How to Deactivate Your Kik Account, Either Temporarily or Permanently?

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You might be asking how to completely remove the app from your smartphone if you want to take control of your Kik account or your child’s account. What about Kik? Some apps make it difficult or impossible to remove your account. What obstacles must you overcome in order to remove the app from your phone?

You can delete your account on this well-known messaging app either permanently or temporarily by following the instructions in this article. Looking for a Kik substitute? The top texting applications for iOS and Android can be found here.

Temporary Deactivation

delete kik accountdelete kik account

Deactivating an account and deleting it are two different things; Kik refers to them as temporary and permanent deactivation, respectively. You will temporarily stop receiving Kik messages and emails, your username won’t be searchable, and your name will be removed from your contacts’ lists when you temporarily deactivate your account.

But if you want, you may sign back in and reactivate your account. Visit the Kik website on your phone or computer to deactivate or permanently erase your account. On your phone, use the Help section of the app and type “Delete Account” into the search bar to get to the appropriate web page.

By clicking this link, you can temporarily deactivate your Kik account and receive an email notification.

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Permanent Deactivation

How to deactivate your Kik account, either temporarily or permanentlyHow to deactivate your Kik account, either temporarily or permanentlyHow to deactivate your Kik account, either temporarily or permanently


When a Kik account is permanently deactivated, it is deleted forever. It cannot be recovered after being deleted. You won’t ever again get emails or messages from Kik. Your username and profile will no longer appear in any searches on the site, and your friends’ contact lists will no longer contain your username.

You won’t be able to sign in again or view your contact list or message history after permanently deactivating or deleting your account. You will have to register once more using a different email address if you ever wish to access the service again.

To get an email sent to you, follow this link to permanently cancel your Kik account.

Kik Makes It Easy to Quit

  • Ensure you are familiar with the email address you entered when signing up for the service.
  • On the page for permanent deactivation of Kik, provide the correct information.
  • You will receive an email from Kik with a link to cancel your account permanently.
  • Your profile will be cached on their device if you or someone you know has looked up or messaged your account, therefore it can take a few days for it to go.
  • You won’t be found by anyone else who searches for your username.
  • Just like you would with any other software, delete or uninstall the app from your phone.

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Parents Can Deactivate a Teen’s Account

When a teen’s account is deactivated, it is no longer searchable within Kik and is removed from the contacts lists of all of the teen’s chat partners. Both the username and the email address used to create the account are information that parents need to know. Here’s how to discover a teenager’s user name.

  • Launching Kik from a smartphone and going to the main chats list allows teens to see their usernames.
  • The teen’s username and bold-faced display name are both visible in the settings when you tap the symbol at the top of the screen.
  • It’s simple to identify your teen’s username when you connect with them on your own device.

Kik usernames can contain a mix of capital and lowercase letters, digits, and special characters, but they cannot contain spaces. Parents may be able to locate the teen’s username on the login screen if they have reset their Kik account.

Kik urges parents who wish to watch their children’s activities on the app to do so from their child’s mobile rather than their own or any other external device because Kik doesn’t exchange chat content between devices. This is due to the privacy settings on Kik automatically deleting their chat history. User conversations are not recorded or visible to Kik.

Additionally, parents have the option to disable their child’s account. To do that, they must send an email to with the subject line “Parent Inquiry” asking Kik to deactivate their account. The teen’s age and Kik username must be included in the request.

You may decide to stop using Kik for a variety of reasons, and the firm has made it simple for users to do so. Kik gives parents the option to completely limit their child’s access to the app if they feel the need to go further.

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