Camera Apps: Top 10 Best Camera Apps For Android In 2022 [Free/Paid]

Camera Apps

Today, there are countless options for camera apps, making it difficult to pick the one that’s ideal for your needs. Even while the cameras on most new smartphones are already fairly capable, it can be helpful to have a dedicated app that can help you take even better pictures.

This article compares and contrasts the best camera applications available for iOS and Android (both free and paid).

1. Adobe’s Photo-Editing Software, Lightroom

Price: $0 & $52.99 / month

Even though it seems like camera software, Adobe Lightroom is actually a picture editor. A camera app is also preinstalled on the device. The camera has a number of useful features that make it stand out from the crowd, including high dynamic range (HDR), raw compatibility, and a number of different shooting modes and presets. In addition, it comes with the standard set of manual photography controls.

You may take a picture with your phone’s camera app and then transfer it directly into Adobe Lightroom, one of the greatest mobile photo editing programs available today.

2. Cymera

Price: None / Up to $3.49

Camera Apps

Cymera is one of the first and still most widely used mobile camera applications. The emphasis is shifted to more standard fare. This means you’ll have access to a wide variety of customization options, such as filters, stickers, and other effects. Furthermore, it offers a special “beauty” setting for the camera. It can modify your appearance by altering or eliminating parts of your face and body.

Unfortunately, we can’t say that we’re great fans of such drastic changes. A basic photo editor is also included for your editing convenience. One can get it without spending any money. More content is available for purchase within the app itself.

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3. The Google Camera

Price: Free of charge

Camera Apps

To take pictures, use Google’s official app, Google Camera. You can find it on most of Google’s products. Its feature set is minimalistic but highly functional. Lens blur, slow motion, photospheres, video stabilization, and more are all included. Compatibility is the only real drawback.

The number of compatible gadgets is low for this app. It appears that at the moment only Pixel devices can use it. Nonetheless, you may still sideload onto some other devices using ports that you can track down. Some capabilities are only available on Google devices, and once you get it, the camera is rather good.

4. Manual Camera

Price: $4.99

Camera Apps

Among photography apps, Manual Camera is among the better ones. Exposure, white balance, ISO, focus, shutter speed, and RAW file support are all available as manual settings. If your phone has the capability, you can even record slow-motion video. The software enhances the experience by including multiple shooting modes, such as burst mode and 4K video recording.

Even if the editing isn’t quite as polished as the built-in camera software, this app probably offers a few shooting modes that your phone doesn’t. We’re crossing our fingers that the developer hasn’t given up on this one because it hasn’t been updated since 2020.

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5. Photoshop Camera

Price: Free of charge

Camera Apps

Technically speaking, Photoshop Camera is an image editor that also functions as a camera. You may use the camera to snap photos of your items, and then use the app to give them a makeover. Neither desktop Photoshop nor Adobe Lightroom is as professional-oriented as this.

This software provides you with a wide variety of editing tools, including filters, auto-tone, portrait mode settings, and more. You shouldn’t expect to use it to showcase your photography skills in a job interview. To top it all off, the filters offer some interesting customization options. If you want to make your Instagram appear nicer, it’s a serviceable choice.

6. Camera FV-5

Price: $3.95

Camera Apps

At a certain point in time, the FV-5 camera was taken from the list because it had not been updated in quite some time. However, FGAE wasn’t through with this project apparently. Camera FV-5 in its present iteration is rather competent. Many advanced features, such as exposure bracketing and a built-in intervalometer, are included. There are much too many features to fit into such a brief summary.

This app may be downloaded for $3.95 at the time of this writing and receives frequent upgrades. The one caveat is that some phones appear to react poorly with this one; if you think yours could be one of them, please be sure to give it a proper try within the refund time.

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7. FiLMiC Pro

Price: $14.99 + $9.99

Camera Apps

In terms of Android photography apps, FiLMiC Pro is quite recent. Additionally, it costs the most of any camera app we’ve looked at. In addition, it has its own special touches. Some of those controls are manual and quite particular. It includes a white balance adjustment matrix, a gamma curve dial, and a dual slider for adjusting exposure and focus, among other things.

It has a live RGB control, additional analytics, and much more. The beginning of this one was quite wobbly. Even said, it appears that the app’s creators are actively listening to their users and making necessary adjustments in subsequent updates. I have faith that it will improve over time. If you want to try it and get your money back, make sure to put it through its paces within the trial time.

8. HedgeCam 2

Price: Zero Dollars / Up to Ten Dollars and Ninety-Nine Cents

Camera Apps

The HedgeCam 2 app is a fork of the original Open Camera project. It improves upon the already successful blend of ease of use and functionality by adding new features. You can find the source code for this version on Google Play, and it is also open-source.

This one allows for a wide range of manual adjustments, has dynamic range (DR) and high dynamic range (HDR) shooting modes, a variety of customization options (including the ability to silence the shutter), and even has face identification capabilities. Open Camera is a fantastic camera. This one’s slightly superior, albeit it’s also a bit more difficult to grasp. Select the option that best suits your needs.

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9. Open Camera

Value: Free / $1.99

Camera Apps

One of the most downloaded camera apps by professional photographers is Open Camera. Many of the weighty characteristics we’ve spoken about are present. This means you’ll have to use the camera’s manual settings. There’s a timer, help for some external mics, high dynamic range, exposure bracketing, and more.

The same can be said for photographers and videographers, as this is a fantastic choice for anyone. You won’t find any ads or additional purchases within the app, and it’s available at no cost. Open source means that anyone can access and modify the code. That’s a good thing to hear. A separate contribution app can be downloaded if you’d like to help out the creator financially.

10. Pixtica

Price: 0 / $3.99 / year

Camera Apps

It’s worth noting that Pixtica is one of the more recent options on this list of camera apps. There are a number of clever touches, and the post-production quality is pretty good. Live filters, manual settings, exposure adjustment, GIF recording, slow motion mode, RAW file support, QR code scanner, and more are just a few of the features. There is even a rudimentary photo editor and gallery included. Its versatility and all-in-one design are two of our favorite aspects. However, you’ll need a paid subscription to use some of its features, and the camera app that came with your phone is probably more adept at post-processing.

Feel free to recommend other excellent Android camera applications in the comments if we forgot any of your favorites.

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