The Best Classes to Use as A Beginner in Elden Ring!

elden ring best starting class

What are the best starting classes in the game, which is a major concern for the community as many new Tarnished get their hands on Elden Ring?

As they set out on their adventure in the Lands Between, this may seem like a crucial question to those unfamiliar with the genre, but the game contains every item from each starting class. By letting players play however they want and not limiting them to the class they selected at the start of the game, FromSoftware does a fantastic job.

Nevertheless, the first few hours of each player’s playthrough are significantly influenced by the starting class. How the player wants to harm their enemies is one of the more significant and significant decisions when it comes to class selection.

Due to their use of sorcery and bow and arrow in their kits, classes like the Astrologer, Prisoner, and to some extent the Samurai are more often associated with ranged combat than classes like the Warrior, Vagabond, and Hero.

Here is a list of the starting classes in soft ranking order. The choice varies from player to player, but classes only serve as a framework for initial playthroughs in Elden Ring based on internal testing and community feedback. Based on their initial stats and equipment for the first few areas, the classes are ranked in this list.

10. Bandit

elden ring best starting class

Players can begin their adventure with a more assassin-like class called The Bandit. With the Great Knife, Buckler, and Bandit armor set at their disposal, this class has medium to low physical stats. The Great Knife’s secondary effect of blood loss may not make it the most appealing starting weapon, but it gives players an advantage against a variety of enemies.

The highest starting Arcane stat of any class belongs to this class. Arcane influences both the player’s ability to find items and the rate at which side effects accumulate. Players can deal enormous amounts of damage with the Great Knife’s blood loss feature by equipping a Bandit with a higher Arcane stat.

The Great Knife generally requires close-quarters combat, but the class also has a short bow that gives players another choice and a change of pace.

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9. Wretch

elden ring best starting class

The Wretch is a recurrent class from earlier FromSoftware games. It is a blank slate class, giving the player only the option to start with a club. Despite the fact that the club has significant poise damage and the ability to stun adversaries, players may find the class challenging due to its weak physical defenses and limited starting life pool.

Players won’t be able to take many hits from adversaries before returning to the Site of Grace they started from if they don’t have any armor and have low Vigor stats.

8. Prophet

elden ring best starting class

A faith-based curriculum called Prophet focuses on both offensive and defensive incantations. This class offers the player 16 Faith and 14 Mind, so players can rely on the Catch Flame and Heal incantations to start with despite having the lowest Endurance, Intelligence, and Dexterity of any class. A good first incantation is Catch Flame.

This can be used quickly and under pressure to stun enemies and gain space to use the Shorts Spear because of its quick casting time. With the Prophet set, Rickety Shield, Short Spear, and Finger Seal, this class is versatile on foot and on horseback but has weak physical defenses.

7. Astrologer

elden ring best starting class


Players who choose the Astrologer class will have early access to magic-based combat. It has a base Intelligence stat of 16, which is higher than that of any other class. This is the weakest starting class with the lowest physical stats, and it comes with a shortsword, an astrologer’s staff, a scripture wooden shield, and an astrologer’s gown set.

Players should still exercise caution because the Astrologer starts with a small health reserve, even while using the Flintstone Pebble and Arc from a distance as their primary damage outputs. The Astrologer is a good place to start for those seeking to specialize in sorcery, and they should keep leveling their Intelligence.

6. Confessor

elden ring best starting class


Another assassin-type class like the Bandit is the Confessor. It lacks any of the best or worst stats, although it does have the highest starting total level, at 10. Faith is the class’s top stat, with Strength and Dexterity following closely behind it.

It begins with the complete set of Confessor’s armor and the Blue Crest Heater Shield, which completely deflects all incoming physical damage. a much-needed buffer for people who are just starting out.

Additionally, players will begin with the Broadsword as a melee weapon and the Finger Seal for incantations. The initial incantations are Assassin’s Approach, which makes the user advance stealthily, and Urgent Heal, which deals with a rapid low heal.

With this starting class, players have the option to fight whatever they wish, whether it be through stealth or an aggressive assault with heels as a backup.

5. Prisoner

elden ring best starting class

Due to its hybrid nature and wide range of starting characteristics, The Prisoner is a distinctive starting class. The Prisoner is a more defensive Astrologer even though it doesn’t have the greatest score in any particular stat thanks to a combination of Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.

Iron mask and Prisoner’s armor are the initial equipment for this class. It has a Flintstone Staff for sorcery casting and an Estoc, a powerful stabbing weapon.

The Prisoner’s first sorcery is Magic Glintstone Blade. This summons a magical sword above the player that, after a predetermined period of time, zeroes in on the target. It’s an excellent spell to combine with the primary hand weapon because of the delay.

4. Warrior

elden ring best starting class

This Dexterity-based class is a wonderful place to start for people who want to use their weapons rapidly, starting with two scimitars. The new dual-wielding weapon system introduced by Elden Ring can only be used by the Warrior as a beginning class.

The Warrior offers medium physical stats and is equipped with the warrior and blue cloth armor as well as the riveted wooden round shield. The Warrior has the greatest starting Dexterity stat of any starting class, making it the best choice for players seeking to specialize in Dexterity weapons.

3. Hero

elden ring best starting class

The Hero has a strength stat of 16, which is the highest of any other class. Melee users are a high damage output class with the ability to take on a wide variety of adversaries and environments because they are armed with the battle-axe as a beginning weapon and the wild strikes weapon art.

The champion’s armor set and leather shield are the default items for this class. This class gives the player a fantastic starting health pool and stamina bar thanks to its initial Vigor and Endurance.

2. Samurai

elden ring best starting class

Out of all starting classes, the Samurai has the greatest Endurance rating. One of the most adaptable starter kits is this one. Samurais have a high physical defense thanks to their Red Thorn Roundshield and Land of Reeds armor set. This makes it a fantastic choice for melee gamers who want to deflect blows while facing their opponent.

The class has an Uchigatana and a Longbow for the offense. Due to the usable move set and blood loss secondary effect the katana offers, being able to start with a powerful weapon like the Uchigatana will be a fantastic pick for many gamers.

The Samurai has a fantastic starting arsenal, and the Longbow adds another ranged option for sniping adversaries at a distance.

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1. Vagabond (Best)

The best beginning class in the game is thought to be the vagabond. For gamers wishing to engage in close-quarters melee combat, this class offers an excellent foundation to build upon.

This class is among the best for melee players, having the lowest Arcane stat at seven and the greatest starting Vigor of any starting class at 15. This is because melee users won’t employ the lowest qualities (Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane).

The Vagabond starts out with a longsword and halberd to employ, boasting a significant investment in melee-based stats with 14 Strength and 13 Dexterity. Players now have the choice of using a weapon with a short or long reach.

It also features the heater shield, which is an excellent starting shield to utilize at the start of the game and even at its conclusion because of its 100% physical guard. The heater shield enables users to deflect all physical damage from melee and ranged weapons, with the exception of the elemental qualities of weapons.

Once more, this is a soft ranking list of the Elden Ring starting classes. It’s crucial to keep in mind that, based on playtesting and user input, every beginning class in the game is feasible.

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