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The most popular third-party alternative to the iOS AppStore, AppValley offers many of the same features as the AppStore along with a variety of apps and games.

Quick Details:

App Name AppValley
Developer app-valley.VIP
Category Utilities/Installer
File type .plist or .mobileconfig
Minimum Requirement iOS 10
Installs 2 Million+
Language English (US)
License Free

AppValley Setup Information:

The utilities/installer design category is where the AppValley app is classified. You have a choice between the. list and Mobileconfig file types. The English-language version of the app is accessible everywhere.

It has a stellar track record with more than 2 million installs per month and a license-free setup. For compatibility, the AppValley software needs iOS 10 or later, 1GB of RAM, and at least 16GB of storage.

Install AppValley

It can be installed on iOS devices by following a few straightforward and uncomplicated procedures.


How to Install AppValley:

1 Click the Config. Profile link up top.

2. Tap Allow and the profile is downloaded right away.

3. Select Settings > Downloaded Profile.

4. Install the profile.

5. Enter the device passcode now.

6. Press Install two more times.

7. Click Install, then click Done.

8. The device’s Home screen will display the App Valley app icon.

AppValley Features:

Your iOS device no longer needs to be jailbroken, eliminating the security threats that came with it.

Very simple to download in a few short steps.

Each and every program and piece of content is free.

To ensure that users always get the most recent versions, developers frequently update their content.

There is no risk of a security breach because using the app does not require an Apple ID.

There is built-in RAM with a cache cleanser.

accessible on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

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How to Use AppValley VIP?

It is essentially the same to use AppValley as it is to install individual programs from the App Store. After you have installed this app installer on your device, proceed as directed below.

  • From the Home Screen of your device, launch the app.
  • Enter the name of the desired app in the Apps section and hit search.
  • Click the Get button next to the app.
  • The complete installation of the application will take some time.
  • Go to once the program has been fully installed
  • Configuration > General > Device and Profile Management
  • Locate the profile of the most recent installed app, then hit Trust.

Why Install AppValley VIP:

Apple offers relatively little choice while using the iPhone and iPad. As a result, the user’s ability to use iOS devices is restricted. There was a time when every iOS upgrade gave iPhone users access to Cydia. Additionally, users might modify the software.

However, a third-party software installer like App Valley can assist you in getting over Apple’s restrictions.

Furthermore, there is no cost involved.


Users may occasionally experience issues with the app not functioning when using it. As the App Valley developer utilizes the Apple certificate, Apple frequently revokes the certificate.

Apple does this to maintain a bug- and contaminant-free environment. By performing a few straightforward procedures, the user can resolve the certificate revoked problem.

You must remove the App Valley from your iOS device using the instructions listed below in order to accomplish that. The following link article has a comprehensive reference for fixing any mistake.

Afterward, reinstall it.

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How to Uninstall or Delete AppValley:

It’s possible that Apple revoked the certificate because your device’s installed copy of App Valley isn’t functioning. Wait until the revoked certificate has been fixed, which will take 24 to 48 hours.

  • You must remove the current program in order to access the updated installer.
  • This is the procedure.
  • On the home screen of your iOS device, tap and hold the app button.
  • On the app icon, click the “x.”

Is AppValley 100% Free?

If you choose the regular subscription with all the extras, AppValley is completely free. Because of this, many third-party app shops on the market consider it to be the best option. You can get VIP access if you so choose, but it will cost you a few dollars.

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