The Best Apple Watch Complications in 2023

The finest Apple Watch complications allow you to personalize your device in a multitude of ways. For example, you can see personalized problems on your display and see when your next medicine is due, how long you’ve been working out, whether it will rain in 30 minutes, or even future flights or hotels. Our top picks are listed here.

Carrot Weather Apple Watch complication

The Watch app on the iPhone might be confusing to use when trying to customize complications.

An effective and feature-rich weather app is CARROT Weather. CARROT Weather offers data on humidity, precipitation, wind speed, and much more in addition to temperature visualization. On the main screen, you get fast summaries of the seven-day, 24-hour, and current predictions. To get details, just choose a section. Force Touch allows for simple location switching.

MLB At Bat Apple Watch Complication

For keeping track of your preferred baseball club, the MLB At Bat component is an excellent resource. Scores and easy access to game details are provided by the app’s developers, who also keep up with teams’ updated branding (colors, etc.).

recurrent monthly fees or a recurrent annual charge are the two subscription options that MLB At Bat provides. Updating and adding new features happens often.

Citymapper Apple Watch complication

apple watch complications

May be enlarged to display even more information on different sizes of complications.

The useful complications of the Citymapper software will relieve commuters and weekend visitors alike. You can use the free app to navigate from point A to point B, but the Apple Watch complication offers quick access to information without requiring you to take out your iPhone.

No matter what size is employed, the complication is enjoyable and compatible with a range of watch face sizes.

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Spotify Apple Watch complication

The Apple Watch software and complications from Spotify (both free and subscription plans) arrived rather later than anticipated, but this should come as good news to Spotify subscribers.

While there’s nothing really novel or revolutionary about the complexity, if you use Spotify a lot, its ease might be enough for you.

From your Apple Watch, Spotify provides a great degree of control. You may enjoy podcasts, albums, and playlists on the road without bringing your iPhone with you if you use Spotify Premium. You can download these content types straight to your Watch. For wireless speakers or TVs, all Spotify customers can control Spotify playback with their Apple Watch.

Bear Notes Apple Watch Complication

apple watch complications

Though it’s one of the greatest note applications for iOS (and macOS), Bear (free) is a simple complication that makes a great tool. Assign tasks to notes, add content to already-existing notes, and create new notes using only your voice with Bear for Apple Watch. Combined with Bear for iPhone and Mac, Bear for Apple Watch is compatible with all watch faces.

Fitiv Apple Watch complication

A great choice for individuals who want or choose to monitor their heart rate with even greater detail than what Apple Watch offers is the FITIV Pulse GPS Cardio Tracker, which is available for free. Ultimately, it conserves screen real estate since its complexities show both high and low heart rates, even in tiny proportions.

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PCalc Apple Watch complication

apple watch complications

The large complexity looks to be wasting space by having a number stay on the display. Essentially a wrist calculator, PCalc is an incredible Apple Watch software. The creative intricacies that can be added make it even better.

One useful feature for those who tend to forget things quickly is the calculator’s ability to immediately display the solution in the complication whenever you’ve finished solving a problem on it.