Fix: Why Doesn’t My Apple TV Remote Work?

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apple tv remote not working

Playing shows or choosing applications may not be available if your Siri Remote or Apple TV remote isn’t functioning properly. We’ll explain why it might be happening and what you can do to stop it, starting with the first course of action you should do.

Charge It First (or Change the Battery)

The Battery on Your Apple Tv Remote May Be Fully Dead if You’ve Been Using It a Lot, or Even if It’s Been Sitting Idle for Some Time. It Won’t Work if That Is the Case.

Use a Lightning-To-USB Connection to Connect Your Apple Tv Remote to A Power Source, Such as A Mac or A USB Wall Adapter, if You Have a More Recent Apple TV Remote (known as A “Siri Remote”). Give It 30 Minutes to Charge (a Full Charge Takes About Three Hours). Use the Remote Once Again in 30 Minutes.

A Lightning Port Won’t Be Present on The Bottom Edge of An Older Apple Tv Controller. Replace the Unit’s Bottom-Located Coin Cell Battery Instead.

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Launch Apple Tv Again

apple tv remote not working

Try Rebooting Your Apple Tv if Your Apple Tv Remote Is Still Not Functioning After Charging It. if Your Apple Tv’s Remote Isn’t Working, Disconnect It from The Outlet and Wait 15 Seconds Before Plugging It Back In. Check to Verify Whether Your Remote Is Functional Once You Plug It Back in And the Home Screen Appears.

Start Your Remote Again

apple tv remote not working

It’s Time to Restart the Remote if Your Remote Isn’t Operating Despite Having Been Charged and Your Apple Tv Restarted. Remove the Battery from An Older Remote and Then Replace It.

Get a Clean View of The Apple TV Unit so You Can See the Front Light Before You Restart a Siri Remote. with The Remote in Hand, Press and Hold the Volume Down and Tv Icon Buttons Simultaneously for About Five Seconds, or Until You See the Apple Tv Unit’s Status Light Flash Off and Then Back On.

After Waiting Approximately Ten Seconds, Release the Buttons. on Your TV, a “connection Lost” Notification Will Appear. It’s Restarting Your Siri Remote. Your Tv Will Display a Connection Message After the Procedure Is Finished.

Reset Your Remote’s Pairing

apple tv remote not working

Your Apple TV Remote May No Longer Be Paired if All Other Attempts to Pair It Failed. when You First Purchase the Apple TV, the Remote Comes Pre-Synchronized with Your Device. You’ll Have to Manually Link It to Your Apple TV, Though, if It Becomes Unplugged (or if You Replace It).

Place Your Apple TV Remote 3 to 4 Inches from The Apple TV Unit Itself to Pair It (the Device is Plugged Into Power and HDMI). the Kind of Remote You Have Will Determine What You Do Next.

The Volume up Button and The “menu” Button Should Be Pressed and Held for Five Seconds if You Use a First-Generation Siri Remote (black with A Huge Touchpad).

Press and Hold the Volume Up And Back Buttons (“”) for Five Seconds if You Use a Second-Generation Siri Remote (silver with A Directional Pad that Is Shaped Like a Circle).

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Hold the “menu” Button and The Left Arrow Together for Six Seconds if You Use an Earlier Apple TV Remote. It’ll Delink. After That, Hold Both the Right Arrow and The “menu” Button for Six Seconds.

You’ll Get a Notice on The Screen if The Pairing Is Successful. the fact that Only One Siri Remote Can Be Plugged Into an Apple TV at A Time Is Meaningless. Any Other Remotes that Are Attached Will Be Disconnected Once a Siri Remote Is Connected.

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