The Top 5 Free Antivirus Programmes of 2022!

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Since not everyone has the financial means to purchase a threat protection tool, downloading free antivirus software is a smart alternative to get at least some level of security. But given that contemporary operating systems come with features for preventing malware, why do we need an antivirus?

You see, security supplied by programmes like Windows Defender included in Windows 10 and 11 is often subpar. The programme lacks additional security features in addition to having threat protection rates that are lower than those of third-party antivirus packages.

A competent free antivirus programme from a third party, however, can guarantee top-notch security that has been certified by independent labs. With the correct antivirus, you can receive extra features like identity theft protection, a password manager, or even a VPN, in contrast to built-in security solutions. Sadly, the majority of the best antivirus programmes are not free.

However, if you’re frugal, sometimes all you need is a free protection service. Therefore, regardless of the type of device you’re using, we’ve put together a list of the top free antivirus programmes.

Best Free Antivirus Software – Quick List:

  1. TotalAV – the most extensive free antivirus scanner
  2. Norton Antivirus – state-of-art free antivirus
  3. Bitdefender – a super secure free antivirus
  4. Surfshark Antivirus – all-around free antivirus software
  5. Avira – the best free antivirus for families

Free Antivirus vs. Paid Antivirus

Commercial antivirus software is typically superior to free antivirus software. For instance, if you purchase a commercial antivirus programme, you can be sure that it will shield your computer from viruses when you browse the internet.

Additionally, commercial applications always include customer assistance features like live chats, whereas their free versions simply let usage of their knowledge bases.

Additionally, commercial antivirus programmes come with a tonne of helpful features that can enhance your online experience (like those in our list of the Best antivirus in 2022). For both novice and experienced users, built-in VPNs, parental controls, and numerous browser extensions can be quite helpful.

But with careful selection, even a free antivirus programme may be sufficient. Use TotalAV’s free version as an illustration. It safeguards you against malware using the same cutting-edge technologies as the paid version. A few extra features are the only thing the free option is missing.

So, if you simply require basic malware protection, a free antivirus programme may be sufficient – but only if it is picked carefully.

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Best Free Antivirus Programmes: Our Comprehensive List

It can be challenging to find a reliable antivirus programme that effectively detects malware without costing any money. Not to mention discovering one with one or two extra features. Here are some of the top free antivirus programmes available today:

1. TotalAV – Most Extensive Free Antivirus Scanner

Although TotalAV may not yet be well-known, it is unquestionably the best option if you require a free antivirus for personal use. It provides all the necessary necessities in convenient packaging.

Despite the fact that a real-time scan is only accessible to paying customers, TotalAV offers a thorough Smart Scan. It goes above and beyond simply scanning for viruses. The application also checks launch programmes, scans your computer for unnecessary files and duplicates, and even assesses browser security.

They are providing the Safe Site extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers to make up for the lack of real-time protection. It prevents known hazardous URLs, limiting the need for a real-time scan entirely and hopefully preventing malware from ever infecting your device!

Many independent malware labs give the service high marks. It received the top rating from AV-TEST and the highest score possible in the performance category. So you know you’re receiving the greatest performance possible.

Even a sneak preview of the premium version is available with the free version. You can test out the Pro version for free after installing the free edition. This enables all the antivirus capabilities you require, such as real-time protection against ransomware and many more upgrades. Our TotalAV review includes further information on what TotalAV has to offer.


  • Free trial of the Pro version of the Smart Scan Safe site extension
  • high lab test results


  • No real-time defence

2. Norton Antivirus – State-Of-Art Free Antivirus

Since partnering with Avast, Norton 360’s antivirus software has developed into a cybersecurity monster. Even if the price is higher than we would like to pay after the free 14-day trial, it is totally worth it. You will get all the tools you need from Norton to defend against infections on your devices.

There, you will undoubtedly discover AI-powered real-time protection that shields your devices against viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware. There is also a two-way Firewall integrated. It will keep an eye on both transmitted and received network traffic.

Other wonderful features include parental control, which enables you to restrict your children’s web access across many devices. Or, for your own security, a dark web monitor, which will let you know if any of your login credentials have been compromised on forums and dark websites.

Norton provides additional security features in addition to the necessities, like a built-in VPN, a password manager, and encrypted storage. In other words, you wouldn’t have to worry about additional security services.

Norton Antivirus is an unquestionably reliable and effective security solution, therefore it’s a shame that it doesn’t offer a free version of its software.

In our review of Norton Antivirus, you can read more about Norton security.


  • among the most luxurious feature suites
  • VPN and password manager built-in
  • 100% defence against all malware types
  • outstanding for mobile devices


  • No free model
  • Quite pricey

3. Bitdefender – a Super Secure Free Antivirus

Bitdefender, one of our top picks for the best antivirus software overall, has a wide range of excellent free features.

It comes with Bitdefender Shield for Windows, which offers real-time defence against a variety of cybersecurity threats. It guarantees real-time email and file protection with a little negative effect on system performance.

The service, however, uses more than just database information. Machine learning is used by their Advanced Threat Defense to find signs of behavioural threats. Let’s say a piece of software is downloading or uploading excessive amounts of data in the background. In that situation, it will be identified as a new type of malware far before the database entry.

Additionally, Bitdefender features defences against many phishing websites. Every page you visit is carefully examined for signs of phishing, preventing your information from ending up on dark web marketplaces. Read our Bitdefender review for more information.

The top non-paying customer support is provided by Bitdefender. You may get in touch with their support staff through live chat, phone, email, or community forums if you experience any problems. Nearly no services offer as many choices when it comes to free antivirus software.

The primary drawback of this service is that there is no free option for the Mac version. Removing malware simply includes a standalone Virus Scanner. The iOS app has a limited feature set as well.

The base version is always free, but if you’d want to test the premium versions, you can do so for 30 days without giving any credit card information on any of them (including the priciest ones that have superior features for macOS).


  • excellent malware defence
  • limits scan while your device is in use.
  • trial period of 30 days for all premium versions
  • Intelligent phishing filters


  • Not ideal for users of macOS or iOS
  • long preliminary scans

4. Surfshark AV – All-Around Free Antivirus Software

A well-known VPN service, Surfshark VPN, produced the antivirus software known as Surfshark. It’s a complete, all-inclusive solution that will guarantee your daily online safety. Additionally, the cost is really competitive even if you only receive a 7-day free trial and a month of the money-back guarantee.

The antivirus software is a compact programme that can perform thorough or quick device scans and provides fully functional real-time threat protection that can identify 70% of threats in under two minutes.

Despite the antivirus security feature set seeming sparse in comparison to others, Surfshark has several amazing extra functions to offer. These consist of a cutting-edge VPN service with military-grade encryption, the top tunnelling technology on the market, and more.

Additionally, you may gain from a secure search engine that won’t track your online activities or annoy you with obtrusive adverts, as well as data breach monitoring that alerts you to any data leaks.

We simply had to remark that Virus Bulletin’s independent evaluation of Surfshark antivirus yielded fantastic results. The latter just serves to highlight how security-focused the business is.

Overall, the antivirus software Surfshark is still missing certain useful antivirus capabilities. However, given that it was created by one of the best cybersecurity experts, there is no doubt that we can anticipate it being a top-tier antivirus programme soon.

Read more in our evaluation of the antivirus programme Surfshark.


  • Real-time defence
  • rapid and thorough device scans
  • security for a huge number of devices


  • No free model
  • inadequate choice of antivirus features

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5. Avira Free Security – Best Antivirus for Apple Users


The newer tool, which replaces the earlier Avira Free Security Suite, combines its prior capabilities with a few fresh ones to maintain the service competitive and strong. It appears to be a good, albeit slightly constrained, version of their premium programme.

Regardless of the sort of device you use, there are many excellent antivirus programmes available. However, what sets this service apart from the competition is its assistance. For PCs, Macs, Android devices, and iOS devices, Avira has a fantastic free version. It gives comparable performance everywhere and so covers all the bases.

It’s noteworthy that Avira receives the maximum grade possible for macOS protection in independent tests. Because Apple consumers have historically been less vulnerable to viruses, it’s standard practice in the industry to ignore them. Avira, meanwhile, has actual test results to support its potency.

They are scoring equally well on PC if you use Windows. So, no matter what system you use, you’ll get a good antivirus. Avira will update automatically after the installation, so you won’t have to worry about maintaining your security.

You receive system, web, and ransomware protection as a free user. The latter, however, will be sold separately through the Browser Safety add-on. You are getting the whole suite because even the free version will identify all known ransomware attacks. Read more about all the features this programme has to offer in our review of Avira Antivirus.

In general, extensions like Browser Safety and Safe Shopping do help you browse more safely. They have used, regardless of whether you’re concerned about invasive trackers or someone stealing your data. There is even a VPN, although, with a 500 MB monthly cap, it is hardly a helpful option.


  • include a password manager
  • various operating systems are supported
  • a secure retail area
  • adds to the security of your browser
  • reliable removal of malware


  • missing features
  • exhaustive complete system scans

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