Youtube Vanced MOD Apk: Advanced Youtube Features But Without Ads! How To Download It? [Complete Info.]

Excuse Me, Now you can block ads, play videos in the background, adjust the brightness, and more with the YouTube Advanced version, which we’re calling the “Youtube Vanced App.”

It’s compatible with both rooted and unrooted Android phones and tablets.

You don’t have to delete the official YouTube app to use the YouTube Vanced app.

And Just What Is This “YouTube Vanced App” All About?

The Youtube Vanced app is a tweaked version of the Official YouTube App that includes several extra features.

There is an integrated ad-blocking system that allows for uninterrupted video playback without interruption.

Youtube Vanced MOD Apk

The Best Part Is That You Can Keep Playing Videos in the Background Even After Locking Your Phone. Brightness and volume can both be adjusted with a swipe of the finger.

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Youtube Vanced Apk: Features

List of Awesome Functions of Youtube Vanced Apk: –

  • Keep Youtube Free Of Annoying Ads By Blocking Them

With Youtube Vanced APK, users can avoid commercial interruptions while watching videos. Without having to deal with annoying advertising or interruptions, you can enjoy all of YouTube at your leisure.

  • Return Youtube Dislike (New)

Youtube Vanced MOD Apk

Return Youtube Dislikes is an option in the Youtube Advanced App that will allow users to once again view dislikes.

  • SponsorBlock (New)

Youtube Vanced MOD Apk

When using the Youtube Vanced App with the SponsorBlock integration, you can bypass commercials.

At any time, you can change the settings to allow or disable this feature.

  • Background Video Play

Youtube Vanced allows its users to listen to the soundtracks of various YouTube videos in the background without receiving notifications or interruptions from the service.

  • Simply Drag To Adjust Volume And Contrast

Youtube Vanced MOD Apk

You may adjust the volume and the brightness with the buttons on the panel on the side.

  • Exciting New Dynamic Player

Adjust the size of the YouTube player in the same way you could in the previous app.

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  • Change Theme (From Black To Dark To Pink To Red)

Youtube Vanced MOD Apk

Feel free to experiment with other color schemes!

  • Picture In Picture (PIP)

Youtube Vanced MOD Apk

In contrast to the standard YouTube app, which locks you into watching advertisements, Youtube Vanced APK lets you play videos in a little youtube vanced tub while watching another movie or browsing Youtube, and even lets you use other programs simultaneously.

  • Modify The Video’s Playback Rate And Quality

With the Youtube Advanced Youtube mod, users can adjust the video quality of videos on the site. Youtube Vanced youtube apk lets you play videos without audio distortion at any of the supported resolutions (144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 2160p).

  • The High Dynamic Range At Maximum Brightness

Youtube Vanced MOD Apk


The Youtube Vacned app automatically boosts the brightness of HDR landscape videos to their maximum level.

A Detailed Guide On Obtaining The Youtube Vanced APK and Setting It Up

  1. Access your phone’s settings. To enable Installation from Unknown Sources, head to the Security menu.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the Youtube Vanced Apk from the links provided below, run the installation file. (Select Allow from this source if prompted)
  3. The next step is to get the Micro G app so you can sign into your Google account (Important)”[Download Link]”
  4. To start off, download the Micro G app.
  5. Launch the Youtube Premium App and Log In.

Play YouTube videos in the background without interruptions.

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Simply said, it’s a great alternative to the official YouTube if you want to watch videos without interruptions.

Users with and without administrative privileges can access it.

Sorry, but iOS users can’t access the advanced features of Youtube.

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