A List of The Top Five Waterproof Phone Cases for 2022!

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With strong splash defense, waterproof phone cases equip your phone for adventure and will keep it dry even when submerged for an extended period of time. Some of these waterproof phone covers function like miniature dry bags and frequently latch onto your arm or neck using a lanyard or cord, while others function like standard phone cases and typically incorporate features like drop protection.

The latter frequently has a translucent, soft plastic bottom with a top that seals, whereas the former typically fit your phone snugly and closely mimics its contours. To prevent your smartphone from sinking to the murky depths of the sound, some phone cases even float.

The finest waterproof phone cases provide amazing waterproofing that will keep your smartphone safe and dry so you can stay connected wherever you play, whether you’re embarking on an adventure down the Nile or getting ready for a summer spent at the pool.

— Best Overall: Lifeproof FRĒ Series

— Best Budget: Diverbox for iPhone 13

— Best for Kayaking: Pelican Marine Series

— Best for Samsung Galaxy: Ghostek Nautical

— Best for iPhone: Catalyst 33ft Waterproof Case

How We Picked the Best Waterproof Phone Cases

We contrasted the phone cases with the brands we follow when gathering information for the research on the cases. In order to find the covers that offer the best combination of features, we investigated phone cases from numerous manufacturers, delving deeply into the specifications and contrasting similar models. The following characteristics were on our radar:

Of course, the most crucial component of a waterproof phone case is waterproofing. A waterproofing’s ingress protection (IP) rating is typically noted. The first digit of an IP rating indicates how well an item keeps out foreign objects, while the second digit indicates how well a case keeps out water.

Sometimes the first digit of these codes will be replaced by an X (for example, IPX7); in this case, the X indicates that the case has not been tested for dust and dirt. Frequently, businesses will additionally disclose the depth and for how long a case can be immersed without leaking water. We were looking for these waterproof phone cases to meet the IP68 rating.

Another common selling feature of waterproof phone cases is dropping resistance. Some phone cases have a soft plastic bag-like construction that is made to retain a phone that is already protected by a case that resists drops.

On their own, these cases don’t have much drop resistance. Other waterproof phone cases give waterproofing and drop resistance in place of your phone’s drop-resistant case. On this list, we’ve got waterproof phone cases made of both hard and soft plastic.

To prevent waterproof phone cases from dropping into the water, lanyards are frequently utilized. If you intend to use your phone while kayaking or swimming in choppy water, these are extremely helpful. The best lanyards have a strong connection and fasten around your arm or neck.

These lanyards can be crucial because it can frequently be challenging to locate a phone that has fallen to the bottom of a lake or river. Therefore, we focused on waterproof phone covers that come with lanyards or let you use them as an accessory.

Waterproof phone cases may cause touch interference. In most cases wrap your phone in a layer of plastic, which might lessen the sensitivity of your phone’s touch screen and buttons. Some cases make using the phone while it’s inside quite challenging. We tried to find non-obtrusive waterproof phone cases whenever possible.

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Best Overall: Lifeproof FRĒ Series

best waterproof phone case

Why It Made The Cut: This waterproof phone case has a strong IP rating and good drop protection, making it ready for any adventure you might run into.

  • Specs:
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Screen Protector: Built-in
  • Drop Protection: 2 meters


  • Excellent ingress protection for both water and dust
  • Drop resistance rivals brands built just for that
  • Solid longevity


  • Pricey
  • No lanyard attachment

There isn’t anything out there that performs an overall better job protecting smartphones than the Lifeproof FR Series. These powerful cases are renowned for combining the shock-and-drop protection needed for extreme sports with the type of ingress protection needed for severe aquatic activities.

With an IP68 rating, this cover shields your phone from snow, rain, and fishing boat tips for an hour when submerged in water up to 50 meters deep.

The Lifeproof FR case, in contrast to some of the other dry bag-style cases on this list, is designed to be used exclusively with your phone. It has streamlined curves that surround a built-in screen protector that covers the screen of your phone.

A burst of green trims the otherwise-black casing, which belies its tremendous “sportiness.” Although some people may not appreciate the look, anyone who values protection will appreciate the whole package. The model we examined is compatible with the 3rd generation, 2nd generation, and 2020 models and was designed for the iPhone SE series.

For the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Lifeproof has also created a new all-black edition with the lovely addition of 60% recycled plastic. Regarding whether some of the later models have the same quality control, there is some disagreement.

However, since the iPhone 12 and 13 series already have IP68 ratings, this debate may be irrelevant. Who would want to gamble with a 13-inch iPhone, though? We still believe that the Lifeproof FR for the 13 models is a wise investment.

Best Budget: Diverbox for iPhone 13

best waterproof phone case

Why It Made The Cut: This budget-friendly case stands out from the competition with an IP68 rating, shockproofing, and an integrated lanyard and connection.


  • The IP68 rating
  • No screen protector
  • Shockproof Drop Protection (unrated)


  • Excellent IP rating
  • Comes with a lanyard connector.
  • Price Value


  • No screen protector integrated.
  • A few muffling problems

There is a fantastic alternative available if you want a phone case with strong protection but don’t want to spend close to $100. The Diverbox for iPhone 13 is a sleek cover for your iPhone that offers protection that is comparable to (and occasionally better than) that provided by much more expensive phone cases.

The Diverbox employs a snap with an integrated camera and screen protection on the front and back. The case seals to your phone with two clicks that you’ll actually feel as one. It offers adequate shock and drops protection thanks to its reinforced edges.

Additionally, it includes a lanyard and an additional lip to protect the camera and screen. When built correctly, the case offers IP68 dust- and water-proofing, keeping your phone well-protected from everything you throw at it.

This case has a few shortcomings even though it provides excellent protection for a very affordable price. Voices may be muffled by the protective layer covering the microphone, however, this problem is typical of waterproof phone covers. Additionally, it’s crucial to get the right case for your phone type because a mismatched case may obstruct the flash and illumination.

Best for Kayaking: Pelican Marine Series

best waterproof phone case

Why It Made The Cut: With an IPX8 rating that guarantees your phone will stay dry, this waterproof phone pouch is also lanyard-compatible, has air cushions to keep it afloat, and is worldwide compatible.


  • IP X8 Rating
  • Built-in screen protector
  • No Drop Protection


  • This case floats thanks to air cushions.
  • The lanyard secures your phone to your person.
  • Fits every phone


  • The phone on the cover is a little difficult to operate.

You watch slack-jawed as your sea kayak slams into a large wave and your phone flies from your lap and kerplunks into the icy blue. The Pelican Marine Series is an exception. A waterproof phone pouch for water activities is called the Pelican.

Designed for days on the water, Pelican offers a dry bag-style universal waterproof phone case. The bag is internationally compatible and comes in two sizes, the ordinary size fitting phones up to six inches and the XL size up to seven inches (an impressively large waterproof phone case).

It has a lanyard in the center that fastens to the top seal. You can utilize the screen and camera thanks to clear covers on the front and back. The case floats thanks to internal air cushions.

This phone case’s waterproofing and lanyard are its finest features. Its trim also makes it bright enough to identify should it stray away from you. Study enough for days on the lake. It’s uncertain whether it will float, but the buoyant air pockets should prevent it from sinking into particularly deep water.

It might not perform quite as well as the CaliCase if you’re looking for a floating waterproof phone case (which is the best floating waterproof phone case out there). Additionally, messaging on your phone is a little challenging because of the Pelican.

Even so, it is one of the best cases for active water sports due to its lanyard, waterproofing, vibrant color pops, and general buoyancy. When you also take into account it’s affordable pricing, we believe it to be an exceptionally smart deal.

Best for Samsung Galaxy: Ghostek Nautical

best waterproof phone case

Why It Made The Cut: This is an excellent option for Galaxy users because it has an IP68 rating, strong drop protection, and a sleek profile that looks nice on your phone in and out of the water.


  • The IP68 rating
  • Built-in screen protector
  • 12-foot drop resistance with drop protection


  • Excellent water resistance and strong impact resistance.
  • A discrete design
  • Support for wireless charging


  • The case can interfere with the fingerprint scanner.
  • Difficult to install

A Galaxy phone cover called the Ghostek Nautical makes phone protection seem simple. This form-fitting case provides excellent armor that is both shock- and water-resistant, hugging the contours of your phone. The case is a little challenging to install, but once it’s on, it stays on. The charger and headphone jacks are both sealed with waterproof port seals.

The Ghostek’s screen protector may interfere with the phone screen, as is common in circumstances of this kind. Many customers discover that the fingerprint scanner has problems penetrating the plastic shell, however, the problem is by no means widespread.

The case has a tendency to leak water through its bottom due to the usage of port seals that open and close, albeit this is not a common occurrence. This case may not be the finest underwater waterproof phone cover for continuous immersion, even though it still has decent waterproofing for everyday use.

Despite these flaws, this case is sturdy and durable and does a wonderful job for anyone who frequently works in damp environments. Its exceptional shock protection also makes it a great option for construction workers or landscapers who frequently operate in challenging and occasionally wet environments.

Overall, this is a sturdy Galaxy phone cover with only a few drawbacks; in the end, we believe it to be a good purchase.

Best for iPhone: Catalyst 33ft Waterproof Case

best waterproof phone case

Why It Made The Cut: This is a beautifully capable waterproof case for your new iPhone, with strong drop protections, IP68 covering, MagSafe charging, and an appealing design.


  • The IP6 rating.
  • Built-in screen protector
  • 6.6-foot drop resistance thanks to dropping protection


  • Compatible with MagSafe
  • Effective drop resistance and waterproofing
  • Beautiful layout


  • The waterproofing’s weak spot is the bottom seal.
  • Texting is difficult with a screen protector.
  • The included lanyard is ineffective.

This waterproof case makes your iPhone stand out rather than conceal it. The Catalyst 33ft Waterproof Case takes advantage of the fact that for the majority of us, Apple is all about the features by offering some of the best integration with its distinguishing features, such as MagSafe charging.

With an IP68 rating and drop protection of more than 6 feet, the case provides excellent security. With armored bezels, it protects your phone’s edges and uses an integrated screen and camera cover. All in all, it results in a distinctive phone cover that sticks out from the majority of the waterproof competition.

There are a few oddities in it for such an expensive case. Don’t rely on the lanyard that comes with the package over deep water because it is unreliable and prone to breaking. A vulnerable spot is the bottom seal as well.

This section can leak, according to some users, however, this problem isn’t so prevalent as to be a deal-breaker. The Catalyst uses a screen protector that sits directly over the screen, as do many other cases in its class. For some people, this can make it difficult to communicate or perform other screen activities fluidly.

Overall, this case isn’t ideal, but it’s a solid option for individuals that need light waterproofing, want to show off their phone, and want a case that plays well with some of the more recent Apple features, like MagSafe. Any Apple user should give it serious attention, in our opinion.

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We have new opportunities thanks to waterproof phone cases. We can take our smartphones anywhere we go with the correct case, whether it’s on a boat for a relaxing afternoon of fishing, in the pool to time our laps, or on the muddy Jobsite while we rework a section of pipe in the mist.

With its safety lanyard and buoyant construction, the Pelican Marine Series is a case that is prepared for busy lives and torrential rivers. The Ghostek Nautical is a case for the Galaxy that is reliable in challenging circumstances and made for everyday use.

It has some drawbacks, but generally, we think it’s a really excellent case. The Lifeproof FR Series, a strong curved phone case that always performs a wonderful job protecting your phone, is our all-time favorite, though.

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