How to Install Netflix on a Laptop and Watch Movies?

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The most well-known streaming service online today, Netflix offers a huge selection of TV episodes, documentaries, and movies. It is the standard option when deploying a streaming app due to its flawless streaming performance.

There are numerous features on Netflix that improve the streaming experience. One of Netflix’s many appealing features is the ability to download your favorite series and movies so you can watch them when you’re not connected to the internet.

Travelers and commuters can use this to watch their preferred videos even when there is no internet or Wi-Fi access. This functionality is accessible in the Netflix app for Windows 10 just like it is in the Netflix app for smartphones. By clicking the download button next to your favorite video, you can download it.

Recognizing the Netflix Download Process

download netflix

The downloading procedure takes place in the background, and once it is complete, you will receive a notification. The video file can take up between 1GB and 3GB of space on your system, depending on the size of the film that can be downloaded.

However, downloading an ultra HD video clip could use up to 7GB of storage space, eventually overflowing it.

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Netflix Download Location on Windows PC

By default, Netflix is set up on your computer’s C drive, which also houses the Windows 11/OS 10 installation. Netflix saves all the downloadable video files on the same drive where the Netflix software is installed, which creates difficulty if you wish to download a lot of Netflix videos. Consequently, downloading numerous videos might quickly take up your drive.

Where Videos Downloaded from Netflix Are Saved on Windows 11/10

On Windows, we often install Netflix from the Microsoft Store. Therefore, it is automatically stored on your computer’s C drive. Any movie or television show you download will also be saved on your computer’s C drive in a folder that is by default hidden.

To locate the folder and files that require the Netflix software and membership, you must search far and wide.

You must turn on the Show hidden files option in order to see the Netflix folder and its downloaded material (which cannot be viewed). To do this, launch File Explorer, select Hidden objects from the Show menu, then click the View button in the menu bar.

Then, substitute USERNAME with your PC username or account name when pasting the following path into the address bar of your computer.


If you have already downloaded any Netflix content, you will then see an Offline Info folder with a Download folder inside of it. You can locate unreadable DRM-protected files of the movies or TV shows you have downloaded there.

By default, the Netflix app is set up on the system disc, and all downloads are saved there as well.

You may need to change the Netflix app’s download location if your storage is filling up quickly.

On Windows 11/10, Modify the Location of The Netflix Download

The default download location cannot be changed in the Netflix app, however, you can move installed apps to a different drive using Windows 10 or 11. You can save all the downloadable video files in the new Netflix app’s location by relocating the Netflix app to a separate drive.

In light of this, moving the Netflix app’s drive location will cause all downloaded videos to be moved to the new destination.

On Windows 10, you can modify Netflix’s Download Location.

This article explains how to move a Netflix app to Windows 10 in order to modify the location of the Netflix download. modify the Netflix app’s download locations in Windows 11/10-

  • Open Settings from the Windows Start Menu.
  • Go to Apps on the Windows Settings page.
  • Next, select Apps & Features from the menu’s left side.
  • Try looking for the Netflix app as you scroll down.

Once you’ve found the app, select it by clicking on it and selecting the Move option.

Choose the drive in the pop-up window that opens as the location for the Netflix software and its downloaded video files. Make sure there is enough free space on the drive you choose. The drive can be a partition, an external hard drive, or a detachable USB drive.

To move the app and the associated movies, choose the file and then click the Move button. It could take a while to change the download location if your computer has a large number of Netflix videos already downloaded.

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After the procedure is complete, Windows will create a brand-new folder called WindowsApps at the drive root.

This new folder at the drive’s root will now contain your Netflix app. It is important to note that carrying the appropriate devices with you whenever you watch Netflix is required if you have chosen a USB or external hard drive as the new download destination. Netflix will throw an error if the video cannot be opened.

You may relocate the Netflix app and its videos with ease by following the steps above. In order to make room for new videos if you still run out of space, we suggest deleting a few older Netflix downloads.

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