The 5 Best Crypto Wallets for 2022!

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The safest location to store your digital assets is in a crypto wallet, which you should consider purchasing if you intend to accumulate or trade a significant quantity of cryptocurrency.

It might be shocking that only 8% of Bitcoin owners are thought to keep their coins completely safe and private, but considering the rise in hacks and their increasing sophistication, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

What Is a Crypto Wallet?

Users’ public and private keys are stored in a crypto wallet, which also offers a user-friendly interface for managing cryptocurrency holdings. Wallets can be found in a variety of formats, such as hardware wallets like Ledger, which resembles a USB stick, or smartphone apps.

The key distinction between software-based, or “hot wallets,” and physical, or “cold wallets,” cryptocurrency wallets is whether they are Internet-connected.

While cold wallets are kept offline, hot wallets are linked. According to, this indicates that money kept in hot wallets is faster to obtain but also more vulnerable to hacking.

Some wallets may be more appropriate for you than others, depending on your demands and level of crypto-fluency.

The 5 best crypto wallets are:

  • Best wallet for beginners: Coinbase
  • Best Bitcoin wallet: Electrum
  • Mobile-friendly: Mycelium
  • Exodus is best for desktops.
  • Wallet for Defi:

Best for Beginners — Coinbase Wallet

best crypto wallet

With the self-custody wallet Coinbase Wallet, you have total control over your cryptocurrency. It supports “hundreds of thousands of tokens and an entire world of dapps” and allows users to store all of their cryptocurrency and NFTs in one location.

Additionally, if you already have a Coinbase account, you may link it to your wallet to make it simple to access your cryptocurrency. To open a Coinbase wallet, however, you don’t require a Coinbase account.

The simplest method to get started with cryptocurrencies is via an online wallet provided by an exchange like Coinbase. These wallets offer a balance between security and accessibility and are straightforward to use.


  • simple access
  • simple to navigate
  • able to connect to your Coinbase account


  • Except for the Chrome addon, only accessible on mobile and tablet devices

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Best Bitcoin Wallet: Electrum

best crypto wallet

Thomas Voegtlin Developed Electrum in November 2011, and Since Then, a Number of People Have Added to Its Source Code. It Considers Itself to Be Among the Most Well-Known Bitcoin Wallets.

Another Benefit of Electrum Is the Variety of User Interfaces Available, as It Can Be Used on Desktop, Mobile, or Through the Command Line Interface.

Additionally, It Has Hardware Wallet Integration for Cold Storage with Keep Key, Ledger, and Trezor as Well as Two-Factor Authentication by Electrum and Trustedcoin.

Because It Does Not Download the Complete Blockchain, the Wallet Is a Lightweight Wallet that Enables Speedier Transactions by Utilising Basic Payment Verification (SPV).


  • Quick Transfers Using Spv
  • Using Two Factors to Authenticate
  • Incorporates Cold Storage


  • Supports Just Bitcoin
  • No Live Chat, Email, or Telephone Client Service

Mobile-Friendly: Mycelium

best crypto wallet

Mycelium Is Well-Known and Considers Itself “one of The Oldest of The Currently Popular Bitcoin Wallets.” It Was Founded in 2008 by A Group of Hardware Engineers.

It Has Long Been a Mobile-Only Software Wallet and Continues to Be One of The Finest Solutions for Android and iOs Users.

Mycelium Takes Great Pleasure in Its Increased Security, Which Includes the Fact that The Programme Is Replicable, Removing Any Dangerous Reliance on The Development Team. Additionally, There Are No Other Methods of Data Gathering or Id Requirements.

It Also Supports Hardware Wallets Like Trezor, Ledger, and Keep Key, Which Is a Plus. The Fact That It Is Simply a Mobile App, Accessible for iOs and Android, May Put Off Consumers Who Are Not Confident Using Some of The More Sophisticated Functions on A Mobile Device.


  • Well-Established
  • Enhanced Security
  • No Id Is Necessary
  • Has Hardware Wallet Support


  • Mobile-Only

Best Desktop Game: Exodus

best crypto wallet

Jp Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli Developed Exodus in 2015, a Platform that Makes It Simple for Users to Transfer, Receive, and Trade Bitcoin as Well as 200 Other Cryptocurrencies. Exodus for I Os and Android Allows You to Manage Your Digital Assets While You’re on The Go, and It Offers 24/7 Customer Assistance.

Additionally, It Works with Trezor Wallets. Its Sleek Design Makes It Simple to Use and Navigate While Still Being Incredibly Secure.

One Major Drawback, According to Some Industry Insiders, Is that It Is Easily Hackable and Lacks Several Crucial Security Features, Such Two-Factor Authentication.


  • Easily Navigable
  • 24/7 Client Assistance
  • There Is a Mobile Application Available.


  • There Is No Two-Factor Authentication

Wallet for Defi: Crypto.Com

best crypto wallet

A Non-Custodial Wallet Called Crypto.Com Wallet Allows You Access to All of The De Fi Services in One Location. with This Wallet, Users May Easily Connect to Swap, Farm, and Mine on De Fi Protocols as Well as Explore the Most Well-Known D Apps without Ever Leaving the De Fi Wallet App.

If You Enjoy Nf Ts, the Wallet Makes It Simple to Browse and Share Them Online. Additionally, It Is Incredibly Safe Because Your Private Keys Are Secured with biometrics and Two-Factor Authentication and Locally Encrypted with a Secure Enclave on Your Smartphone.

It Also Offers 24/7 Live Customer Assistance and Allows You to Seamlessly Link Your De Fi Wallet App to A Desktop Browser.


  • You Can Encrypt Your Private Keys Locally.
  • Whole Range of De Fi Services


  • Your Funds Become Inaccessible if Your Private Key and Recovery Phrase Are Lost.

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The First Thing You Should Consider when Choosing a Cryptocurrency Wallet Is What Is Most Important to You in Terms of Usability, Trading Volume, and Functionality.

You Should Also Consider the Supported Coins, the Strength of The Customer Service, and, of course, the standing of the firm that created the wallet.

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