What Exactly Is Bitmoji, and In What Contexts Can It Be Used?


When we’re online, emojis open up a whole new realm of expressiveness for us, but they aren’t very private. Fortunately, Bitmoji gives us the option to customize our avatars so that we can make incredibly accurate portraits of ourselves to share with our loved ones without sacrificing any of the appeals of using emojis.

What Is Bitmoji?



With the help of the Bitmoji app, users can make miniature cartoon representations of themselves to post on their various social media sites. It is an extremely basic service: You make an avatar of yourself and use it to make a variety of comics, GIFs, expressions, and reactions. Then you may use your Bitmoji to express yourself when chatting with someone or writing them an email. I’m done now!

Bitmoji has gained popularity over time among users who became weary of the generic emoji offered on their apps and desired something more engaging and unique. You can occasionally swap between the numerous updates and themes that the company offers, including exclusive ones for sporting events and holidays.

Additionally, the app’s simplicity and single purpose make it appealing to both novice users and those seeking minimally-complicated customization. Bitmoji is the only service it offers.

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How Did Bitmoji Begin?

Bitmoji was initially created by the Toronto, Canada-based startup Bitstrips, but it is now owned by Snap Inc., the company that created Snapchat. Bitstrips, which was established in 2007, concentrated on making digital comic strips with unique avatars—a concept very similar to Bitmoji.

Emoji’s potential was seen by Bitstrips once it started to gain traction and started appearing in a variety of chat programs online. In order to focus on these emojis, the business 2014 developed a different app called Bitmoji.

The major apps quickly recognized Bitmoji’s potential. Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, acquired Bitstrips in 2016, closed it down, and started managing Bitmoji as its own business.

Where Is Bitmoji Used?


Although the business may be owned by Snapchat, Bitmoji is still available on many different platforms. They are accessible on Facebook, Gboard, iMessage, and even business-related applications like Slack. Bitmoji is also Chrome-friendly and works with Gmail as well. Additionally, Bitmoji has a few special applications, such as Bitmoji for games.

It should be noted that Bitmoji can be used without Snapchat. You can download it as a standalone app for iOS or Android. The one thing that no other service at the moment offers is Friendmoji, which are customized small Bitmoji between you and a close buddy if you do utilize Bitmoji with Snapchat.

How Do I Create My Own Bitmoji?

Simply download the app if you’re a new user, then start creating an avatar. This approach will be familiar to you if you’ve already developed a customized digital avatar for another platform. You choose your skin tone, hair color, haircut, jawline, chin, nose, eyes, eyebrows, and other facial features.

The fact that the program offers a lot of possibilities for customizing in this area is one of the reasons Bitmoji is so popular, so it’s worth the time to get it right. How does your Bitmoji look so much like you? is a typical question regarding effective personalization.

From there, you may choose from a wide range of Bitmoji sticker and comic customization options. You may give them varied looks, place them in a variety of settings, make countless stickers with varying poses and expressions, and more (you can also switch the overall style).

When you’re ready, choose one and paste it throughout your preferred social media program to spice up a conversation. The ultimate goal is to develop a Bitmoji “keyboard” that contains all of your favorite Bitmoji stickers, allowing you to easily access them and utilize them in the middle of a discussion.

In its settings, Bitmoji provides a button to enable this keyboard. Remember that if you are not satisfied with the results, you can always go back and change your Bitmoji.

Sharing Bitmoji

You may either enable the Bitmoji keyboard within your preferred messaging program or share stickers directly from the app itself to share Bitmoji. Simply launch the Bitmoji app, tap on the sticker you want to send, and choose your preferred messaging app from the pop-up selection to send emojis within the app.

The recipient must be entered on the following screen, and that is all. You must turn on the keyboard in your settings in order to share content within your preferred chat or texting app. After the one-time activation, all of your messaging apps will allow you to send Bitmoji.

Are There Any Costs or Risks Associated with Bitmoji?


Individual clothing packs from Bitmoji cost a little price (often around $1), especially those that honor particular celebrities, sports teams, holidays, or special occasions. Bitmoji is now free to use, except for that.

An app immediately warns you about the dangers after you install the Bitmoji keyboard. You will see the warnings flash up on your screen; you must recognize them before moving through with the process, so you cannot claim ignorance.

One of the cautionary messages makes sure that you are fully aware that Bitmoji requires a live server connection in order to upload your customized stickers. Additionally, it must keep a comprehensive eye on your activity on your social media platforms.

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Additionally, the app asks for complete access to your device, which may worry some users. However, Bitmoji won’t be able to physically read anything you type. Simply connecting the keyboard to your app is all that is necessary for it to function successfully.

Your personal information may be exposed if you have a live link to your data, which could make it easier for hackers to steal your data. There haven’t been any recent widespread hacks involving Bitmoji. Therefore, you shouldn’t lose sleep over these cautions.

According to its privacy statement, Bitmoji may obtain more data from apps that are connected to Snap. If you use Snapchat or one of its sibling applications, Bitmoji may track and store information about your behavior. Later, apps like Snapchat may decide to sell the data to outside parties.

Of all, a lot of apps have been doing that for years, so whether you feel comfortable giving up some of your privacy for Bitmoji is entirely up to you.

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