Discord Text Formatting: Bold, Color, Italic, Strikethrough!

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discord text formatting

One of the best VOIP programmes to appear on our PCs in the last ten years is Discord, and it doesn’t appear like it will be replaced anytime soon.

The fundamentals are excellent on their own, but have you ever questioned how your friends are chatting when using bolded or coloured text? To put it simply, Markdown, a technique that can help you make what you are saying stand out, is used by Discord for text formatting.

This post will demonstrate how to format text in Discord and add colour, bold, italic, strikethrough, and underlined text to your servers for some added flair.

Can You Format Text in Discord?

In Discord, text formatting is possible. While you participate in discussions and have conversations with friends on Discord, a robust system known as “Markdown” is actually operating in the background to format the content.

Originally developed in 2004 by Aaron Swartz and John Gruber, markdown was intended to be a straightforward piece of software with a markup language that could read and write short words.

To this day, Markdown is a text-only engine that can transform words on Discord into italics, underlines, bold, and more by carefully using strategically placed symbols.

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Discord Text Formatting: Styles

discord text formatting

Let’s begin by discussing the fundamental Discord text formatting standards. You can make your simple text into something more noticeable by adding a few symbols. So, we’ll show you how, whether you want to emphasise a certain word or simply make your text stand out.

There are four distinct styles—Bold, Bold Italics, Italics, Strikethrough text, and Underline—that can be employed separately or collectively.


Simply add two asterisks (**) to either side of the text to make it bold in Discord.

Enter: **Your chosen text**


You only need to add a single asterisk (*) or underscore (_) on either side of the text to make italics appear in Discord.

Enter: “Your selected text” or “Your selected text”

Bold Italic

You only need to enclose the text in three asterisks (***) on either side to make it bold and italic in Discord.

Enter: ***Your chosen text***


You only need to tack on two underscores (__) to either side of your text in Discord to make it bold.

Enter: __Your chosen text__


Simply add two tildes() to either side of your Discord text to strikethrough it.

Enter: ~~Your chosen text~~

Discord Text Formatting: Code Blocks

Let’s first discuss code blocks before moving on to the various syntax and how that affects the colour of the text in Discord. Although it is technically considered “advanced discord text formatting,” it is actually pretty easy to do.

Discord supports code blocks with the use of the backtick key ( ` ).

Use one backtick before and after the text in a single line of code to highlight the text only and leave the surrounding space blank.

  • Single Line Code Block

You just need to add three backticks (“‘) before and after the content in multi-line code blocks.

  • Multiple Line Block

Is It Possible to Get Around Discord’s Text Formatting?

Finding a solution to deal with the differing syntax might be quite helpful because certain Discord users may utilise asterisks and underscores with diverse messages in their daily discussion.

Use a backslash (/) to eliminate the impact of the various syntactic languages if this applies to you.

How Do You Make Fancy Text in Discord?

discord text formatting

You could question how to produce other sorts of text from the default font if you want to highlight a point, outline a title, or simply add a little personality to your Discord writing. The good news is that Markdown was created by Discord developers so that text could be formatted in a variety of ways, including bold, italics, and more! This is how you do it:

How to Bold Text

In order to add bold text to your Discord chat, all you have to do is add two asterisks to the beginning and end of the text (for example, here is an example: **bolded text**). By simultaneously hitting the “SHIFT” key and the “8” key on a normal keyboard, the asterisk can be typed.

How to Italicize Text

Italicized definitely fits the bill when you think of “fancy font” Italics can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to make your writing sound more conversational or to emphasise a certain point.

Asterisks must be used to tell Markdown that a certain area of text should be italicised, just like you would with bold text. However, you just need to add one asterisk on either side of the selected text, making it appear somewhat like this: *italicised text*, rather than adding two asterisks on either side.

How to Underline Text

In Discord, you may select bold specific words or headings! The only thing you need to do to do this is to add two underscores to the beginning and end of the text to instruct Markdown to underline the selected content. If you did it well, it ought to resemble something like this: highlighted text

How Do I Change the Font in Discord Chat?

There are a few ways to go around the fact that you can’t actually change the font within the Discord app itself (since the developers haven’t yet added a tool to do this). Finding a Discord font generator online, copying your text, and pasting it back into your Discord chat is the most popular method by which individuals are able to modify the font in their Discord chat.

How Do You Colour Text in Discord?

It’s vital to be aware that Discord does not support full-text highlighting, which means you cannot pick a colour from a drop-down menu. However, there are workarounds available. The primary method for achieving syntax highlighting is to create a code block and point it at a highlighting code entered into the Highlight.js application (which is a syntax highlighter).

As a result, the text will be “wrapped” in the syntactic language and take on a distinct hue. Online resources can help you learn the syntax highlighting languages for various colours, but to get you started, here is an example of how to make your Discord text red:

Red is the syntax colour for highlighting, therefore to make your text red, add three backticks, one dash, the text, and then three backticks once more at the conclusion. If done properly, the text will appear as follows: “diff-the text you would like to change red” All that’s left to do is click “Send” after that.

How Do I Hide Text in Discord?

All you have to do to give your readers the courtesy of a spoiler alert tag is to write “/spoiler” at the beginning and end of the text; this will cause it to be shown as a spoiler.

As an alternative, you may simply highlight the text that contains the surprise, right-click it, and choose “Mark a spoiler” from the pop-up option that displays on your computer. This will change the structure of the text such that the reader must press on it in order to disclose the spoiler.

What Is Code Block Discord?

To make particular text sections stand out and appear more appealing to the reader, you can use code blocks to divide text in Discord. Code blocks will be able to alter the background colour of the selected text while maintaining the integrity of the post’s remaining text.

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What Font Is Discord Text In?

Uni Sans is the default font used across the whole Discord programme, and its weight ranges from thin to thick. In 2009, Svet Simov utilised Uni Sans to help develop the Discord logo by modifying Uni Sans Heavy to produce the now-iconic logo that we are all familiar with.

Discord employs a variety of default fonts, though not just one. You might have noticed that the font looks a little different on the desktop version of Discord if you frequently use it rather than the app. This is due to the fact that the Whitney, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, and Arial 2 typefaces were chosen as the default fonts by the Discord developers for the desktop edition.

Can you use HTML in discord?

Yes, you must take the following actions in order to give someone HTML code over Discord:

  • The HTML page you want to share should be copied.
  • Copy the HTML page and paste it into the text box on Discord.
  • Before doing anything further, input the HTML link by typing three backticks (“‘) at its beginning and conclusion.
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