The Top 5 External Drives for Mac Book Pro in 2022 Are Listed Below!

best external hard drive for mac

Short Summary

Here is a quick rundown of our suggestions based on your unique requirements and preferences:

The SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE is pre-formatted for Mac and provides ample volume and lightning-fast speed for a conventional drive.

Seagate One Touch has you covered if you require fast cross-platform compatibility and a variety of capacity options.

Are you infamous for being hard on your electronics? The Silicon Power USB-C External Hard Drive is strong and long-lasting, with a quick read and write rates in addition to water resistance.

The Glyph Atom Portable SSD is sure to live up to expectations in terms of speed and durability if you prefer a contemporary quick solid-state drive.

The Seagate Ultra Touch, designed for photographers, offers at least 1TB and includes a 4-month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography.

Look at the Crucial X6 for the best SSD external drive, as it reads data at a blisteringly fast rate of up to 540 MS/s.

Does My MacBook Need an External Drive?

More people than just power users should consider buying an external drive, although it can be difficult to know whether you actually need one. Think about this

  • Do you frequently use huge files like films and altered pictures or run other data-intensive applications like video games?
  • Is your MacBook Pro running slowly as a result of having too many files open?
  • Ever wished to make a backup of the data on your MacBook in case of a data disaster?
  • Do you use cloud storage or an online backup service but worry about the provider’s security and dependability?
  • Do you use cloud storage or an online backup service but worry about the provider’s security and dependability?
  • Are outdated files still present on your computer since you can’t entirely erase them but still periodically refer to them?

If you said “yes” to any of the aforementioned scenario questions, you probably could benefit from an external drive.

However, if you only need to keep a limited number of unimportant files, an external drive is definitely not the ideal solution. Instead, you could be better off using a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive or moving your old data to a sizable USB flash drive.

Top Picks for the Best External Drive for MacBook Pro in 2022

Please be aware that the items selected here are primarily based on our own preferences and the recommendations provided above. By no means are they created in the following order?

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1. SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE

best external hard drive for mac

This quick HDD drive provides a sizable amount of capacity at a remarkably high RPM. It can withstand regular usage in media editing and editing tools, and it connects to your computer through USB-C so you can fully utilize its specifications.


You won’t have to wait for your files to read or write if you’ve configured Apple Time Machine because this drive will be ready for simple file backup. Additionally, it has a lot of storage capacity.


The drive is already pre-formatted for Mac; therefore, you must reformat it to the NTFS file system in order to use your contents on a different machine, such as a Windows PC.

2. Seagate One Touch

best external hard drive for mac

This hard drive from dependable manufacturer Seagate is offered in four distinct sizes, a variety of capacity options, and two colors. It is about the size of your phone and is surprisingly powerful considering how small it is.


It doesn’t require reformatting to use on either a Mac or a PC. Additionally, it weighs only 6.7 ounces and provides a quick USB connection.

When it runs, it can be a little noisy.

3. Silicon Power USB-C External Hard Drive

best external hard drive for mac

This sort of drive, which is incredibly robust and adaptable, works with more devices than just your MacBook Pro. It has an 85 MB per second file transmission speed and is shock and water-resistant.


Along with your Mac, it may also be utilized with a variety of gaming consoles and Apple Time Machine.
It’s also sturdy and compatible with USB-C, which is particularly helpful if you’re using the most recent MacBook Pro.


It weighs approximately 12.9 ounces, which is a little on the heavier side.
For it to work with macOS, you must reformat it.

4. Glyph Atom Portable SSD

best external hard drive for mac

This SSD from well-known manufacturer Glyph is readily available with USB and USB-C connections and is pre-formatted for Mac. It offers incredibly fast speeds that will support your casual and power use. It has a neat appearance and works flawlessly.


It is easier to convert for PC or cross-platform compatibility and comes pre-formatted for Mac. It is also substantially quicker than comparable drives from Samsung and other brands come in a variety of colors and has two different connection methods.


It is somewhat expensive.

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5. Seagate Ultra Touch

best external hard drive for mac

Photographers require a lot of storage, and this Seagate hard drive is available in 2TB or 1TB capacities to meet their needs.

Even better, this bundle gives you access to some robust editing and managing tools by including a 1-year subscription to Mylio Create and a 4-month membership to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography.

Additionally, it boasts a portable, sturdy design that makes it simple to use in the studio or on location.


A steady stream of photos can be stored on the hard drive, which comes in 1TB or 2TB capacities.
The free Mylio and Adobe subscriptions are available to photographers.


Use the four free months of Adobe Creative Cloud wisely because you only receive them once.

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