Apple Music Is Done until 2022: How To Check Your Replay for This Year.!

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Apple Music Is Done until

If you’re wondering how to watch Apple Music Wrapped when it becomes a Replay in 2022, we have all the information you need!

People always wait for their music to be wrapped to see how their tastes in music have changed as 2022 draws to a close.

Apple has saved the day by unveiling its 2022 Replay, while Spotify has yet to reveal this year’s wrap.

How to Check the 2022 Apply Replay

All you need to do is click on the Replay link to check your 2022 wrapped for Apple. You can do this by clicking this link.

Once there, enter your Apple ID and password to log in. To learn more about your musical preferences, click around the page or play the highlights.

Apple Music Is Done until

How to check listening stats

To ensure that users have a better experience with the 2022 Replay, Apple has made some adjustments. They have made it easy for users to view their listening statistics for this purpose. Simply follow the instructions below if you’re interested in doing so:

  1. Listen to enough music to qualify. You will be able to keep an eye on the qualification with a progress bar that will be appearing on your Replay page.
  2. Once you have qualified, you will be able to check your listening stats by clicking on the link here.
  3. You will then have the option of sharing the same with your friends and family.

Apple Music Is Done until

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How this year’s Replay is different

To ensure that people adore the 2022 Replay, Apple has made a few adjustments. They have, for instance, unveiled a customized highlight reel.

Users will be able to learn about their favorite artists, songs, albums, genres, and more. Superfans can even find out if they are among the top 100 listeners of their preferred artist or genre, which is an additional bonus.

What’s best? Up until December 31, you can check your Replay to monitor your listening habits. You can use it to determine whether your musical preferences have changed before 2023.


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