The Top 5 Mobile Photo Editing Applications for 2022!

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What websites offer the top photo editing software? Here we are! You want to utilise the greatest software, regardless of the kind you’re using, and photo editing is no exception. To help you choose the appropriate tool for whatever you have in mind, our guide to the top photo editing apps will steer you on the right path.

There is a tonne of apps available to you, regardless of whether you use an iPhone, Android, or another mobile device. The fact that there is such a large selection is excellent on the one hand, but it can also make it challenging to select the one that is best for you. But regardless of the platform, you’re using, we’ve done the legwork for you by finding the finest photo editing tool.

Although we’re focusing on smartphone apps here, you should also read our article on the top photo editors for desktop computers. You should also look at the top free photo editing guide if you want to keep prices down.

Affinity Photo is at the top of our list of the best photo-editing applications, but it’s vital to keep in mind that everyone’s demands vary. The finest picture editing applications will appear very different to someone who is either just getting started with image work or is adopting a more casual approach than they will to someone who is seeking high-end photo editing solutions for professional purposes.

Although desktop computers and laptops are often and naturally connected with photo editing, software makers are fully aware that mobile and tablets have grown more significant than ever.

As a result, even though the focus of this article on the best picture editing apps is on mobile devices, you’ll likely recognise many of the names of programmes that originated as desktop applications before becoming mobile.

In addition to examining the alternatives that are offered for various platforms, we also considered the fact that people’s budgets vary while determining the top picture editing applications. Here, you can find items for most budgets.

Here are the top picture editing applications now on the market, regardless of whether you own a tablet or a phone, are a novice or an experienced user, are on a tight budget, or don’t care about money at all. When you’re done editing your images, you might also find our list of the top video editing applications to be of interest.

Best Photo Editing Apps 2022:

1. Affinity Photo (iPad)


best photo editing apps

Since Adobe charges a monthly fee for their professional-grade creative apps, Serif audaciously entered the market with the inexpensive/high-quality Affinity Photo (opens in a new tab). The fact that this iPad software quickly appeared and had functionality parity with its desktop version was even bolder.

In fact, except for a few small UI adjustments for the touchscreen, it’s essentially the same app. With a strong enough iPad, you can quickly edit intricate photographs with several layers and apply effects in real time.

The programme is clever in that it supports a variety of formats. PSD will load, be edited, and be saved. For raw files, there is a special pre-processing workspace. You can choose from a variety of colour spaces, use non-destructive masks and blend modes, and save changes within a document so you can undo them later.

This is excellent desktop-level material. The one drawback, if you’re coming from Photoshop, is a learning curve. Affinity Photo, once mastered, is the best full-featured photo editor you can get on a mobile device.

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2. Snapseed


best photo editing apps

from the top photo editor, you can purchase the finest that is free. Previously an iPad indie favourite, Snapseed was later acquired by Google. Thankfully, it is still being worked on and is now available for Android and the iPhone (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab).

With a free app, you get a surprisingly large number of tools and an intuitive user interface. You must perform the quickest of repairs. Open a JPEG or raw file, choose a filter under the Looks tab, and then export. Want to learn more? Check out Tools for everything from grunge filters and grain to simple cropping and tuning.

Snapseed allows non-destructive editing, unlike other free software. In the edit stack, previous changes can be selectively turned on and off. If you make a stack that you’re especially delighted with, you may store it as a custom appearance and quickly apply it to additional photos.

All these smarts may not be enough to persuade professionals away from their desktop apps, but Snapseed is crucial as a free app for rapid changes while on the go.

3. Pixelmator Photo (iPad)


best photo editing apps

These days, we hear how the rise of machines will eliminate entire professions. The photo editor replacement tool Pixelmator Photo(opens in a new tab)seems to think of itself as the initial stage.

To use machine learning, load a raw image from your camera and tap the ML button. The software will try to automatically correct your photo using the knowledge it has gained from studying 20 million professional images.

Is it always effective? No. A strange sunset was “corrected” to daylight during testing, and a few sombre gig pictures bathed in neon light were changed to more “realistic” hues. The button does, however, frequently get things right.

ML is also a beginning point rather than an end point. You can handle dozens of modifications with pinpoint accuracy by tapping the tools button, which brings up a sidebar with sliders. Everything that has already been impacted by ML will be marked as such.

The greatest quick-fix photographic application for the iPad comes with a tonne of presets, colour substitution, a few creative tools (monochrome, grain, sepia), and adjustments that are non-destructive.

4. Adobe Lightroom

Android (free, or starting at US$1.99, £1.79)

best photo editing apps

iPhone/iPad (US$1.99, £1.99, or AU$2.99 per month starting at free)

Popular and effective desktop software called Lightroom is used for organising, managing, and editing big photo collections. Although the experience is condensed on mobile for Android(opens in new tab) and iOS(opens in new tab), regardless of whether you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud customer, it still offers a great array of tools.

You receive a lot of precise control combined with no-nonsense adjustments for free. The process of editing photos taken with phones is sped up by an option called “Lens profile correction.”

In other places, cropping and correction tools (light, colour, effects, and detail) are instant but have enough depth to make nuanced, thoughtful modifications to photographs. It all seems well-organized and polished.

The programme goes further if you’re fully involved in the Adobe ecosystem, offering a clever perspective repair tool, selective changes, and healing. On mobile, TouchRetouch may easily take the place of the last three, but if you pay for Creative Cloud, the other two are a huge perk. And even if it doesn’t, Lightroom is still valuable because of its blend of effectiveness, style, intelligence, and quality.

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5. Darkroom

best photo editing apps

Darkroom exudes a sense of urgency. There is no need to fuss about importing pictures because it interacts directly with iCloud Photos, just as Pixelmator Photo. Darkroom stores edits, which can then be non-destructively applied to cloud files. But what stands out the most is how quickly everything happens.

A photo opens right away when you tap it. There is no audible delay when filters and adjustments are applied. Applying adjustments and filters to multiple photographs at once is possible with batch processing.

Additionally, “Flag & Reject” requires you to rapidly delete the unimportant images so that you can focus on the important ones. Darkroom is brimming with excellent photography filters and a tonne of modification and transform choices, the latter of which are particularly easy and attractively designed but lack the machine-learning smarts of Pixelmator Photo’s outstanding feature.

Additionally, it handles a variety of formats with ease, such as ProRAW, Live Photos, and even video. Notably, the programme is always being improved upon, with new features being added on a regular basis by the developers.

As a result, it gives the impression that your investment is being repaid consistently, which is uncommon these days, even with subscription-based software.

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