Calculator App: The 10 Best Calculator Apps Available On Google Play Store!

The use of a calculator is essential in today’s society. Due to this need, numerous calculators have been developed over the years, and they are readily available. Having one is practically a requirement at school, and most people use them to calculate things like tipping at restaurants. If you can believe it, Android is the answer to all of your problems. Discover the top Android calculator apps right here.

The 10 Best Calculator Apps Available On Google Play Store!

1. Financial Calculators

Calculator App

Price: Nada

In order to better understand your financial situation, you can use the calculator provided by Financial Calculators. It has a wide variety of modes that can be used to compute a wide range of financial matters, from calculating a 401(k) contribution to calculating the interest on a mortgage or determining how much tax must be withheld from a paycheck. Although certain modes have been found to have issues, the great majority function without issue. Anyone who is having trouble keeping track of their money should read this. There are no hidden costs or upgrades to pay for. But it does have commercials.

2. Desmos Graphing Calculator

Calculator App

Price: Zero Dollars And Zero Cents

If You’re Looking For A Mobile Alternative To The More Common Graphing Calculators, Go No Further Than Demos Graphing Calculator. It Has The Same Basic Features As Other Calculator Apps. Also, Included Is A Comprehensive Collection Of Scientific Calculators. More Than Only Charts And Tables, It Can Also Generate Statistical Data. Graphs Are Dynamic Visual Communicators With A Wealth Of Information To Impart. It Is Also Possible To Alter The Appearance Of The Tables And Statistics. In Most Academic Settings, It Will Performs Admirably. There Are No Hidden Costs Or Upgrades To Pay For.

3. HiPER Scientific Calculator

Calculator App

Price: Free / $2.99

A Great Calculator Programme That Excels In Educational Settings Is Hi per Scientific Calculator. It Includes A Built-In Unit Converter With Support For More Than 200 Different Units, As Well As More Specialised Tools Like A Random Number Generator, Permutations, Etc., In Addition To The Standard Scientific Calculator Functionality. The Paid Edition Adds The Ability To Save Up To 100 Decimal Places And Nine Digits Of Exponents, While The Free Version Includes All Other Capabilities. Additionally, This One Can Be Themed. There Is A Paid Version For $2.99, But The Free One Does The Job Just As Well.

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4. Calc

Prices Range: From Zero To One Dollar And Forty-Nine Cents.

Strangely enough, The Creators Of Today’s Weather Also Made A Calculator App Called Calc. The Designers Successfully Entered The Market For A Weather App And A Calculator App. An Easy-To-Use Calculator Tool With A Standard User Interface. This Calculator Has Several Useful Features, Such As A History Of Your Calculations, Custom Themes, And The Ability To Reuse Previous Solutions. It Works Fine For Basic Tasks, But The Advertising Strategy And Occasional Problems Have Irked Some Customers. We Wouldn’t Recommend This For Your Advanced Trigonometry Class In College, But It Should Work Just Fine For Splitting The Check.

5. The Hi Edu Scientific Calculator

Calculator App

Offers Two Price Points: Free And $1.49

As A Scientific Calculator, Hi Edu Scientific Calculator Exceeds Expectations. It Behaves As One Would Expect In All The Most Fundamental Respects. It Also Functions Properly With More Complex Operations, Such As Logarithms. The User Interface Is Uncluttered, And The Software Has More Than A Thousand Mathematical Formulas. All But Graphing Can Be Done, And There Are Better Calculators For That Anyway. This Statement Is True Even If It Upsets Certain Individuals. It Costs $1.49 To Upgrade To The Pro Version.

6. Calcu

Calculator App

Price: 0 / 1.99$

One Of The Most Downloaded Android Apps Of All Time Is Calcu, A Calculator. It Has All The Fundamentals Covered. A Computation History, Memory Keys, And Other Personalization Options, Themes, And Gesture Controls Are Also Available. Even Though It Lacks Some Features Found On Standard Scientific Calculators, It Is Nonetheless More Capable Than A Standard Calculator. The Ad Support Is Only Available In The Free Version Of The App. For Just $1.99, You Can Get Rid Of All The Commercials. If You Ignore Those Differences, The Two Versions Are Identical. When Compared To The Stock Calculator Built Into Most Smartphones, This Software Holds Its Own As A Viable Alternative.

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7. Digitalchemy Calculator Apps

Price: Zero Dollars And Zero Cents

On Google Play, You Can Find Digitalchemy As A Developer. They Offer Not One, But Three Different Calculators! Calculator Plus Is The First. A Simple Calculator That Has All The Features One Would Expect From A Calculator App. The Other Is A Tool Called The Fraction Calculator. Its Primary Concern Is With The Concept Of Fractions. If You Don’t Want To Convert Them To A Decimal Format, You Can Still Use Them In Calculations. This Is Great For Youngsters And Elementary School Math. The Last One Is A Calculator That Is Artistic. Simply Said, It’s Calculator Plus With A Focus On The Arts. You’re Free To Use Any Of Them, But We Highlighted This One Specifically Because Of Its Fractions Calculator.

8. Clev Calc

Calculator App

Price: Zero Dollars And Zero Cents

In The World Of Mobile Calculators, Clev Calc Is Something Of A One-Stop Shop. It Includes A Calculator That May Be Used For Everyday Purposes, Complete With The Standard Set Of Functions And Operators. It Also Includes Some Elementary Logarithmic And Trigonometric Calculations. The Variety Of Additional Functions, However, Is What Truly Sets This Calculator Distinct. It Also Has A Unit Pricing Calculator, Currency Converters, And A Number Of Other Useful Features. Another Instance Is A Calculator Used To Find Deals. When You Input The Original Price And The Discount Percentage, The Software Updates The Pricing To Reflect The Savings. Given The Length Of The List, We Recommend Reading The Accompanying Description In The Play Store.

9. The My Script 2 Calculator

Calculator App

Price: $2.99

In Terms Of Android Calculator Apps, My Script Calculator 2 Is Among The Most Amusing Ones. An Equation Can Be Written Out Using This Tool. In Order To Assist You In Solving The Issue, The Programme Employs Optical Character Recognition To Convert It Into Text. It’s Exciting For Youngsters And Adults Alike, And There’s A Certain Pride In Having Worked Out The Equation On Your Own. The Software Can Do A Variety Of Mathematical Operations, Including Basic Arithmetic, Powers, Roots, Exponentials, Logarithms, Constants, And Rudimentary Trigonometry. As A Result, It Is Adequate For Most People All The Way Through College. However, People Who Dabble In Really Complex Mathematics Will Quickly Reach The App’s Limits.

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10. The Calculator On Your Phone

Calculator App

Price: Zero Dollars And Zero Cents

Let Me Lay Out The Situation For You. You Probably Don’t Need A Highly Advanced Calculator App Unless You’re A Student, Mathematician, Or Accountant. Many People Rely Solely On Them When Calculating Tips Or Closing Up Their Cash Drawers At The End Of The Day. The Calculator App On Your Phone Should Enough For That Purpose. If Your Device’s Default Calculator Is Really Terrible, We Suggest Downloading One Of The Other Nine Apps On Our List Instead. Don’t Go Downloading Random Apps From The App Store. In Case You’re Looking For A Simple Calculator That Always Seems To Work, Click The Button Below To Be Taken To Google’s Calculator.

We Appreciate Your Interest And Time In This Article. If You Know Of A Great Android Calculator App That We Didn’t Mention, Please Share It With Us In The Comments.