear if you switch to a different channel, end Live TV, or turn the TV off. Playback starts automatically after a 90-minute stop.

Live TV will start to play as soon as you launch the Live TV app after completing these instructions. The next or previous accessible channel can be changed using the purple Up and Down arrows on your Roku TV remote. The Roku TV is another option. The TV Guide Live. The guide is akin to the live TV guide that most people are familiar with from cable and currently use from live TV streaming platforms. Press the purple Left arrow on your Roku remote to display the Live TV Guide.

The TV towers are the source of the guide’s show data and information. The guide will be filled in using the data they make accessible in the signal. Major networks in my area will fill the Roku TV guide more than a week in advance, though this could differ depending on your location. On some shows, you’ll also see a “purple asterisk.” The “More Ways To Watch” function is this. If you activated the option known as “Automatic Content Recognition,” as we discussed before in this post, you can find more streaming locations for this episode and similar ones by tapping the asterisks on your Roku Remote.

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Rescanning and Revisiting Options

When the Live TV app is highlighted, navigate to the Roku Home screen and hit the asterisks on your remote to rescan the stations. In order to receive any new broadcast channels that are available, I advise rescanning the channels a few times a year. You may also configure the “Live TV Pause” function here.

You cannot modify the Automatic Content Recognition feature from this menu, though. Settings > Privacy > Smart TV Experience is where you can enable and disable this feature.