Timezone Converter: The 7 Best Time Zone Converters For Scheduling Tasks Easily!

Timezone Converter

Getting to know one other’s time zones is more crucial than ever in today’s environment, as more and more people are working remotely. Many employees are learning the difference between GMT, PDT, PST, and other time zone abbreviations. Having coworkers in different parts of the world might be beneficial, but it also presents some challenges. There is potential utility in using time zone converters.

1. TimeAndDate (Web, iOS, Android)

You can use the TimeAndDate time zone converter to convert times for up to 11 different cities using either current or future dates. Selecting the “sort by” option allows you to arrange the clock in ascending or descending order according to city, nation, or time. It’s also possible to have the “UTC time” included in the displayed information.

Timezone Converter

A great feature of this site is the “World Clock” submenu, where you can quickly check the time in over a thousand different locations across the world.

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2. Timezone.io (Web)

Timezone.io, in contrast to services that have more of a line graph aesthetic, displays the faces of your team members along with their current timezone. It’s a unique selling point that helps pinpoint the precise locations of everyone on your team across many time zones.

Timezone Converter

This website’s primary drawback is that no major updates have been made to its functionality in nearly three years. Therefore, smaller teams should give it a go so they may gain the experience and insight they may need to switch to a different strategy down the road.

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3. Time Zone Converter – Savvy Time (Chrome Extension)

A browser add-on may be all you need to convert time zones when a dedicated website or mobile app is too much of a hassle. Here’s where Time Zone Converter – Savvy Time comes in; its primary function is to convert between different local and global times. There are almost a hundred thousand cities to choose from, spread out over three hundred different time zones and offering both 12- and 24-hour formats.

Timezone Converter

If you need something straightforward to display the time in multiple time zones, Savvy Time will do the trick. It’s also totally cost-free and completely reinstallable whenever you choose.

4. World Clock Time Widget (iOS, watchOS)

If you own an iPhone or iPad and are in need of a quick reference tool, World Clock Time Widget is a great option. Unlike most web-based instruments, this app’s design can be modified in addition to its location-based features.

Timezone Converter

Hundreds of cities can be entered, and timezones between them will sync in both 12 and 24-hour forms automatically. The time, user’s current location, and the time difference between two locations will all be displayed in the widget. Users of the iPhone and iPad only need to configure their time zones once, thanks to iCloud synchronization. The only real drawback to this software is that it requires a monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership to use all of its features.

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5. Every Time Zone (Web)

Every Time Zone stands out as the best option due to its singular focus on the numerous time zones around the world. When you first open the page, it will display some primary time zone concerns based on your location. Simply dragging the time slider back and forth allows you to make changes to the past, present, and future.

Timezone Converter

A potential drawback is that you need to sign up with your existing Gmail account in order to customize the locations. Once you’ve logged in, though, your saved location preferences will be available instantly.

6. World Time Buddy (Web, iOS, Android)

We’ve combined the functionality of a world clock, a meeting planner, and a time zone converter to create World Time Buddy. Places can be added to the site quickly and easily, with the limitation that only four locations can be added for free.

Timezone Converter

For an additional $2.99 monthly, you can expand it to 20 places, and for $5.99, you can have unlimited locations. After upgrading to a paid account, you’ll have the option to rearrange the order of places and add them in bulk rather than one at a time. With the ability to export invites to iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, or Gmail, scheduling a meeting across time zones is a breeze.

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7. FoxClocks (Firefox Extension)

FoxClocks is a simple and quick solution to view many time zones for Firefox users. This add-on allows you to display the current time in your current location as well as other time zones at the bottom of your browser or in the extension bar. There is a separate clock for each time zone, and it adjusts itself automatically.

Timezone Converter

There is a finite amount of space at the bottom of the browser where FoxClocks can be displayed before it becomes unwieldy. The same holds true for the selection of destinations in the drop-down menu labeled “extension.”

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