Is There a Way to Use Bluetooth on An Airplane?

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can you use bluetooth on a plane

Can Bluetooth Be Used On A Plane? (Wireless Earbuds, Headphones, AirPods, etc.)

What’s up with Bluetooth on aircraft when your phone’s airplane mode turns it off?

When Bluetooth is disabled by “flight mode,” how can you use those wireless noise-cancelling headphones or AirPods during your journey?

Even so, does Bluetooth function on aircraft? And is it possible to utilize your Bluetooth headphones with the in-flight entertainment system on the airline? Will your jet suddenly crash into the ground if you turn on Bluetooth?

Be at ease; everything will be explained. So let’s get started!

On-plane Bluetooth Headphone Use

On-plane Bluetooth Headphone Use

In the US, civil aviation is governed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Here is a remark they used in a news release they issued regarding the use of personal electronics on airplanes.

The cellular connection must be turned off or in airplane mode when using a device. If the aircraft is equipped with a WiFi system and the airline permits its usage, you are permitted to utilize the WiFi connection on your device. Wireless keyboards and other short-range Bluetooth accessories can still be used.

Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA

The FAA advises that you should disable your cellular connection before using your cell phone to connect to the plane’s wifi.

Additionally, “Bluetooth accessories” can be used. So as far as the FAA is concerned, you can wear Bluetooth headphones on a plane.

Make safety your top priority, but the same press release also advises, “Check with your airline to learn whether and when you can use your Portable Electronic Device.”

The FAA does not limit Bluetooth use on aircraft, but they leave the final decision up to the individual airlines.

So let’s examine what the airlines have to say regarding Bluetooth gadgets in more detail.

Since not all airlines make information on using Bluetooth headphones available on their websites, in some cases I have looked up what their customer service is saying on Twitter.

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Can Bluetooth Headphones Be Used on A Plane?

Via Airline

  • Air Canada: Once the Aircraft Reaches a Height of 10,000 Feet, Bluetooth Headphones Are Permitted. However, if The Headphones Are Battery-Operated, the Battery Needs to Be Taken Out.
  • According to Alaska Airlines, Bluetooth Headphones Are Permitted for The Entire Trip.
  • Bluetooth Headphones Are Permitted, but Not During Takeoff and Landing, According to Allegiant Airlines.
  • American Airlines: Bluetooth Headphones Are Permitted Outside of Takeoff and Landing, but Not Within.
  • Bluetooth Headphones Are Permitted, but Not During Takeoff and Landing, According to Delta.
  • Jet Blue: Throughout the Entire Flight, Bluetooth Headphones Are Permitted.
  • Bluetooth Headphones Are Permitted, but Not During Takeoff and Landing, According to Southwest.
  • When Flying with Spirit Airlines, Bluetooth Headphones Are Permitted the Entire Journey.
  • United Airlines: During the Entire Flight, Bluetooth Headphones Are Permitted.

International vs. Domestic Travel

Faa: Since 2013, the Faa, Which Oversees All Facets of Civil Aviation in The United States, Has Given Its Approval for The Use of Bluetooth Devices, Including Bluetooth Headphones.

Iata: Bluetooth Use Is Prohibited During Takeoff and Landing According to The Iata (International Air Transport Association), Which Represents 290 Airlines in More than 115 Nations. This Includes headphones and Bluetooth Devices.

Tacca: The Tcca (Transport Canada Civil Aviation) Advises that Before Travelling, You Should Confirm with The Airline Whether Bluetooth Is Permitted.

Can Airpods Be Used on A Plane?

The Bluetooth Functionality of Airpods Makes Them Functionally Identical to Other Bluetooth Headphones.

This implies that Using Them During Takeoff and Landing Are Often Not Permitted by Airlines.

When Are Bluetooth Headphones Allowed on Aeroplanes?

On-plane Bluetooth Headphone Use

Although Every Airline Will Have Its Own Policies, You Will Often only Be Permitted to Use Your Bluetooth Headphones at All Times, with The Exception of Takeoff and Landing.

Why Is It Necessary to Turn Off Bluetooth During Takeoff and Landing?

Due to Safety Concerns, You Are Not Permitted to Use Bluetooth Wireless Headphones or Other Bluetooth Devices During Takeoff and Landing.

Bluetooth Devices Have Raised Concerns that They Might Interfere with Radio Frequencies that Are Utilised for Communication Between Aircraft and Control Towers.

Additionally, if You Aren’t Wearing Your Headphones, You Are More Likely to Pay Attention to Announcements Made by The Captain and The Cabin Crew.

Bluetooth Headphones Are Compatible with In-Flight Entertainment Systems.

On Your Upcoming Flight, It’s Unlikely that You’ll Be Able to Utilise Your Bluetooth Headphones with The In-Flight Entertainment System.

This Is Due to The Fact that Few Airlines Have Bluetooth Support Installed in Their Planes.

Only United Offers the Option for Customers to Use Bluetooth Headphones with Their In-Flight Entertainment Systems at This Time in The USA, and Only on Their Boeing 737 Max 8 Aircraft.

With Their In-Flight Entertainment Systems, Etihad and Qatar Airways Support Bluetooth Pairing Globally.

As More Airlines Modernise Their Aircraft and Rework Their In-Flight Entertainment Systems, This Is Likely to Alter in The Upcoming Years.

Can Bluetooth Headphones Be Charged on A Plane?

Depending on The Airline You Will Be Using to Fly, You May or May Not Be Able to Charge Your Bluetooth Headphones on A Plane.

This Is Due to The Fact that Not All Aircraft Have USB Ports.

The Likelihood of USB Ports on Flights Operated by Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Jet Blue, and United Is Higher.

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Can Any Bluetooth Device Be Used on A Plane?

The Most Popular Bluetooth Gadgets, as Well as Others, Will Work Just Fine on An Aircraft.

Phones: You May Use Your Phone’s Bluetooth on A Plane, but You Should Turn Off Cellular Data.

Laptops: If You Want to Use Bluetooth on Your Laptop While Flying, Be Sure It Is Set to Aeroplane Mode.

You Are Permitted to Use Bluetooth Keyboards and Mice Aboard Aeroplanes.

Remember that The Same Guidelines Apply.

This implies that Using These Gadgets During Takeoff and Landing Are Typically Prohibited.

Once You’ve Activated Aeroplane Mode, You Might Need to Manually Turn on Bluetooth on Devices Like Your Laptop and Phone.

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