Delete Google Search History: Quick Ways To Delete Google Search History In Android, iPhone & PC!

Online security is nonexistent. Information about the sale of private information on the underground web is in the news almost daily. Similarly, incidents of internet privacy risks have become commonplace. However, one can use a variety of precautions to avoid harm while surfing the web. You should begin by taking a close look at your current browser. Most browsers have a habit of storing this data, which could compromise your logins or access to other websites if left unchecked for too long.

Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers worldwide, saves all of your browsing histories and search terms on its servers. Multiple sources have claimed that Google conducts illegal user surveillance, stores this information, and sells it to third parties. The corporation also uses these details to target advertisements. Therefore, it’s recommended that you clear your cookies, cache, and history on a regular basis. Here’s a comprehensive tutorial on how to remove your Google search history permanently.

The Best Way To Clear Your iPhone’s Previous Google Searches

Delete Google Search History

  • Open Google’s My Activity page.
  • Here you can keep track of everything you’ve done. Select “Delete” from the menu bar above the task.
  • Always Be Using Your Taps
  • To cancel, tap the Next button and then the Delete button. By clicking this button, your whole browsing history will be removed immediately. Navigate to “Manage your account,” “Data & privacy,” “History settings,” and then “Delete” to remove anything from your account permanently or to schedule periodic deletions. Select “Auto Delete” > “Next” Confirm

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Android: Clearing Your Search History

Delete Google Search History

  • Invoke the Chrome Browser.
  • Click the “History” button (the three dots)
  • To delete all browsing history, select the corresponding menu option.
  • There are drop-down menus next to Time Range from which you can choose the time period for which the data you wish to remove was collected. The All-Time button does it all.
  • Look through your browser’s history. Select the items you want to keep and deselect them.
  • In this case, you’ll want to select Clear data.

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Methods For Erasing Your Computer’s Google Search History

Delete Google Search History

  • Access your account settings by selecting the gear icon in Gmail or the three dots in the Chrome app.
  • Select the Past option.
  • Here, you may view all of your recent online activity.
  • The “Clear browsing data” button is located on the right side of the window, and it can be used to remove all history or specific items.