The Top 7 PSP Video Games of All Time!

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PlayStation’s first significant entry into the handheld market was the PSP. It launched a variety of noteworthy titles based on well-known PlayStation properties, some outstanding third-party support, and a format that has withstood the test of time and become a trademark of technology ever since, the UMD, as the most potent portable at the time.

Okay, so UMDs might not be the industry standard now or ever, but the PSP nevertheless produced some amazing titles during the course of its existence. Looking back on that tiny device, we made the decision to compile a list of the top 7 PSP games ever, giving priority to titles that made the most of the hardware and demonstrated the creativity of the creators in bringing some incredible franchises to handhelds. Here are our top 7 PSP games of all time, without further ado.

1. Daxter

best psp games

Daxter is a Jak and Daxter spinoff from Naughty Dog that centers on the titular hotel and his adventures just before the happenings of Jak II. Daxter is a platformer that faithfully emulates the charm and ingenuity of the original Jak and Daxter game.

Daxter, who is shorter than Jak but more agile than his best friend, is cleverly made into a suitable platforming protagonist in Ready at Dawn despite being smaller than Jak.

Although the heights of the two characters are a glaring contrast, Daxter’s advantages and disadvantages are perfectly catered for in the gameplay and level design.

Not to mention the “dream sequences,” a collection of mini-games in which Daxter dreams he is the protagonist of well-known movies like Braveheart and The Matrix. A beautiful, deserving side project to the main series.

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2. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

best psp games

Back in 2005, Rockstar had just released three GTA titles that would revolutionize the gaming industry. Up until Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, playing a fully realized open-world GTA on a mobile device was an impossible fantasy.

In a prelude to GTA 3, it transported us back to the situation and sentiment that made GTA such an iconic series in the PS2 era, complete with an entirely new story and mission. It was also a competent enough game to eventually be converted to the PS2, where it performed admirably as a stand-alone GTA release.

3. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

best psp games

Throughout the PSP’s existence, one of the most reliable developers was Ready At Dawn. Additionally, if you own a PSP, you must purchase the 2010 action game God of War: Ghost of Sparta from the studio. Ghost of Sparta improved upon what came before rather than fundamentally altering the gameplay style of the previous PSP God of War exclusive Chains of Olympus.

Because of the tempo and cinematic storytelling that expertly convey the sensation of playing a God of War game in the palm of your hand, Ghost of Sparta’s Legacy is ultimately the superior game.

4. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

best psp games

Before Kingdom Hearts fans saw a real numbered sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2, it took about 14 years. Despite that enormous delay, a number of new Kingdom Hearts titles were released, including Birth by Sleep, the sole game to appear on the PSP.

However, even though it’s the only Kingdom Hearts game for the portable platform, it’s also among the best PSP games ever released. With a few additional elements, Square Enix skillfully modified the series’ fundamental gameplay principles and controls to make the most of Sony’s handheld device.

A surprising amount of complexity and backstory are added, and the writing and story match the soundtrack as some of the best in the Kingdom Hearts series. Birth by Sleep is a crucial Kingdom Hearts and PSP experience, regardless of the number.

5. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

best psp games

Crisis Core is far and away the best of those initiatives, despite being a part of the most misguided “Compilation of Final Fantasy VII” umbrella that emerged from the enormous success of the original FF7.

It not only provides a new context for some of the most adored JRPG characters in history, but it also provides an excellent action RPG on par with the best of the genre.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is an example of a prequel done right, especially now that more of its influence will be seen in upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake games. It can occasionally delve too deeply into the usual excesses of the genre (see characters quoting poetry in the middle of a battle).

6. Lumines

best psp games

Possibly the best puzzle game to appear since Tetris was Lumines. Block-matching that had a Tetris-like quality was skillfully combined with the rhythm of Lumines’ amazing original soundtrack by director Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

The end result was an entirely original experience that could switch between being completely peaceful and mellow to being the puzzle game’s equivalent of Guitar Hero (which wouldn’t be released for another year).

It wasn’t just “Tetris with great music,” though; it also had stunning, themed images and backgrounds that complemented the music to produce a genuinely surreal experience.

It is not surprising that Lumines is still successful today, despite the passage of many years and platforms. However, it was one of the best games ever released for the PSP when it first debuted.

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7. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

best psp games

Persona 3 Portable is undoubtedly the best RPG available on a platform with so many excellent games. It’s an enhanced version of the PS2 game that made the series famous in the west and stars a group of Japanese high school students who attend class during the day and look into the enigmatic “Dark Hour” at night.

You meet friends, join social clubs, and attempt to discover what is at the top of the Tartarus during this 100-hour quest while jamming to one of the series’ best soundtracks.

It’s a fantastic experience with many quality of life enhancements and a brand-new plot involving a female protagonist, a first for the series. Persona 3 is sadly difficult to get these days, but if you can find a PSP or Vita version, it’s certainly worth the effort.

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