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You can convert any file from one format to another with one of the many file converters available. For instance, visit Format Factory if you wish to convert audio files. Try Move To GIF to convert movie files to animated GIFs. However, if you examine these tools closely, you will discover a flaw. They are unable to simultaneously convert several files to different formats.

Assume you need to convert some text files to.docx, some.docx files to.pdf, and some.png files to.jpg. You can go to CloudConvert to perform all those conversions at once rather than using an image converter and a document converter one at a time. Practically any file format may be converted to almost any other.

An online tool called CloudConvert is also offered as a Chrome extension. With the aid of this free tool, you can simply convert many files from one format to any other format.

The most lovely feature is the ability to save converted files to numerous cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Additionally, you can use a QR code to distribute your converted files to your friends.

Cloud Convert Review

CloudConvert is really simple to use. Open up your files on the CloudConvert website first. You can choose from a variety of formats to convert, including.png,.txt,.docx, and.pdf.

  • You must choose the file types to which you want to convert your files in the second step. You can select any format that is accepted.
  • You have four options for saving your converted file after making your choice.
  • After conversion, send the files to your email address.
  • let you know when it’s done.
  • the documents on CloudConvert.
  • Save documents to several cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and

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Convert Any File to A Different File Format at Once


Click the Start Conversion button after that. Following completion, you will be given options based on your choice. For instance, the Download option will appear on your screen if you chose to be notified when it is ready.

You won’t need to do anything if you chose to Save it to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. Your account will automatically store your files.

More than 200 different file kinds can be converted, including audio, cad, documents, e-books, fonts, presentations, spreadsheets, vectors, videos, and more. You can look at CloudConvert here if you’d like.

Another online tool for converting files is Zamzar. Icecream PDF Converter, Miro Video Converter, CUDA Video Converter, and others are some additional useful file converters.

Is It Safe to Convert Files Using Online Tools?


It is typically the case, but nobody will advise you to use web programs to convert sensitive files. The best option would be to use an offline converter or native conversion processes, such as printing to PDF, taking screenshots, and saving them as images, etc.

Cloud Convert – the Ultimate Format Converter!

When You Visit the Website for The Utility, the Function of Cloud Convert Is Immediately Apparent. Specifically, to Change Anything Into Anything. That’s True, It’s a Universal Converter that Can Convert Audio, Movies, Archive Files, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Pictures, and Even Ebooks from One Format to Another.

That’s Not All, Either. Additionally Capable of Converting Full Websites, Cad Files, Vector Files, and Typefaces (HTML Files). Wow!


The Fact that You Don’t Have to Install Anything on Your Computer Is the Converter’s Best Feature. Everything Is Cloud-Based and Internet. Simply Upload Your Files, Choose Your Source and Target File Types, and Let the Application Handle the Rest. We Are Aware of Your Thoughts.

You Must Be Concerned About the Security of The Files You Post. You Shouldn’t Worry, Though. Your Files Can Only Be Accessed by You Using Cloud Convert. Your Files Are Also Destroyed After Conversion Is Finished.

You Can Even Use Cloud Convert’s Full Capability in Your Own Applications Thanks to Strong Api Support. in Other Words, if You Want To, You Can Change the Converter Into Much More. Simply select the “API” Link from The Website’s Main Menu to Read More About It.


Additionally, Almost All Conversion Types Allow Sophisticated Features Like Batch Conversion, Folder Monitoring, and Adjusting the Codecs of Audio and Video Files. After Using Cloud Convert, You Won’t Even Consider Using Any Other Format Converter Because It Supports Over 210 Distinct File Formats.

Additional Features

To Add Cloud Convert to Chrome or An I Os App, the Creators Have Provided Simple App Addition Buttons at The Bottom of The Screen (like iTunes). Simply Click on These Buttons to Be Sent to The Relevant Websites Where You Can Read More In-Depth Descriptions of These Features.

Additionally, Click on The “conversion Types” Link in The Website’s Main Menu to Check Which Formats Can Be Converted Into Which Others.

Cons vs. Pros

Do We Really Need to State the Benefits Again? Literal Conversion from One Thing to Another Is Exact, Trustworthy, and Cost-Free. This Gadget Is Undoubtedly a Winner!

Sincerely, We Failed to Locate a Fault. It Would Be Inaccurate to Label This Tool as Pricey when Even the Pricing Bundles Are so Reasonable. Through the “pricing” Link on The Main Menu, You May View the Cost of Cloud Convert.

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Over the Past Few Days, I’ve Used the Cloud Convert Software to Convert a Variety of Files, and Each Time, the Results Have Been Excellent. the Service’s only Limitation Is that It only Gives a Certain Number of Conversions Per day, but if you need to convert a lot of files quickly, you may purchase extra through in-app purchases.

However, CloudConvert is a fantastic alternative and a must-have in anyone’s productivity software collection if you just sometimes need to convert.

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