Can You Wear AirPods Pro in The Shower and Are They Waterproof?

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Your AirPods aren’t water-resistant. You should refrain from wearing them in the shower, in the pool, or even when it is raining. You’re always better off being safe than sorry even if you have AirPods Pro or third-generation AirPods because they might be water-resistant but they don’t stay that way forever.

Even so, it’s occasionally impossible to prevent getting your AirPods wet no matter how hard you try. If that occurs, you’ll need to know the proper way to dry them off and you’ll probably want to learn how to keep them dry in the future.

Is Your AirPods Waterproof?

Apple’s AirPods were the industry’s first truly wireless earbuds. Officially, neither AirPod generation is water-resistant. They don’t even have an official water resistance rating.

Water-resistant and waterproof are two distinct concepts. Water cannot enter waterproof equipment, which makes it impervious to moisture. Most consumer electronics are not water-resistant.

are airpod pros waterproof

On the other hand, a device is said to be water-resistant if it has a seal that can keep water out for a predetermined period of time or until it submerses to a specific depth. A new iPhone’s rating for 4 meters for up to 30 minutes may be something you hear regularly.

You should make every effort to keep AirPods out of the water as much as possible because they are neither waterproof nor water-resistant. While it’s raining or when you’re engaging in very taxing exercise, it would be best to avoid wearing your AirPods.

But you shouldn’t freak out right away if your AirPods unintentionally go through the laundry. In our experience, the AirPods have made it through the washer and dryer without breaking (and you can always try to dry them out, more on that later). That experience is, of course, quite subjective.

Is Your AirPods Pro Waterproof?

are airpod pros waterproof

With the AirPods Pro, it’s a different story. They have a certified water-resistant grade even though they are not waterproof. They have a coating that is sweat- and water-resistant because they are rated IPX4.

Only the AirPods Pro themselves have this covering; not the charging case. Unfortunately, it eventually starts to deteriorate.

But what this implies is that you can use your AirPods while exercising or while it’s raining. It won’t harm your AirPods Pro. However, they might not survive if you submerge them in a pail of water. Don’t use them while swimming or when it’s pouring, either.

The waterproofing of the AirPods Pro has been put to the test by several YouTubers, who discovered that they can endure for hours submerged in water in a plastic container. Again, this is only anecdotal information.

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What to Do if Your AirPods or Air Pods Pro Get Wet?

Occasionally, You Might Unintentionally Get Your Air Pods Wet. Make Sure to Gently Dry Them out After This Has Occurred Before Placing Them Back in The Case.

are airpod pros waterproof

Start by Cleaning Your Air Pods or Air Pods Pro Using a Dry, Lint-Free Cloth, Preferably One Made of Microfiber. the Earphones Should Then Be Left Outside to Air Dry for Two Hours. Don’t Utilize Them During This Time, Please. if possible, Let Them out In This Manner Overnight.

You Do Not Need to Put Air Pods Into a Bag of Rice (which You Should Never Do). Since Air Pods Are so Little, It Is Preferable to Let Them Air Dry Outside. if The Case for Your Air Pods Is Wet, Set It Outside Upside Down and In the Open Position.

Try Using Them Once More when Everything Has Dried. They Should Now Operate, Hopefully.

What to Do if Your Air Pods Get Wet

You Must Gently Dry Your Air Pods if They Become Wet, Regardless of Whether They Are Normal, Water-Resistant, or Air Pods Pro. to Avoid Damaging the Charging Case by Allowing Any Leftover Water You Seep Inside, Make Sure to Dry Your Air Pods Before Putting Them Back Into the Case.

Using a Dry, Lint-Free Towel, Remove Any Excess Water from Damp Air Pods. Although You May Use a Cotton Swab to Dry the Tiny Ports, We Advise Using a Microfiber Cloth for This.

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How to Avoid Water Damage to Your Air Pods

are airpod pros waterproof

Even if You Dry Your Air Pods According to The Directions Above, There Is No Guarantee They Will Continue to Function if They Get Wet. Your Air Pods Can Sometimes Be Instantaneously Damaged by Water, and Other Times It Might Rust the Circuits Gradually Over Several Weeks or Months.

Anyhow, if Your Air Pods Break, You’ll Have to Pay for A Replacement Yourself. Even for The Water-Resistant Air Pods or Air Pods Pro, Apple Doesn’t Cover Water Damage Under the Guarantee.

Consider These Additional Suggestions to Keep Your Air Pods as Dry and Safe as You Can:

  • Never Leave Your Air Pods on A Surface that Is Wet.
  • When It Begins to Rain, Put Your Air Pods Away.
  • Keep Your Air Pods out Of Other People’s Beverages.
  • Prior to Washing Your Garments, Check Your Pockets.
  • If You Aren’t Using Your Air Pods, Keep Them in The Case.

To Preserve the Water-Resistant Seals on Your Air Pods, Try Not to Drop or Smash Them.

If Your Air Pods Come in Contact with Any Items Such as Sunscreen, Perfume, or Cosmetics, Remove Them Right Away.

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