A Visual Guide to Apple Watch Symbols and Their Meaning

Users may not be aware of the meanings behind the several icons that the Apple Watch displays to represent various functions. These are included by Apple to provide information about what the Watch is or isn’t doing, the mode it is in, the apps that are running, and notifications for messages and apps. It’s possible that a user won’t be familiar with all of the symbols, although most are clear enough to figure out or at least only require an explanation once.

For those who had used other mobile devices, many of its features were recognizable. Most users would be familiar with its iconography because it required charging and included connectivity features, for example. However, some functions were exclusive to the Apple Watch and came with a learning curve that contained symbols for those features.

Red lightning strikes to signal low battery life and green lightning strikes to signal charging are two of the most recognizable Apple Watch icons. A crescent moon signifies that Do Not Disturb mode is activated, a padlock indicates that the Watch is locked, an airplane, which is easily recognized on most smartphones, and the ubiquitous Wi-Fi symbol are all similar indicators indicating Airplane Mode is being used. Though the signal strength is merely indicated by a series of dots at the top of the display, GPS connectivity is represented by a recognized icon in the Control Center.

To better assist you in understanding your Apple Watch, we will decode the most often-used symbols in this post.

Battery Symbols

The battery indicator is among the most distinguished signals on an Apple Watch. One way to tell when your watch needs to be charged is to look for a red lightning bolt, which appears when the battery is low. On the other hand, if your Apple Watch has a green lightning bolt, it is charging right now.

Do Not Disturb (Crescent Moon)

apple watch symbols

It indicates that the “Do Not Disturb” mode is active when your watch displays a crescent moon symbol. This is the perfect option for meetings or other occasions where you require silence because your watch won’t alert you to incoming calls or messages.

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Lock (Padlock)

If your Apple Watch is locked, it will display the padlock icon. It stops anybody from using your watch without authorization. By entering your passcode, you can unlock it.

Airplane Mode (Airplane)

apple watch symbols

Most cell phones have a similar icon to the one displayed on your Apple Watch. According to laws, all wireless communication features must be turned off during flights, and this shows that the device is in Airplane Mode.

Wi-Fi Symbol

Your Apple Watch is linked to a Wi-Fi network when you see this instantly identifiable emblem. For internet access and data syncing, it is an essential indicator.

Apple Watches with Unknown Symbols

A few symbols are available that users might not be familiar with right away, in addition to the well-known ones:

Theater Mode (Two Theater Masks)

apple watch symbols

Theater Mode, represented by the two theater masks, is appropriate for events or circumstances where interruptions are undesirable since it lowers the screen brightness and switches on silent mode.

Lost Connection (iPhone with Crossed-Out)

When there is a disconnect between your iPhone and Apple Watch, this symbol shows up. Make sure your watch stays connected—it’s a helpful reminder.

Water Lock (Droplet)

The droplet sign on your watch denotes pending alerts while Water Lock is activated, and the display may become unresponsive to touches. If the watch gets wet, the Water Lock prohibits inadvertent screen interactions.

Audio Device Switching

Should you spot a symbol that looks like a partially circled item, it indicates that you can switch between speakers or headphones and other audio devices using your Apple Watch.

Arrowhead-equipped bed in sleep mode

apple watch symbols

Apple Watch users can track their sleep habits by utilizing the bed icon with an arrowhead pointing to the top-right corner, which indicates that sleep mode is engaged.

Running, Walkie-Talkie, and Navigation

In order to signify active functions, the Apple Watch employs a variety of symbols. A right arrow indicates you are using a third-party navigation app, the running sign indicates you are now exercising, and the walkie-talkie symbol indicates the app is available for conversation.

Microphone and Now Playing

A sign for a microphone will appear on your watch when it is in use. You can tell when audio is playing by looking at the Now Playing indicator, which has vertical lines that go up and down.

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In conclusion

To fully utilize this powerful technology, you must be able to decipher the symbols on your Apple Watch. Many symbols may be understood without much explanation, while some could take some work to understand. Make the most of your Apple Watch’s features and functionalities by using this tutorial to use the device with assurance. You will be able to use your Apple Watch more smoothly and effectively if you take the time to explore and become familiar with its icons.