Best Image Sharpening Software: How To Restore Blurry Photos?

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best software solutions to fix blurry images

Numerous visual flaws, such as motion blur, lens softness, and camera wobble, can be fixed by sharpening. Different sharpening tools employ a variety of techniques to dehaze, improve details, and remove blur from photos.

There are two types of photo sharpening software available. There is first-class sharpening software. Second, there is common photo editing software that includes tools for sharpening.

One of these sorts of software is necessary if you wish to fix a blur. Fortunately, we have identified the top seven photo-sharpening software options!

1. Adobe Lightroom

best software solutions to fix blurry images


sharpening masks to identify the precise affected areas

possesses a full editing suite

Utilizing the sharpening tool is simple.


Some people might not wish to pay a monthly fee.

A versatile editing tool that may be used for a variety of tasks is Adobe Lightroom. The sharpening feature in Lightroom is quite good and a perfect substitute for purchasing specialised sharpening software. It is our top choice for the finest photo sharpening software as consequence.

The sharpening tool may be found in Lightroom Classic’s Detail tab under the editing tools. Four settings are available for this tool: Amount, Radius, Detail, and Masking. They are fairly self-explanatory and provide a little bit more control than other software. The many sliders make changing the choices simple.

We appreciate the masking option because it effectively lets you choose which parts of the image will receive the sharpening effects. The masking slider will display a black and white line version of your photo if you choose it while pressing and holding the “alt/option” key on your computer (shown below). It is quite simple to see where the sharpening is done as a result.

One of the greatest options for people looking for a full-featured editing suite is Lightroom Classic. Although the sharpening tool is quite efficient, it is only one part of the software. This is the best option if you require a professional photo editing programme with sharpening features.

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2. inPixio Photo Focus

best software solutions to fix blurry images


Simple to use

offers more fundamental editing tools

The sharpening tool works well.


As compared to competing products, the sharpening tool doesn’t provide as much control.

There are many photo editing tools available on inPixio, including Photo Studio. InPixio Photo Focus, a special programme for sharpening images, is also available.

Due to its simplicity and convenience of use, this software is one of the best options for sharpening photos. Photo Focus is no different from the other inPixio software that is designed with novice users in mind. The tool sets are all clearly specified on the right side of the interface, which has a simple design. Hovering your cursor over each tool displays a tooltip, which is a nice addition.

Utilizing the sharpening tool is really simple. There are only two simple sliders to use: the top slider to determine the amount of sharpness to apply, and the bottom slider to select the radius of the sharpening. We also like the option to offer a before and after preview in the preview pane. This enables you to evaluate the sharpening’s efficiency by comparing the two images.

The cost is a small downside. Although it is not the most costly programme on this list, inPixio Photo Focus costs $36.20 for a single purchase. You need to decide if it’s worth it to improve functionality. The good news is that Photo Focus also offers other editing options. The pro edition, which costs $43.45 more, includes two additional filters in addition to the option to save editing presets.

3. Topaz Labs Sharpen AI

best software solutions to fix blurry images


AI technology works well.

Additionally, the programme is simple to use and mostly automated.

Different forms of blur issues can be solved.


Not equipped with any further editing tools

All skill levels can use the user-friendly collection of picture editing tools from Topaz Labs. Topaz Labs Sharpen AI, a specialised sharpening programme that makes use of cutting-edge AI technology to deliver great sharpening results, is one of the top programmes.

Many sharpening tools only improve the crispness of object edges. This is taken a step further by Topaz Labs Sharpen AI, which targets three distinct types of blur: motion blur, focus blur, and softness. This indicates that you can typically achieve greater results without degrading the original image’s quality.

We like that Topaz Labs Sharpen AI provides a procedure that is largely automated. The AI algorithm will automatically apply to sharpen once you load an image. Using the settings, you can quickly alter this and modify the degree of sharpening that is performed.

There are a total of six presets available: normal, very noisy, out of focus, too soft, motion blur, and very fuzzy. To address various issues, you can combine the noise level and the type of blur together.

Without a doubt, this is a useful tool. The results of the high-quality AI sharpening are outstanding. But sometimes the software is a touch too slow. Applying the AI sharpening filter takes some time. Additionally, some individuals might think that the $79.99 one-time cost for Topaz Labs Sharpen AI is a bit excessive.

4. Adobe Photoshop

best software solutions to fix blurry images


several sharpening implements

contains a large number of photo editing tools

fairly quick and simple to use


requires a monthly subscription of $9.99.

The sharpening features in Adobe Photoshop are comparable to those in Adobe Lightroom Classic. Actually, Adobe Photoshop has a wider selection of sharpening tools that are intended to give you even more control. Additionally, Photoshop has an excellent selection of editing tools that you may utilise to produce beautiful images using the various raster graphics tools.

The main Adobe Photoshop picture and editing screen
You must access sharpening by selecting the filter option from the top menu bar. Sharpen Edges, Shake Reduction, and Sharpen Mask are just a few of the sharpening options available here. With such excellent control, you can solve a number of common blur issues in your images.

One of the better tools is the Smart Sharpen. This automatically sharpens your entire image using AI technology. When you first open this tool, it instantly applies the filter so you can get a live preview. Changing the parameters is simple if you feel the sharpening is too strong. Alternately, you can apply straightforward but efficient sharpening passes to your photographs using the fundamental Photoshop tools.

Sharpening is undoubtedly a strength of Adobe Photoshop. But one must take into account the monthly subscription fee. The Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan is the least expensive option right now. This offers 20 GB of cloud storage along with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop for $9.99 per month.

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5. AI Image Sharpener

best software solutions to fix blurry images


No need to download any software

Simple to use tool


No ability to regulate the degree of sharpening

You can buy several sharpening tools online, did you know that? The larger toolkit includes the web browser extension AI Image Sharpener. This business offers a selection of online picture-enhancing solutions, such as noise reduction and image enlargement.

You must first register for a free account in order to use AI Image Sharpener. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to do this simple task. There are restrictions on the free account, though.

For instance, the largest photo you can post is 5 MB in size and 1200 by 1200 in width. Therefore, this online browser feature is only appropriate for individuals who occasionally want to sharpen the odd picture and for basic usage.

It’s simple to utilise the browser tool. Simply sign into your account, launch the sharpening tool, and submit your picture. The sharpening filter will then be automatically applied by the AI algorithm.

The results are acceptable; the entire shot is effectively sharpened in one pass. The only drawback is that the degree of sharpening added cannot be altered.

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