How to Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows?

download adobe reader

More than one billion people have downloaded the sleek, user-friendly Adobe PDF Reader DC globally. With the Adobe PDF Reader DC, in addition to opening PDF files, you can:

Digitally sign documents

Leave comments

Highlight or cross out words

Add a personalized stamp

Share the PDF

Add a timestamp or digital certificate

Direct login and access PDF files located in:

  • Adobe Document Cloud
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint

The Best Way to Get Adobe PDF Reader DC

download adobe reader

  1. To access the official Adobe download page, click the DOWNLOAD button.
  2. Make sure to uncheck two Optional Offers if you don’t want any McAfee products before clicking DOWNLOAD ACROBAT READER.
  3. Your computer will download the file. Click it twice to launch the installer. Once the installation is complete, simply click FINISH to finish.

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The Best Way to Remove Adobe PDF Reader DC

You can entirely uninstall the Adobe Reader from your computer in 2 simple steps if you just needed it for a single user or if you decide to upgrade and buy a premium package.

  1. In the Windows search bar, enter ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS.

2. Click UNINSTALL after locating Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

The remaining steps including software removal will be handled by the Windows installer program.

Free or Premium Adobe PDF? According to Your Needs

download adobe reader

You must first understand your needs before I can advise if the free Adobe PDF Reader DC is adequate or whether you should upgrade to Adobe Acrobat Pro.

The free option is ideal for you if your demands are simple, such as opening a PDF, signing it, putting a stamp, or making notes on the document.

But if you require more sophisticated tools, for example:

  • Convert a document to a PDF
  • Password protect or encrypt the file
  • Compress the file
  • Compare two PDF files
  • Reorganize the document
  • Then you will need to upgrade to the Acrobat Pro Reader.


Alternatives to Adobe PDF Reader Pro that are Free

Free PDF Reader from Foxit: Foxit, a genuine challenger to Adobe, offers a free PDF Reader that has a few decent features. DocuSign compatibility, editing, and adding digital IDs and timestamps are all included in this.
Create, sign, and share PDFs with Nitro’s PDF reader. It’s one of the simpler apps to learn because it has drag-and-drop functionality.

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Adobe Reader: Is it truly free?

The fundamental capabilities of Adobe Reader can be used for free. But when you use it, you’ll discover that a lot of its functions are only accessible as part of a premium subscription.

Can I trust Adobe PDF Reader?

There are no known viruses or malware associated with the file, provided that you download it from the official Adobe website. The application will unintentionally install two McAfee packages if you aren’t careful during installation.

Can Adobe Reader convert a PDF to Word?

Adobe Acrobat Pro must be purchased if you want to convert a PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any other format.

What does the DC in Adobe PDF Reader DC stand for?

The DC came about as a result of Adobe upgrading all of its products to integrate with its Document Cloud. A file can be uploaded to the cloud and accessed anywhere using Reader.

Is Adobe Reader available for mobile devices?

Yes. In Google Play and iTunes, you can get the Adobe PDF Reader app for Android and iOS devices.

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