Edit PDF Online: 5 Best Online PDF Editors Available On Internet Right Now! [Both Free/Paid]

PDF editors that allow you to do more than just replace text and add new text are hard to come by. You’ll find a whole catalogue of your desired items down below.

Some of these editors are web-based, meaning you can just upload your PDF to the site, make your edits there, and then get the revised copy. That’s the quickest method, but keep in mind that online editors often have fewer features than their desktop counterparts, and your file will be accessible to anybody with internet access (which might be of concern if it contains sensitive content).

Keep in mind that you can process the same PDF in many tools, which is useful because not all editors offer the same capabilities and some have limitations. Use one to change the text in a PDF (if that’s possible) and then run the identical file through yet another editor to perform an action that’s possible with that software (for example, to edit a form, update an image, or remove a page).

1. Sejda PDF Editor

Edit PDF Online

Sejda PDF Editor is one of the few PDF editors that does not require the addition of a watermark in order to change the existing text within a PDF. Even if some editors do allow you to modify the user-supplied text, they typically do so only in a limited capacity, or they let user-supplied text modify but heavily watermark the output.

In addition, you don’t need to download any software to get started because this application runs totally in your web browser. If you’d rather use it on your computer, you can download a desktop client.

You should be aware of a few key distinctions between the web and desktop editions. For instance, while the online editor allows you to add PDFs via URL or from online storage services, the desktop edition offers a wider variety of fonts (which supports Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive).

The online integration tool is a wonderful addition because it allows PDF publishers to give their readers a direct link to the editor.

After two hours, all files uploaded to Sejda are erased without warning.

All major operating systems are supported by this utility. All major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) are supported by Sejda PDF Desktop.

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2. Inkscape

Edit PDF Online

Inkscape is a widely used free alternative to other image editors like Photoshop and GIMP, and it also features PDF editing capabilities normally reserved for more expensive PDF editors.

You can do a lot with this application as an image editor. However, it is likely to be too complex for you if you lack experience with more complicated image editing software such as GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, or similar tools.

The only reason to consider this programme for PDF editing is if you need to make changes to the text or graphics already included in the PDF. If you need to make textual changes to a PDF, we recommend using a different programme on this list to make those changes or add shapes and then importing the resulting PDF into Inkscape.

It’s compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux systems.

3. Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

Edit PDF Online

Smallpdf is one of the quickest ways to customise a PDF with your own photos, text, shapes, and signature.

Without signing up for an account or paying for premium features like watermark removal, you can upload a PDF, make edits, and download the final product back to your computer.

Documents stored on your local machine, in Dropbox, or in Google Drive can all be accessed.

Rectangles, squares, circles, arrows, and lines are all shapes that can be imported. The object’s fill colour, line colour, and stroke thickness are all modifiable.

You can adjust the text size to small, regular, medium, large, or extra large, but not the font style or colour.

When you’re done making changes to the PDF, you have the option of saving it locally or to Dropbox. A download link for the PDF can be made public and shared with others. You can also use Smallpdf’s PDF splitter to remove the pages.

You’ll need to wait until tomorrow to continue using the service if you alter more than two PDFs in a single day, or upgrade/pay.

This website can be accessed from any platform that can run a current web browser.

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4. PDF-XChange Editor

Edit PDF Online

You can find some excellent features in PDF-XChange Editor, but they are not entirely costless. There will be a watermark on every page of the PDF if you utilise a paid function.

However, you may still do some tweaking to the file and save it back to your PC if you only use the free features.

PDFs can be uploaded from your computer, a URL, SharePoint, Google Drive, or Dropbox. After making your necessary changes, you can either save the PDF to your computer or upload it to one of the aforementioned cloud services.

Initially, the sheer number of available options may appear daunting. However, the options and tools are all straightforward, and they are separated into their own tabs for convenient administration.

All required fields in a form can be highlighted, which is a handy feature. This comes in handy when making changes to a PDF application that contains numerous forms.
There are a lot of paid extras and some free ones (like modifying the text). If you utilise a paid option (you’re informed of which ones aren’t free to use), your saved PDF will have a watermark in the bottom right-hand corner of every page. On the download page, you can find a full rundown of all the available extras at no cost.

The PDF-XChange Editor is available for users of Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. Either a conventional installer or a portable version suitable for usage on a USB flash drive is available for download.

5. PDFescape Online PDF Editor

Edit PDF Online

PDFescape offers numerous options. As long as your document is under 100 pages or 10 MB, you can use our service without cost.

Using this editor, you can add your own text, images, links, form fields, etc., but you can’t change the text or edit the images themselves.

Size, font, colour, alignment, and effects like bolding, italicising, and underlining are just some of the many personalization options available in the text tool.

In addition to these standard annotation tools, you can also draw directly on the PDF, add sticky notes, strikethrough text, put white space over anything you want to erase, and insert lines, checkmarks, arrows, and ovals, circles, rectangles, and comments.

Using PDFescape, you can remove specific pages from the PDF, rotate them, clip unwanted areas, rearrange their order, and even import pages from other PDFs.

You can create a PDF from scratch, create a PDF from an existing file, or paste the URL of an online PDF.

The PDF can be edited online, and then downloaded to your computer thereafter without requiring you to create an account. Just in case you decide to work on the PDF without downloading it first, you’ll need one of these.

The web-based edition is compatible with all OSes. There is a Windows-compatible offline editor, but it costs money.

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And, One Bonus


Edit PDF Online

There is no sign-up process or credit card info needed to use PDF BOB, the online PDF editor. Simply import your PDF, make any necessary edits, and then export it to PDF once more to complete.

There are many options for modifying your PDF, including a text tool with colour and font customization options, an image picker, an underliner, a coloured pencil/marker, and some shape tools.

Using this online tool, you can modify the PDF by removing or adding pages. You can protect the file with a password before you save it.

After you have finished making changes, you can save the document as a PDF, or if you have an account, a JPG or PNG. You may either download the files to your computer again or upload them straight to cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.